Boise State University Top Questions

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.


When BSU won their first Tostios Bowl Football game, everyone was ecstatic.


My second day of classes it started to snow really hard here in Boise. of course most of us girls wear makeup and I just changed to a physician's formula mascara that is very different from most masscaras because it's not as waterproof. Anyway I have to walk to several building it the snow and slush plus it's still coming down. This story really proves how great of students BSU has, a random girl happened to notice me while she was walking to her next classes and mentioned to me that my mascara was running and helped me to clear the somewhat embarrassing mess on my face. I was so thankful she stopped to tell me about it because I more than likely wouldn't have even noticed at all. I rarely have to go to the bathroom since I only have 3 classes at the most on any given day and they're pretty close before I can go home. So random girl who helped me out thank you!