Boise State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


All the things that go on at BSU, going back to the first question, it's all about getting involved and meeting new people, there are clubs and everything anyone can imagine. Just choices to make and everyone has a place that they fit into.


I am always so happy to brag to my friends about my other friends; all the people on campus are friendly and I have met so many completely lovely people since being here. My school is full of wonderful people and I hope for everyone to get to have a college experience like this!


I tend to brag about our school spirit and how much students here really care about their school. Most are so proud to be here and to say that they're a Bronco and they "bleed blue."


When I talk to my friends about Boise State, I talk about how the professors are very helpful and how most of the school work is done on the computer and through the internet. I also talk about how the classroom environment is very professional and comfortable.


When I brag about Boise State the two subjects that come up are The music program and the football team. The boise State Music Program is one of the best in the state, it is the whole reason I chose this school. And need i say it, our foot ball team is amazing.


The class sizes are very good. There are just enough students so that you get individual time with the teacher.


i brag about my super awesome dorm room because we have brand new living space.


Our biggest bragging right at this point is our football team. The Broncos are headed for the top, despite some setbacks.


The football team. They have never lost a game at home and have been to 3 BCS bowl games in the last 5 years, and have won 2 of them.


I brag about our football team. GO BRONCOS!!!


The football team! The Boise State Broncos have risen in the ranks faster than any other university football team! They have brought a lot of money to the school, and allowed BSU to be a recognizable school, in turn making the population skyrocket and also helping with the lack of racial/ethnic diversity at the school.


the boise area is amazing. there are tons of activities for you to participate in. the campus is awesome, athletics are awesome, school is great, and the night life is better than you'd think for it being idaho


The amazing football team that we have. Otherwise, there isn't much reason to come here. The academics are a joke.


SMURF TURF!!! Boise State is the only school with the amazingly bright colored blue turf.


The football program. Because I have always enjoyed sports to be able to attend a school with such a great football program is an honor.


I don't really brag at all nut if i had to i would brag about the football team.


I would have to say that I brag the most about Boise State University is the diversity. I love that there are so many people, roughly 19,000 students, and they are from all over the states and several different countries. It's fun to get to know people from all over the world, and you never know who you get to sit next to in class.


I would probably have to say the art work that I produce within my art classes. Seeing as to how I am an art major I really like to show others what I am doing within my major.


The school is really friendly and wants you to suceed. So don't give up.


The BSU football team winning the Fiesta Bowl!


Well my schools' football team is undefeated for the second year in a row and that the weather is fabouls. Also that the students are very outgoing and friendly.


I brag that in my school the teachers help every student succeed in their classroom, even if that means a few hours of tutoring outside of class. I also brag that I love it on the campus, because it is a safe and positive environment for all walks of life.


Well the most bragged about aspect of Boise State is the up and coming football program. Boise State has recently become a nationally recognized school because of the football team. Boise also has other great athletic departments, and academic programs as well. The faculty take pride in working at Boise State, and are extremely dedicated to making the students' learning experience great. The campus is just the right size, so no one should feel overwhelmed with its size. The atmosphere on campus is extraordinary, as everyone is upbeat about attending Boise State.


When I brag, its usually to a student from the University of Idaho about our football team. They can smack talk all they want, but in the end, the BRONCO NATION can always beat U of I. I feel very proud of our football team because no matter how different each student is at Boise State, we can all relate to football and come together to cheer for a team that best represents Idaho . It also helps that they have been undefeted and just won the Fiesta Bowl! BOISE........STATE!


The football team's sucess.


Our awesome football team that just won the fiesta bowl!


If I had to choose the number one thing I brag about it would have to be the willingness of the staff and peers to help. I cannot be more grateful for the free tutoring and counseling services. Nearly every class has a personal tutor assigned for specific hours! I have visited the library, administration building, and student union building with questions and have never left without an answer. While it only seems fair and logical that these services are offered, I cant believe how much enthusiam the staff members approach their jobs with.


I brag most about the professors and the quality of the university.


I brag about how friendly and helpful everyone is at Boise STate, and in Boise. Broncos are the best!


Our campus has so much to offer; tons of activities, it's in a beautiful location, we have a wide variety of classes, and because we have a top of the line football team we are well funded. Also how often can you say my school has a zoo next door? I love walking in the park and seeing the giraffes poke their heads up over the fence.


I probably brag about how difficult it is to get admission into our school. Most people don't think of our college as being a good school. Anytime I hear anyone has gotten into my school, I congratualate them because to me it is a accomplishment.


One thing that I enjoy the most at Boise State and brag to others is the diversity and the great campus atmosphere. It's an easy place to learn and to have a good time simultaneously.


Because there are several amazing things about Boise State University I cannot choose one aspect to brag about. Some things that positively contribute to Boise State are the campus environment, school spirit, resources, and the location. The campus environment is friendly, beautiful, and inspiring with historical looking buildings. The school spirit is abundent throughout the campus and extremely encouraging. The staff is alaways willing to help and resources are readily availiable whenever you need them. Lastly, the location is versatile with amazing weather and offering a beautiful greenbelt next to the campus that runs along the aesthetic looking river.


While talking to my friends I often mention how great it is that there is a place to go bowling right on campus, that there is a fitness gym to keep in shape while going to school, and that they are going to building an aquatic center. I think that exercise is one of the most important activities to do, especiatlly while in school, because your mind stays alert. Boise State University provides the ability to exercise in many different ways. It supplies the students that do not have much money the ability to chose exercise activities that they enjoy.


I brag about Boise State Broncos, as well as how at home I feel at Boise State. It is a diverse university and I proud to consider myself a part of the community.


There wer several teachers at BSU that I loved who had a passion for education and a respect and delight in the learning process. I talk most about the teachers who changed my life and gave me their time and knowledge.


I was really impressed how helpful Boise State was to get me started in a carreer that they didn't even offer. They helped me start planning from the start and suggested other schools that might be of a better suit for my needs and what their university could do for me. Also, naturally, we have a rockin' football team.


I always tell my friends how great my professors are. They are always willing to help and answer any questions we may have.


As much as I feel that academics are placed on the back burner. We do have an awesome football time.


when i brag about the school, i usually brag about our football team. but also about how much i am learning. i am always coming home with new information that i love to share with others. i also brag about how there are awesome teachers and how they will always do their best to help you.


I think that the school and the area has lots of potential to grow and become an actuall community. So its exiciting when you actually get something done for the community or start a campaighn because its probably the first time the towns seen something like that.


I brag most about the opportunities I am given because I am a part of the Honors College. I also brag about our football team, since it is a major part of the school and is the main cause of school spirit.


I brag most about the fact that Boise State is far better in every way than its rival the University of Idaho, and that it is one of the fastest growing schools that I know of.


That its a University not a community college. It is the capitals school, so its important. The football team as well is a big hit.


I often brag about individual teachers, especially in the English department. Usually people brag about the football team but I'm not really interested in sports, even though the football team is pretty amazing. I try mostly to get my friends to have professors I've had so they can get an amazing experience like me.


the teachers that i have liked


that I am almost done


Our football team is doing really well and has been for the past three or four years.


Great facilities, great price.


The thing that I brag about the most when I tell my friends about Boise State University is the football team! The students at Boise State are full of school spirit, and that is something that I am really proud of! We always come to the home games with so much excitement and pride!