Bob Jones University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The Size


The school puts on excellent opera presentations and has a great performing arts program. Each semester there are several plays put on by students and the university brings artistical or musical preformances such as the Canadian Brass. I think it's great how no matter our majors we (the students) get to experience the variety and excellence of the preforming arts. It also allow us to appreciate the arts.


The teachers are wonderful. They are always willing to help.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. In a college of 3000+ students it's easy to get involved with cliques, but everyone has friends involved in different social circles. God has brought us together as brothers and sisters in Christ and that's one of the things that brings us close together. The teachers take interest in the lives of their students. They're always willing to take the time to pray for us or encourage us.


I think the best thing about Bob Jones University is that it gives me a Christian, liberal arts education that will adequately prepare me for not only my future career, but my entire life. While secular schools would try to discourage me from my Christian faith, BJU teaches me how Christianity relates to all areas of society. My teachers genuinely care about us students and will go out of their way to see us succeed, both acedemically and spiritually. I can't wait to use what I've learned at BJU to serve Jesus Christ as a nurse.


The student body is friendly, & if you make the effort to be friends, you'll usually have a pretty good social life. Their are good resources on campus that help with classes & research. It's an enjoyable time with things to do & people to hang out with.


The atmosphere is a very friendly and safe, a truly pleasant school. The faculty and staff truly care about the students and are readily available to help--not just with academics but also with the student's personal needs for help and advice.


the teachers, they are very knowledgable in their field and help the students as much as they can


Academically this school offers numerous of choices. As well as teaching the students wonderful work ethics. Instead of just reading and teaching the material so the students pass the test, they really test the students knowlegde on whether they are truly remembering what they learn.


One of the best things about Bob Jones University is the faculty and staff. They provide wise counsel and are concerned with the students and their well-being. They are never too busy to help a student whether it be academically or spiritually, or just providing counsel with interpersonal relationships, jobs, or anything else the student may need. The faculty members are committed to the school's philosophy and enthusiastic about their subjects. Staff members are dedicated and work hard to provide students with everything they need.


The faculty is very efficient and student friendly.