Boise State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




This school is really only known for the football program.


Definitely the blue turf. It is known all over the US and even worldwide.


Football, football, football. Boise State is widely known for it's blue turf, and the surrounding comunity does nothing less than support the team to the ends of the earth. The Bronco fans are dedicated to say the least, and are known all over the country for their blue and orange spirit wear. The stadium lights can be seen all over the city, and during the season, you better believe every game will be sold out. Sun, rain, wind, and snow, the fans show up to support the boys on the field.


Boise State is probably best known for our football team and blue turf, but we should be known four our friendly people and gorgeous town, as well.


Their football team and the blue turf that they play on.


BSU is known for the Broncos. The Nationally famous football team that is bringing in a lot of money for the university.


I think my school, Boise State, is most well known for out football team, the Broncos. We have a well known team will well known coaches.


BSU is best known for their football team. That's what brings in the money.


Academics, sports, and careers.


I think my favorite campus tradition so far is BSU's fight song. it is so fun being at any of the games and screaming the fight song to encourage our fellow Bronco's. You can listen to the song at the following link lyrics to follow!: Fight Broncos, celebrate the orange and blue Boise, will stand and cheer for you Fight for distinction & our alma mater Bravely defending B-S-U! Fight on Courageously for Boise State Success and honor make her great Boise's proud tradition- Head's up competition- Glory for B - S - U Go! Orange! Go! big! blue! Fight! Fight! B-S-U!


Boise State Univesrity is Best know for Broncos or its Foothball. i really enjoy going there becaues i feel proud that i am part of Broncos.


Boise State is known for their football team.


My school is best known for its amazing football team and awesome sportsmanship. In my opinion it would be better known for the friendliness of the students and staff and the amazing people that make it through to graduate from Boise State University.

Christine Joy

Honestly, Boise State University is best known for the school football team. The whole entire city backs up our Bronco boys. I think that's what sparked a lot of interest in students and then that's when they started looking more into the school, and since it was so cheap, students started booming in. Other than the athletics, Boise State University is "partly" known for engineering because top companies such as the HP company and NASA tend to recruit interns from the school. The engineering program is also ranked 20th in the nation (public universities without Ph.D programs).


Boise state University is best known for its "Smurf Turf". Instead of the original green turf football field it has a blue turf.




Our school is best known for the football team, but definitely not the academic or social part of the University. The school is comprised of older people with kids, mostly going back to finish a degree they already started or going for their first degree. Almost everyone commutes.


Football, and the engineering dept.


BSU is best known for the Football team.


Football is what we are best known for. The players, the BCS bowl games, and the winning streak that the team has. The football team has managed to produce some of the best players that have been able to progress on to NFL.


Most people know about the BSU Broncos football team now, but there is a lot more here than a BCS National Championship winning football team. If there is anything you want to learn, there is a great chance it is available to study on campus. If there is something you want to do, it is probably available somewhere close (except the ocean).


THe school is best known for there blue turf in football.


Bronco Football and Engineering...


Our school is more than likely best known for its football team. The Bronco's won their first fiesta bowl in 2007, which put them on the map, and they won again this year. So I'm pretty sure our school is best known for its football team.


At the time we are widely known around the nation for out underdog football team and our fantastic coach, Coach Peterson. He has done a stand up job of building a quality team with a lot of talent and developed skills. We are also a great school for those studying Nursing, Communications, or Business. Our art department is growing steadily and we have great professors who have much experience with what they teach and make themselves available to students. Boise State University is growing in numbers each year. Many more students are showing interest and we are working to accomodate.


I believe that Boise State University is best known for its football team.


The Boise State football team - and the famous blue turf!

Tristan I don't even think we are that well known for that.


Definitely football. As Boise State football continues to grow and prove that a non-conference team can work their way up from the bottom and become one of the top 5 football teams in the nation with a two time winning National Coach of the Year. Boise State is most definitely known for football with two Fiesta Bowl championship titles.


Boise State - "Blue Turf." This nickname has to be the first answer that pops into anybody's head. Boise State University has distinguished itself apart from any other university across the country in that its football turf is blue. The colored turf was added in 1986. However, if one was to look at the NCAA regulations for colored turf now, it would say that it isn't allowed. This is because the rule was added in 1987, the year after Boise State installed the blue turf. Therefore, the rule doesn't apply to us!




At Boise State University, my school is known for big classes, great sports, and lots of different activities. The professors are very good about getting in touch with each student if needed. They set up websites for you to use also if you have any added questions.


The up and coming Broncos Football Team. The latest accomplishment of winning the Fiesta Bowl in 2010 against TCU. We have a small community with great outdoor activities and plenty to do. The university has many colleges to attract a variety of prospective students.


Our football team and our blue turf football field. We arnt known for much more than football or our football coach


A lot of people know Boise State for their football program and blue turf. BSU has so much more to offer. While having such an exciting football program to follow, you find yourself to have more pride in your school. There are a lot of other important things in a school like the campus, the town, the size, all of which attracted me to Boise State University.


the boise state football team.


Boise State has many great attributes and provides an advanced level of educaion. Sports are what make up the city of Boise. Bronco football has won the hearts of many people, and this is what Boise State is known for.


At this point in time my schools football team just won the Fiesta Bowl with a 14-0 record for the season. So right now it is known for their football record and the surrounding controversy of a playoff system within the college football realm. Beyond that, Boise State is a very diverse and liberal college with a beautiful campus and an incredible business program and an incredible engineering program. This school is focused on research and progress toward the future, particularly technologically speaking. We are located in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Foot ball team




Business school and football team


I will be a new transfer to BSU; however, I believe to many it is highly known for it's football. To me however, it is known best for an excellent nursing program that will help me to succeed in becoming a wonderful RN who will be able to change lives for the better in the future! The campus is just beautifully spaced , and it is filled to the brim with the most excellent teachers that want to help each student succeed! I have no doubt I will highly love this campus!


Boise State University has a great Psychology Department and Nursing program. Boise State takes a lot of pride in their academics and is always striving to improve all of their academic programs. Boise State is also known for their athletics such as football that has been WAC champions for several years and won a BCS bowl game in 2007. Boise State women's soccer also won the WAC championship for 2009.


BSU is best known for the awesome football team and various opportunities to explore yourself.


Boise State University is best known for their amazing football team. The football program has been able to draw in a large amount of supporters and rake in profits which benef it the school. The football team uses their successes and shares it with the rest of the Boise State University Campus, whether it is paying for new equipment or just giving the students an intense game to watch. The footbal team gives BSU a great reputation.


My school is best known for their business and nursing programs. These programs are in the highest rankings in the northwest. I came to this school because of its reputable nursing program and have heard great reviews from many alumni since starting school. I believe that I am in one of the best programs in the northwest and will be proud to graduate from such a well known school.


My school is best known for their nationally ranked football team and academic excellence.


Boise state is best known for the economics and buisness departments. many people also think of sports, like football. i however think of a great oppurtunity to succeed and go above and beyond. i love learning and would like to continue going to Boise state. the campus is beautiful and the people are very welcoming and helpful. No person will turn you away if you need help and there are so many places that you can go to find help.


I would say that the school I am currently attending is most known for their awesome football program. The broncos have gone undefeated so far this season and are doing an excellent job!