Boise Bible College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't rush, everyone pushes high school seniors to go to college. People were asking me where I was going to school and what I wanted to do starting my Junior year. I didn't even decide where I wanted to go until the summer after I graduated! Take time to really learn about the schools and programs you might be interested in. Think about where you can really picture yourself thriving. Be patient, this is a big decision!


If I could go back to 2010 and talk to myself as a senior.. I would probably tell myself to take a deep breath and really assess what I am passionate about and how I can make my post-high school education worth every penny. I made the mistake of chosing a universtiy close to home for my first year because everyone told me that I needed to go there. I was miserable for most of the year and my grades suffered for it. If I could go back I would tell myself to make educational decisions based on what is important to me, not what is important to others. I would also tell myself to take study-time more seriously. I floated through high school because it was easy, and thought I could do the same in college. I would tell myself to study hard and play later. I would also tell myself that living with old friends from high school in an apartment is probably one of the worst decisions a freshman could make. Because I didn't live on campus with new people, I did not experience the awesome thigns I could have in dorms.


Through the semester that I have completed at Boise Bible College, i have changed completely. Boise Bible College has challenged me in ways that i never knew I could. This school has taught me ways of faith that i have never known and how to apply my faith in different ways that i never knew possible. At Boise Bible College I am getting the ultimate experience that God has had planned for me from the beginning. It has been valuable to attend this college because God's power is working through every hand that is teaching me. The curriculum allows me to test my faith, and my abilities in ways that i feared before. Through this school i am becoming the young woman that God has made. This college has provided me an alternative way of living life with full intergity and trust in something great. Boise Bible College was the best decision i have ever made.