Boise State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think anyone who wants to attend any school should be someone who has done their research, has goals, and is willing to make those goals a reality.


The only type of people who should attend this school are the people who want to learn. If people only want to go to college to party and do what ever they wish, this is definatly not the school for them. This school has strict policies on attendence and grades, so be prepared to buckle down and study.


Someone who knows what they want to do with their life and is willing to put forth a huge time commitment towards this goal.


This school is great for a variety of student. Young and old, social and quiet, everyone fits well with various class sizes and online learning opportunities. This school has a big campus so there are a lot of students, if you like to make friends and are very social this is a great place to meet new people and really learn what you want to do with your life.


all kinds of people do attend! there is a diverse group of individuals who attend boise state.


Someone who is really in love with football would love this school. Other sports players seem like freshman teams and only football is varsity.


I don't think that there is any "one person" who is more suitable to attend this school. I am positive that with diversity; any college is an interesting place to be. I learn many things from my classmates, instructors, and the world in general when diversified cultures and ages are involved.


This is the perfect school for just about anyone looking into a good school with great academic programs, an awesome sports program, and is right in the middle of everything!!!


The trasditional freshman should seek advice from the career center at their high scholl and know what field they wont to go into prior to coming to Boise State University. This will ensure the student getting out in for years. There is really no set core requirements because they change depending on the major. Those who wish to gain an education here need to be highly self-motivated, educationally focused, and responsible for their own education.


Anyone who is looking for a well rounded education, has a desire to learn, and wishes to have experiences that will last a lifetime.


I've heard that college is not for everyone, but I strongly disagree. Any kind of person can attend college as long as their hard working, determined, and motivated to make something out of themselves and their surroundings.


Any kind! People that are looking to further their education, looking for a great and fun experience, looking to grow up and take on responsibilty but looking to live life to its fullest. Students that graduate from Boise State University have a huge accomplishment under their belt and doors are opened wide for them if they take the right steps. Anyone can attend Boise State, it's worth it!


The people that should attend school are the ones that are dedicated, and want to accomplish their goals.


The right person to attend this school isn't afraid of hard work. He/she is tolerate of different races, gender, religions,etc. He/she wants to succeed and reach his/her goals.


The population of this school is so diverse and authentic the only answer to this question is with another; "What kind of person should NOT attend Boise State University?"


I believe a Boise State University student should be very school spirited, driven and very well-rounded. Boise State University is a diverse campus with a wide variety of different clubs and organizations, which makes almost all hobbies, views, lifestyles and cultures feel included in some way. Boise State University is also avid about our athletic programs and I believe every student should attend an support the athletic events, whether it be football, basketball or tennis.


Some one who loves the out doors and football.


I think anyone could attend Boise State and find there place in the mix. Boise State offers a wide veriety of experiences forming around education and life.


Anyone who would like to be involved in a fantastic university with amazing school spirit and pride should attend Boise State University. There are opportunities for everyone to fit in and advance their futures while having a great time doing it! Boise State University embraces differences and appreciates diversity. One can go as far as they'd like to go at Boise State. The university is welcoming and hosts talented and intelligent individuals (not to mention their incredible football team). Anyone would be proud to be a student at Boise State University.


THe kinda of people that attend Boise State University are very different and all come from different backgrounds. There are people from small farm towns in Nevada to New York City. Boise is a melting pot of people that all come from different backgrounds. Boise State also is a very non-traditional campus in the fact that the average age of student there is about 21. So you do see a lot of older students that are coming back to school to further their education.


Poor or rich. Smart or dumb. White or black. Everyone is welcome at this school.


This school is open to the world. We have international students, out of state students, regular Idahoan citizens, and even sons/daughters of migrant workers. Boise State University is a very ethnically cool school in every sense of the word cool. We're an extremely tolerant society of collegiate scholars. We have prominent business, engineering, and computer science programs and offer various other four-year bachelor's degree programs. Anyone with zeal and the adequate grades can grow and become a successful person on this campus.


Someone who enjoys a large school, that is not very big on interaction.


The kind of person who should attend Boise State University is a hardworking student who still likes to enjoy themselves. Boise State has great academics, and at the same time great opportunities for fun... Such as football games! Go Broncos!


A person that is willing to learn and take the time to do so making it a top priority.


Someone who wants to feel a sense of community and feel like a part of the campus.


Everyone. Boise State has a large variety of programs and is a very diverse campus.


A person who is planning on living on campus and wants a school that is cultured, but also obsessed with sports. If you like to have a good time at night, Boise State is the place for you. Down town bars, clubs, boutiques, restaurants, and shops are only a couple blocks away! Art galleries, museums, and hotels are also very close. Academically, Boise State would be perfect for someone who is not in need of constant one-on-one attention by their professor, but is serious about their academic career.


A person who should attend Boise State University should be an individual who is interested in being a part of something. BSU has a friendly welcoming campus, a huge amount of help and support, and a whole lot of school spirit. An individual attending BSU has to have interest in knowledge, and expanding not only their minds, but their entire lives.


The kind of person that shouls attend Boise State University is someone who is dedicated to their academics and interested in diverse issues. Idaho contains a lot of outdoor activities, so this school is great for the adventure seeker or one who enjoys nature. This school is great for the career minded individual who is interested in getting hands on experience before being thrown into the field of practice, yet is practical for the young students who enjoy having a good time with friends and family


People who are seeking professional skill should recieve higer education in a college.


Anyone who is serious about continuing their education should attend this school. Boise State has a ton to offer for people of various talents and experties. The campus atmosphere is very positive and conducive to those who want to learn .


I think that everyone with an open mind and ready to explore their lives should attend BSU. It is a great school and has a big variety of people. The athletics department is great, expecially the football team, and the education is great. So I think that anyone who wants to learn and further their education could come to BSU and fit right in!


people who are ready to challenge theirselves and strive for more out of their college experience.


This school has manyf non-traditional students, it's not unusual to find students over 30 in a class. We also have many international students. The students are very diverse and there's no large orginizations that dominate the social scene. Anyone can find a group in my school that they can belong to. We have many clubs and orginizations, fraternities and sororities are present but virtually invisible. Students who want to learn, get along with others and have fun should go here, students who want a youth oriented university with most students living on campus should not go here.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is motivated and ready to work hard for their education. I feel that this is the best place to be adn a person who is ready learn as well as get involved would love this school.


Someone looking for a great city to live in and a big/popular university with a small school feel


A person with a need to get a degree, and not so to much immerse oneself in "student life."


I think that any person should attend to Boise State University. If any individual want to attend to a peaceful university he or she should attend to Boise State University. In addition, people want to challenge themselves to reach thier potential as business students; they should attend to this school because in Boise State University provide excellent business teacher and teacher overall as well.


Anyone who would like higher education.


BSU contributes to a strong community spirit centered around our football team. If you like sports this is a great school for you. We also have a great business college and are currently rebuilding our college of business and economics. Like most colleges you need to be an advocate for yourself and discover the ways to get the results you need. The staff and faculty are great to work with and all seem interested in helping students.


A person who wants to experience a miriad of things should attend this school.


I believe the person that should attend this school would be the type of person that is driven to go to college and get a good career. even though we may have a wonderful football team that is not the most important. The college is very expensive and programs are sometimes hard to get into so some people chose to go to community colleges rather than BSU. BSU has a lot to offer high school graduates.


I think the kind of person that should attend this school should be committed, responsible, ambitious, and curious. I think people with great personalities should attend because it makes learning fun and social events way easier. Students that are interested should realize this is college and it's not easy, be ready to discipline yourself or don't bother applying.


Academically minded, diverse indicviduals, who do not fit the tradtional mold.


Any kind. There are lots of non-traditional students attending along with the traditional.


Anyone looking to get a great education and to be prepared for their future!

I do not yet know wo should be attentending this school as this semster will be my first semster there.


A highly motivated student. A person who really wants to learn and succeed in their higher education goals. Interested in being involved in the school. School spirit is a must. Friendly, outgoing, ready to meet new people and make new friendships that could last a lifetime. Not afraid to be themselves and show the world who they are.


any kind