Boise State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Blue and orange


Boise State could be a great school if the academics weren't trumped by the sports teams that has great funding, while classes needed to matriculate certain majors cannot be taught due to financial issues.


My school campus is very big to be a community college. I think it's going to be a good year for me.


Boise State is a large, yet familiar place that makes each student feel special and goes out of it's way to provide countless activities, clubs, and sports, for every student of every background to participate in.


Boise State University is a place of learning that never failed to reach out to diverse backgrounds and enable students to shoot for high goals and expectations.


This is a very spirited school with a good diversity of students who are proud to be here and show it, too.


My school is beautiful clean and friendly. One of the solidifying factors of choosing Boise State is the overwhelming presence of school spirit that even my High School didnt have. The campus is perfect size, you can get just about anywhere in 5 minutes and I really enjoy the on campus community. It is located right next to a beatiful river and walking distance from a fun and beautiful downtown center. I couldnt be happier with my choice of Boise State.


Boise state has a beautiful and big campus.


It is the most diverse place in Boise.


B.S.U. is very helpful with all the resources available to students.


Boise State University is filled with caring, helpful individuals from the professors to fellow students, everyone wants you to succeed and will do whatever it takes to help you do well.


Boise State University is very diverse and welcoming, and school spirit is phenomenal, but some of the programs such as Math and Business need some indefinite work.


Boise State University is the epitomy of hard work, compassion, sportsmanship, and independence.


Boise State University is a medium sized school with programs more than one would expect from such size.


Boise State University is diverse, intellectually sound and opportunistic.


Very focused on our football team and on how many students enroll each year.


it is good.


Overall Boise State is a good school for students to learn and study, although it would be helpful if they offered more night and online classes to assist the non-traditional students who work during the day.


It is a wonderful place to meet new friends and get involved with the community.


BSU is a football school.


More focused on football than academics


BSU has alot to offer, the campus is well spaced out and plenty of things to do.


Boise State University is the perfect fit for me, and will equip me with all the tools I will need to succeed in my life after graduation.


The only feasable choice for the majority of students in the treasure valley no matter the age.


Boise State is very energetic and just about everyone is very school-spirited.


Me school is a diverse, growing, and excellent university.


Boise State is a accademically strong college that respects both the envirnment and the students that attend.


It is a beautiful campus along side the Boise River where learning is fun.


Boise State University is a young and growing university with a lot of expanding to do.


Very energetic


BSU is the heart of Boise.


I was nervous about attending Boise State in August, but after finishing my first semester I have no regrets - Boise State is great, and i have met some incredible people.


Boise State loves their football team, but they also love helping people reach the goals that they have set.


My school has a very safe, diverse campus and is always there when you need help with your academics, money, making sure you are on the right track or even just trying to get involved.


Boise State University has almost everything a student could need, the professors are great and and they provide a very comfortable learning environment which is extremely beneficial.


Boise State is incredible and truly a supportive school.


My school cares more about the football team then it does about the students, it is over-populated and under-staffed for the increasing number of students that are attending this commuter-college.


Boise State University is a magnificent school because it has a hands on faculty and an excelent campus.


Boise State has a lot to do on their campus.


Friendly, energetic, helpful, and full of school spirit.


One of the best research universities in the U.S.


BSU is, in essence, everything that a great university should be--not only does it offer the great faculty, beautiful campus, and wide range of degree options that one would typically find at a larger school, but it balances this with an air of closeness, school spirit and comradery within the student body like that of other smaller universities....combine that with its great sports program and the incredible Bronco football team, and you have one amazing place to get a degree!


Open and caring community that makes students feel at the same level with faculty and staff, there is a small achookl feel with large city amenities.


I am proud to be a Bronco!


Great deal for the cost.


Boise State will help the new you rise.


Boise State University is a great place to learn, network, and grow.


BSU is mostly academic focused with social oppurtunities always available.


My school is an excellent place to develop skills necessary for my chosen career, to meet wonderful people, to experience diversity and learn the lifelong lessons in a friendly environment.


Boise State football, what more is there?!