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The Radiology Program is highly rated and I am able to receive my Bachelor's Degree at this university.


Boise State University is very involved with their students. The way the other students want to get everyone involved is great, weather it is going to see a free movie or going and seeing a football game or any type of game for that matter, it makes the students feel like there are place to go and meet new people and get to know friends.




The greek system here is very unique compared to any other university. We only have 2 actual sorority/fraternity houses and the are campus owned so no drinking happens there. The Greek system is more focused on improving the community and building healthy relationships more then partying.


I really only considered this based on location.


Boise State University has a cultural variety and diversity. People are friendly and there are a lot of activities, events, and clubs for which students can enjoy. They provide a safe environment with their safety. The scenery is beautiful at Boise State University. The tuition is not expensive and the professors are friendly.


Boise State University is rapidly changing university that is growing very fast. Only recently the quality of education is getting growth attention in addition to the already Nationally famous football team.


Boise State is a second home to everyone. Students, who are not from Boise or even Idaho for that matter, feel like it is welcoming and easy to fit in. Boise State has the feel of a close-knit community, with local festivals, fairs and constant events but also offers the big city feel as well. Boise is a great city for anyone with an even better college that makes anyone feel welcome and at home.


It is in the heart of downtown and next to the river. We have all four seasons here and sports to fit into all lifestyles.


I find it that the people here are very friendly. I have not had one bad experience here.


It's in my hometown and it's a place I was already familiar with before enrolling here.


Boise State is close to home and a traditional university. The staff and students there are so helpful and friendly that its easy to feel like you belong there. I think what makes this university so unique is all the diversity. There are people from all different backgrounds. There are people from lower income families and higher income families. There are a ton of people from different countries.


We have great programs for various fields of education. Pre-med, business, Pre-Radiology, education, we have great programs which are pretty competitive. We have a great football program which is pretty well-known and creates great unity within the school. Our football games create a great safe environment to have fun and be loud with friends while being supportive of our school. With great education and safe and fun student activities this is an overall great school to go to.


Boise State University has an amazing on-campus life. This college offers unique Living and Learning Communities that provide for exploring interests outside of the classroom. Most of the dorms are located together and an extremely welcoming atmosphere is created. I was nervous about leaving home my freshman year and living in the dorms made adjusting much easier. The housing staff put together many different programs that allowed for me to meet many different people and to create a number of life long friends. I am now a second year student and I have chosen to live on campus again!


Boise State happened to be less than an hour to both my parents' houses. It had church around the corner and my martial arts a little drive away. It gave me a pretty nice scholarship and had the Biology-Zoology major that I was looking for. I like school spirit and there couldn't be enough of that on BSU campus. I love attending the football games, that was an amazing part of BSU in the Fall. It's also a short walk to the grocery store and the theatre. So it was perfect for me.


They say it's an art-related school, but it's main focus is on business and economics as well as the football team.


excellent professors


We are well known for our blue football field and for our Boise State Broncos Football team who have an impressive record.


Even though the school has grown quite a bit due to our national exposure, we still maintain the blue collar work ethic


Boise is within walking or biking distance of so many great things, campus is gorgeous and clean, there are a variety of well taught classes, and of course we have an amazing football team and sports program! They have a ton of clubs and intramurals and the people all around are just really nice and friendly!!


They only let in certain people who they feel are qualified to attend. Bsu turns down tens of thousands of applicants every year.


Boise State is located in the heart of a metropolitan city. It is within walking distance to so many city venues and at the same time is just minutes away from activities in nature. The school itseslf is big enough to get experience the feel of a 'big" college yet is still small enough that one never feels lost in the sea of students on campus. I have atteneded a college with less than 3,000 students and on with more than 38,000 and Boise State byfar was the best and had the most to offer!


My school is unique because it does not fit supposed stereotype of college campuses in terms of the students . When you think about a college campus you mainly picture it as being scattered with younge students. My campus, you see everyone from every age group those with children and those who are even retired going back to school. This seemingly unimportant observation is what I think makes my college so unique because we are not only receiving the college experience but we also are introduced to many different thoughts that seem to diversify when different age groups are introduced.


This school has so much school pride and anyone that goes there is pleased to let others know that is where they attend school. It also has a great Biology/ Health Science program which is my interest.


Boise State University is an extremely underestimated school, whose academia is a trade expanding like the Chinese economy. The beautiful campus, great instructors, superb football team, and beautiful surrounding city make going to Boise State University an amazing, unique experience.


The unique part about Boise State University is that it is very easy to make friends and that the classes seem much more easier than those in High School. I also like the fact that I get more time to finish my homework assignments and that I get more time to study for all of the exams. I never thought that I would keep getting excellent grades at Boise State University as I had done so at High School. Also the teachers seem much more respectful and kind with all there students. I just love Boise State Unviersity.


I think the only unique characteristic about this school is the location it is located at because it's nearly at the center of Boise. You can get around anywhere within minutes in terms of the grocery store, bank, resturants, shopping centers, and such. Other than that I consider it to be a regular campus.


Boise State is unique because the school is located in a small city with in a small state, and the campus comprises of many diverse cultures and ethnic groups. Boise State also has a top ranked football even though the team plays in a non-BCS conference. Another unique thing about Boise State is that it is one of the up and coming schools in the future.


We have a beautiful community where doing recreational activities are easy to find. There is always something to do, the school is helpful in making you succeed, and we have an awesome football team!




What's unique about my school is that a much bigger campus than my pervious school. It also has more programs and classes avaiable to me for me in order to get my degree completed.


My schools offers a lot of different oppurunities such as having outdoors in your back yard but still has the feeling of a city without feeling overwhlemed by it. The community is fantastic and supports the school. The campus is really clean and quite and is a great place to learn about yourself as well as opening many new doors for your life.


The obvious answer here would probably be our Blue Turf in our football stadium, but that is not best unique quality. Boise State was not actually where I started out my freshman year - I began at Tulane University and transferred mid-year. In the few weeks I've been enrolled, I can already see the difference. Despite the fact that BSU is much, much bigger than Tulane, there is much more personalized attention here. The administrators and people working the offices are always friendly and try their best to be helpful. It's quite a refreshing change.


Boise State was my third ranked school. Montana Tech, and Washington were one and two. What sets Boise State apart is the fact that when i get done with school, my student loans will be minimal - that is a huge relif. Another things that makes Boise State unique is that there are so many activites avalible. There is always somthing entertaining to do.


For being in Idaho, Boise State is a very open minded place. People are very nice, and aren't really as "red neck" some would imagine. Being a transgender student, I was afraid for my safety going into college, but was quickly put to ease as the climate on campus is very relaxed and more often than not, people go out of their way to do nice things for eachother. It's a great place to go to college for your first few years to acclimate to college life.


I only applied for Boise State University with the intention to gain entry. I believe that this school has a lot of spirit and positive energy. The faculty is garnished with exuberant professors and other personnel that care about the students deeply. Achieving at Boise State University has felt wonderful. I believe that there is a certain sense of community and togetherness that all students feel inside them walking around campus. It is an innate sense of pride that we all share and in this sense we're a rarity. This sort of sentimental value isn't ubiquitous.


The location of BSU is very nice because it is in the middle of everything I need access too such as home, work, and things to go do with friends, and the cost of attendance is very reasonable compared to other out of state colleges that i was planning on attending.


Boise State's campus is very beautiful and well maintained. I also really enjoy how the community is very supportive of our football team and everyone comes together as one. The faculty as well as community treats you with the up most respect.


It offered a wide variety of evening, and weekend classes to meet needs. It also has a very accepting feel to the community around.


Boise State is a community school without being the only thing in the community. Everyone in the city supports Boise State, offers student discounts, and is excited about the school. It has the feeling of a college town, but with so much more than a college town has, because there are businesses, and real family lives there as well.


When I was looking for schools I was most concerned about what kind of majors they had. I'm an illustration major and I had looked all the art school but they were too expensive. Boise has the best art program in the west out side of the art schools and is much more affordable. It's kind of a comfort to know that in the university system I have room to change my mind. Since starting I've been thinking of becoming an art teacher, and because they have a wide variety of programs its easy to customize.


It is surrounded by outdoor activities. The professors really want you to take something away from their course, and stress representing BSU.


I have found that Boise State University football team has so many fans and supporters in the Boise area. So many people love BSU.


There is a fair amount of non-traditional students that attend BSU that adds a unique perspective to the class room environment.


Blue Turf.


For a campus with 20k students (and growing quickly) the classes are small, the environment/atmosphere of Boise State is still small.


I consider Boise State University unique because of the atmosphere. There is a feeling of being at home and the education you receive at BSU is wonderful. People are friendly and everyone is different, but everyone compliments the others. Boise State University is a college that is set apart from others because of the students and faculty that make it a wonderful place to attend.


I choose BSU for the Business college. At the time of my decision BSU was considered one of the top business schools to attend.


BSU has alot to offer students as far as things to do on and off campus.


I think that the faculty were very accesible and down to earth. We were on a first name basis with most of them and they were not ego driven.