Boise State University Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.




Football is the huge thing on campus. Every time there is a home game, it is an all weekend long event. People set up tents everywhere and there is music and basically the whole campus shuts down for the game. It is incredible. People are everywhere and blue and orange can be seen proudly displayed on virtually every person walking by. People tailgate long before the game starts and long before the game ends. Everyone LOVES football game weekends. Basketball is also a big one. The pre and post game activities are not as intense as football games, but people still get really excited about them!


The sport scene on campus is always supportive of our Broncos. There isn't a day that goes by that you won't find most of the student decked out from head to toe in BSU paraphernalia. Bronco pride doesn't just end at the campus border either, you'll see people all over Boise and surrounding areas wearing Boise State gear. Not to mention most stores have a BSU section encase you need to stock up on gear or tailing gating supplies. My favorite gear so far are the nut bracelets and necklaces and you can always find BSU colored flowers.