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Boise State University is very intimate. It is a big school, however majority of people commute, so if you live on campus you have a tight-nit community you can be apart of. The school offers a lot of extracurricular activities and the city of Boise is awesome. Perfect in size and has everything you need within 30 minutes, including snowboarding, skiing, water sports, hiking, biking, anything you could think of. The class sizes are great and the professors are very helpful and accessible.


I love the football team and the wonderful blue turf. It also allowed me to stay in the state I grew up in and gave me the oppurtunities I was looking for.


Boise State is in my home town, it has a great football team, and the environment is very condusive to learning.

I decided to go to Boise State because it was close to many museums and the zoo, places I could go vist. It also has a good history program from what others have told me, better then UofI which was the other school I was looking at.


It's in a good location near food and entertainment. It is near the river and a nice walking path. The campus isn't too big but is a good size school


Boise State Univeristy is in the states capital and even though there is a lot of peopel it still seems to be based on a small community standards. I attend BSU through another institution, and you can feel the spirti of BSU even when not physically on campus at all times. BSU has shown interestin helping student get their degree and not just leave it to students hand to resolve on their own what they need. Instructors and class room size has been ideal so far to have the one on one with instructors to better understand material being tought.


I did not cosider any other schools.


I do like that most everyone here is friendly.


It is very close to outdoor recreation opportunities, and it is very affordable for in state students.


Everybody loves the football team, with very high spirits because of the football team. Its not just unique with the school but with a population of over 100,000 people in and around the surrounding area everyone loves the football team which makes me nervous about the special treatment that the team is getting that should be available to all students.


We are the only school with a blue football turf.


Boise State is very supportive of our sports teams. They are very involved in the students that do sports making sure that they get things done that needs to be done.


My decision to attend BSU was based almost entirely on its unique proximity to my home.


Boise State is located in the Traseure Valley in Idaho. The area surrounding BSU contains something for everyone. The area is leaded with retail and shopping locations for those who love to shop, as well as a mountains and lakes to hike and boat in. The BSU had a dedicated faculty that is available and willing to help students when needed. BSU has a diverse population not only in the student sector but in the faculty and staff as well. This diversity allows for a rich learning enviromnent that is unique to Boise State University.


I did not consider any other schools. My husband and I own our home and we are not willing to relocate. Boise State University is the only college within driving distance and therefore my only choice.


We have a blue-turfed football field.


The thing that was unique about Boise State was the fact that I really like Idaho. It is a safe place to live, and the people are very nice. It is close to the mountains. And just abeautiful place all around.


Boise State University is held a general school for the state of Idaho, this means that just about anyone and everyone can come here. In this way the school ends up having an amazing mix of students, both traditional and non-traditional returning students. I've learned a lot of things from the people I meet and the friends I've made as well as from my professors in lecture. Boise State hosts numerous opportunities for a wide range of interests and so has the ability to accomodate most students.


There is a very strong sense of comunity pride at BSU. The local buisnesses actively engage and hire students, and the university is in the process of growing itself to fit the needs that students and faculty have expressed. I also enjoyed the aspect of having access to downtown and many buisnesses within walking distance of campus.


The surrounding community. Boise and the entire metro area is incredibly supportive of the school, its students, and teh activities of both. Nearly every employer that I know of is willing to work with student employees to give them the time they need for school and studying. So many different businesses and agencies within the community allow students to do internships, shadowing, and/or volunteer to gain practical knowledge, experience, and diversity. Overall I would say I've always felt like the community is there to help the students, as oppsed to just profiting off of them.


in the city