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What are your classes like?


Hectic, yet rad


My classes are large. There are about 300 students in most of them. But, I am only a freshman, so I am in mostly introductory classes. Some other classes such as math, languages, and science labs are smaller, more personal classes. It is a nice mixture. The professors in lectures mostly use powerpoint presentations to present their lectures. This is nice because the information is always written up on the board legibly and it makes it easier to take notes. A lot of times the teachers will post their notes online too. This is both good and bad because sometimes it is hard to get motivated to go to class because you know the notes are online. I cannot stress enough though, the importance of going to class. Even if the notes are online, you will get SO much more out of going to class. The professors often times add tidbits of information that are NOT on the notes online, and these tidbits are almost always on exams. So beware of that. Overall, my classes are interesting and the professors are nice.


I am currently a new student at BSU. I haven't had the chance to sit in on my first class just yet, but I do have some information. Usually the classes you register for are fairly close or within the same general area of the campus. Most of mine are in Morrison Center, Math Center, etc. Since I have transferred to BSU it's obvious I will be spending a lot more time in class and for about 2-4 hours, 2-3 times a week per class. I used to have a seminar once a week and was pretty much on my own outside of that. It obvious at BSU you have more time with your professors and there are multiple channels to get a hold of them outside of class. The classrooms are pretty standard and clearly limit how many students will be in each class, which is good because you get a more attention during class and it's easier to connect with other students in your class.