Boise State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


That some times the teacher would spend too much time on one students when there is one that really in need.


The worst thing is the amount of teachers who do not seem to care about teaching. So many teachers go throw the motion with no care for anything.


The worst thing about Boise State is that there is no built in padded cots abundantly placed around the library. I say this because as many of us have experienced, there are those nights where everthing is due the next day and there is a test, project and what seems like a million math problems due at midnight. No matter which way a person plans on tackleing that stress time bomb, it most likely includes the library. And while someone is busy studying away at the library, where could be a better place for socially accepted thought improving beds everywhere?!


Some of the classes needed for certain degrees don't necessarily have enough teachers. Those classes end up being very large, which isn't optimal for upper division classes especially, or they fill up extremely fast. Otherwise, the classes will only be available once per year coinciding with the availability of the professor who teaches it. Therefore, sometimes students have to take an extra semester to fulfill their degree requirements.


The worst thing about Boise State is the cold weather. It can reach subzero temperatures during the winter.


Perhaps the worst thing about Boise State University is the walking distance from one building to the next, but it's a great work out and we all need it.


For those who are unfamiliar with the Boise area, I think the worst thing that they may discover is the fact that there is not a lot to do on campus or in the immediate surrounding areas. To find entertainment, one would have to drive a good distance to other parts of Boise before finding it.


The large population contributes to large classes where the student-teacher ratio is often very unfeasible. Developing a relationship with some of the instructors is sometimes rare or even impossible.


The worst thing about my school is that it is known for its football team. Sure the "Smurf Turf" and top 25 status garners attention from across the nation, but the academics are rarely highlighted. An outsider wouldnt necessarily know that Boise State has a top 50 MFA program, or an excellent theatre program (Michael Hoffman came to teach screenwriting) because the academics are overshadowed by football!


Our advising program is the worst thing Boise State offers. I believe a college should do it's best to help it's students finish-in-four and provide constant reminders that academic advising is available. First year students, especially straight out of high school aren't always knowledgeable about how pursuing an associates degree or a bachelors degree works. Advisers should reach out more and do their best to mentor, so there aren't any years wasted trying to obtain a degree.


The cost of tuiton rises every academic year making it more difficult for continuing students to pay for school or to encourage more people to enroll.


I am going to Boise State University as a freshmen and i have not much experienced anything bad to talk about because so far i have like it so much and thats why i got enrolled there. i hope the 4+ years i will spend their goes great because i am not willing to change my college and i want to make legacy there by working hard and studying smart to achieve my Degree.


The budget cuts, they will hurt the overall experience of the students, and will take money away from scholarships.


The worst thing about the school would probably be the way the campus is laid out. It's building aren't very tall in comparison to some universities and there's a fair amount of walking between classes depending on which classes you are taking. It's very easy to loose the sense of being at college because it's close to downtown and I have often attended events through out the campus and have become familiar with it fairly quickly. Perhaps the worst thing about my school is actually a pretty good thing.


The worst thing about my school is the obnoxious colors.


As a commuter student, it seems more difficult to get the information about campus activities. I have friends that live on campus and they are always informed of what is happening at the University. It is difficult to get involved with the activities on campus when you don't have the information or the knowledge of where to look for it.


There are not many bad things about Boise State, but if I had to pick one, I would have to choose the food. None of the food places are opened late even though many students skip meals and only have time to eat late. Also the main food place gets somewhat repetitive and you lose interest in the food there.


There is only one thing I feel is bad about my school, and that is how people underestimate it, or do not know of it. People look down on us at times because we are not as big as other schools, but we make up for that with our hard work and great community.


The reputation of my school is probably the worst thing. The only thing BSU is known for nationally, if at all, is its football team. While it is good that BSU has a great football program (and a LOT of school spirit to go with it), there is more to a school than that. Academically, the school has a great program, but most people see it as a second-rate school that people only go to if they have no other choice. To the contrary, BSU has students from every state and several countries. They are obviously doign something right.


Boise State is a football school. Since 2000, the university has had the best football record among any of the Division I football teams. Others would critique that statement though, saying that it is because we don't play tougher powerhouses like Texas or Ohio State. Actually, Boise State has just won its 2nd Fiesta Bowl in four years, defeating Oklahoma and undefeated TCU. Our head coach has also just received the "Coach of the Year" award for the 2nd time in the past four years. Will we not play hard teams...or will hard teams not play us?


Not enough variety of times for classes for non traditional students.


Compared to many other college campuses around the country, there seems to be a relatively small area immediately around the campus that caters to college students. Off-campus activities and places are limited and seem hard to find at first, but after a little bit of searching and creativity one can usually find what they need.


The immaturity of my classmates which causes disruptions in the classroom environment.


The thing that I consider bad about my school is the focus that they put on the sport teams. They seem to offer mre scholarships to students that are involved in sports at the college level.


The worst thing about Bloomsburg University would have to be the high amounts of smokers. Most schools try to control smoking and outlaw it in certain areas or just not allow it on the campus entirely. But the admistrators at Bloom are slacking and it's difficult walking through the school grounds with smoke being blown into your face, especially for people like me who are allergic to the nasty smoke. There are probably many other items that are not the best at Bloomsburg but smoking is probably one of the most annoying, aggravating activities that take place throughout campus.


Hard to connect with other students sometimes.


The worst thing about my school is the negative attention we receive from the press and other schools. Although we have a great sports program at BSU, our academic departments deserve the same respect. It gets tiring and annoying to hear numerous people complaining about all the attention our football team gets. I did not choose Boise State for its Bowl wins, nor will I stay here for that reason. What I would like to see is positive coverage about all aspects of our school and not just about our football coach and players.


The strength of the Environmental Studies program offered through the university is mediocre. There have been numerous courses that have been informative and interesting but few that have been supportive of the desire I have in pursuing this degree. Although the program is very young within the university I do not feel as though it will become a trademark of my university.


I honestly can't think of anything. I've had to sit and think about it and nothing comes to mind.


The worst thing about my school I would have to say is a classes I am in. The class is extremely difficult and requires extensive amount of studying. I knew this when I signed up and am not complaining about that, but the tests are another story. Sometimes the tests have multiple choices with answers a-j instead of a-d and even sometimes have averages around 60%. This could be an indicator that something has to change about how the class is taught. I know this doesnt necessarily reflect on the school but its all I can think of.


The most frustrating thing to most students is enrolling in classes. As a freshman you are all encouraged to take your generals, but with so many people trying to get into the same classes it can become frustrating. Advisors can help you pick your classes, but can't really do much about getting you into them. Getting into the classes is up to you and being proactive.


The absolute and utter emphasis on athletics (i.e. football)


I never had the opportunity to attend events during different days of the week. This was because all my classes were in the middle of the day, so while I was in class, there was a BBQ going on in the quad. Every Thursday they had a free movie too, and I always worked Thursday nights, I wish they would of changed up the nights they showed movies.


nothing they have everything for learning and to have fun.


I really don't like the large lecture classes because getting a hold of the the professor is a little more difficult than in smaller classes.


There is not enough space. Our campus is growing outrageously fast with popularity and the building, parking, and classroom space cannot keep up. I am taking five classes this semester and four of them have more than 70 people in the class (two even have over 200)! Parking is not a fun thing. This is a commuter campus so a lot of people drive to school making finding a parking spot expensive and a huge hassle.




Being a large university, the classes fill up extremely fast and sometimes it's hard to get into the ones you need.


I think Boise State needs a few more options for places to eat on campus


I think the worst thing about our school is that the food does not seem that good for the price that we are paying for it.


I don't feel that my experience thus far has had any "worst" moments. However, if I had to choose, I would say the most challenging aspect of this college would be it's size. It is a very large school, and easy for me to feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of people on campus. I hope that BSU will have a personalized feel.


I am very serious about my school work, and I have found that some of the professors are not as serious about school as I am. I have a hard time learning in this kind of environment when the professor seem to not be intresting in the subjuect they are teaching. I have also found that some of the professors are not that organized, and i have to remind them about things they have for got to do.


There isn't a lot of campuss involvement. A lot of students live off campuss so there is a tendancy for people to come to campuss for class and then go right home. Consequently, campuss is not the center of everyone's social lives.


Scheduling classes, might be easier with an advisor though =/


The worst thing about Boise State is that it is difficult for students to complete a degree by attending only in the evenings or on weekends. The university seems to have great options for graduate students, but because the professors have to be available in the evenings for the graduate students, there are no many convenient options for undergraduate night classes.


There isn't much going on outside of campus except for outdoors actvities.


As far as I can think of off the top of my head, there isn't much that I can ask for in terms of improvement. Other than one teacher who was a little too harsh at times, I have had an excellent experience so far.


The only limitation I have experienced at BSU is if you choose alternative modes of learning, then it is very important to be a an effective communicator. Things can get lost in translation sometimes, and this can hinder you in your journey to learn. I have seen students struggle with this in past semesters and have learned that if you are not explicit in communication with the University (via students, instructors or otherwise), then this can dampen ones experience of learning.


The worst thing about this school would be the lack of attention on the academic programs. Here at Boise State University, the academic classes are rigorous and challenging. However, even though it is challenging, the courses teach you many things that will prepare you for the career of your choice. Due to the high standards and rigorous classes, it makes students realize they have to work hard to get the grades they want.


That it does not offer specific courses during certain semesters. I dont like this becasue there are courses I specifically need and when spring semester registration came there were classes i needed and they said they did not offer it this semester.