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What are the most popular student activities/groups?




Every group on campus has its own purpose and importance. I would say that some of the most popular student organizations are the ones who hold more open events that every student can come to. There are movie nights every week, where you can come and get free popcorn, soda and watch a newer movie. The Greek life on campus is awesome and while personally I am not involved I hear great things about the sororities and fraternities on campus and their numbers are always growing. Unlike some other campus', Boise State always has activities that are not partying going on; there's bowling and pool in the student union building, there are dollar movie theaters close by, there are some great restaurants close by as well. ON campus the dorm and apartment resident assistants and community assistants work hard to plan programs for residents that are fun and frequent. There are always pick up games in the recreation center which is close to the dorms. If I am awake on a Tuesday at 2am, which typically doesn't happen often, I am having a movie night or a game night with friends either on campus or off. Boise itself also offers many activities throughout the year - carnivals, fairs, expos and concerts you name it - for a reasonable price for students. Any university sponsored activity is free for students and that includes sports, theater and concerts.


On BSU's campus there are so many clubs and so many things to do. We have a club for just about everyone and their interest. If there isn't a club you want to join you can easily start one. We also have the recreation center which has group trips, rentals, a rock climbing wall, the gym, etc. I'm personally really interested in going on one of the night hikes with the rec center. Additionally I'm a part of the pre-med club, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), American Medical Student Association (AMSA), and I first learned about some of the volunteer opportunities from orientation. I personally spend a lot of my time volunteering and participating in webinars, meetings, etc to help me stay on the right track to accomplishing my goals. I'm looking forward to AMSA's annual convention which brings in well known health care providers to help us learn certain procedures, talk about admissions into medical school, and more. NSCS helps us to get involved, make a difference, use our skills to get scholarships for school, and then of course you have all the recreation that is offered by the school rather that be hiking, rafting, swimming, etc there are definitely things you can do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking.


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