Boise State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


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Boise State is amazing! Everyone has incredible school spirit and there is always a crowd at football and basketball games. Students dress up and get excited about their school. I feel like Boise State is a perfect size. It is small enough that you can walk across campus and see five or ten people you know, but it is large enough that you can branch out and make friends with all sorts of people. Boise is very much a college town. A lot of events downtown are centered around Boise State and everywhere you go you will see our school colors proudly displayed. So many businesses provide discounts to students of Boise State and offer weekly deals. I do not spend my time in one place at Boise State. There are innumerable places to study and eat. My favorite places to study are the library (Starbucks inside!!) and the Interactive Learning Center (Einstein Bagel Bros inside!!). Both have couches and tables and quiet places to sit. All of my classes are very close to each other so walking is no problem. I absolutely love the staff at Boise State. The administration, financial aid offices, and academic advisors are all very helpful. Even if your question does not pertain to their area of expertise, they will take time out of their day to help you find the answer. Boise State is a wonderful school and I would highly recommend it!


Boise State is an amazing place to go to school! SO many people think that BSU is all about the football. And while football is one thing that brings the majority of us together as a community, there are so many other great things about going to school here. While we have almost 20,000 students, it doesn't feel big. The classes are a great size, especially when you get into upper-division classes. Every professor that I have come into contact with is generally interested in helping students achieve their goals, not only educationally but with internships and careers. There is a strong Greek presence, and all of the clubs on campus are active. As someone who has founded and led a club on campus, the administrators are really helpful and never turn students with questions away. One of the best parts about BSU is the location. The campus is right smack in the middle of town; it is close to downtown, close to the bench, and close to any kind of recreation you can imagine! Students have multiple ways to make their voices heard. Our student government and administration really takes every opportunity to listen to students and make the appropriate changes. Boise State is perfect for any student!


Boise State is known as a very hip and happening campus. Being located next to down town Boise really makes it exciting because of all the shopping and weekly activities. During football season we have an event called Bronco Fan Fridays. The entire campus is covered with a sea of orange and blue. Boise State does not lack school pride.


I absolutely love Boise State, they make you feel like family from the day you apply. My favorite thing so far is the faculty and advisers, they are all so very helpful and completely dedicated to your success at Boise State.If you've ever been to Boise I'm sure you noticed we're all very dedicated to our Broncos, on a typical game day just about everyone in town is wearing Bronco gear in support of our team. So obviously school pride is our thing, everyone is always happy to hear it when you say you attend Boise State,