Boise State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who doesnt want to get involved with school activities ( such as support our amazing football team! GO BRONCOS!!!), make friends, or is not invested in their education should not attend Boise State University.


Everyone is more than welcome to attend Boise State University if they are willing to actually pursue a higher education. There are students who come to college to live the life of the party, instead of actually focussing on their academics, failing class after class. Students who get help from the government money to waste it on F's certaintly don't belong. If you came to college you came to study. Then there is those people who had a negative perspective towards education from the start, they certaintly shouldn't be wasting their time nor the professor's time.


everyone should attend


If you are just going to school because you don't want to go into the work force yet or it was just expected of you, this isn't the place for you. Boise State is dedicated to the educatuion they are giving their students and it is not a place where you can slack off. It takes a lot of time and energy to fulfill the requirements that are expected of you.


Individuals who want a good college education that is affordable should attend BSU. If individuals like full four seasons throughout the year, the mountains, exploring caves, and watching the Broncos on the blue field BSU is for them. It's a great school for people who want to persue a career in athletics or the kinesiology department. It has a lot of different opportunities such as studying abroad, national exchange, and hundreds of different clubs, intermural sports, and club sports.


Any type of person who wants a traditional college experience. Boise state is set in a small modern city, but it is only social if you are 21 and older, only freshman live on campus, and there are not many social events or ways to connect to people other than freshman on campus. It is not a traditional school with the grand looking buildings or close student housing or greek row. It is a very independent type school to attend.


Someone who cannot stand the cold, who doesn't like football, who isn't really outdoorsy, who likes really big cities.....not getting that here!


This is a good school for most people, as long as they can find a major to stick with.


With a graduation rate of 30 percent, those who do not take their education seriously and who are not willing to take responsibility for their education should not attend. These students will not be successful at Boise State University.


This school is very open to all kinds of students. I am an older student looking to change careers and obtian my undergraduate degree and have been very happy with the helpfulness of students and teachers alike. I would have to say that if you don't want to study hard to get your grades, you probably shouldn't attend this school. The grading has been fair, but challenging and I wouldn't recommend this school if you don't like a challenge.


The only kind of person that shouldn't attend any school is one without the drive to learn.


People who want to experience a higher level of education, engaging professors, and encouragement. Here at this university I feel that some of the professors aren't experts in what they teach. Some seem like they don't like to help out their students and they seem flustered when ansering questions. I think that people who really want their education to be worth the most shouldn't come here ecause I feel that this university lacks amazing cirruculum and gettining into courses needed are very difficult to get into.


If you are looking for a BIG CITY life, this is not the college for you.


those who want a BA, only and are searching a quick degree. Although there are grat professors that would be great if there was a wider selection of graduate degrees.


One should not attend Boise State if they are not intellectually stimulating, socially interactive, or wanting to have a fun yet rewarding experience with their higher education. Becoming a Bronco not only means you are a great fan of the college's amazing football team, but rather it means that you are willing to contribute your best efforts and most most critical thinking towards your own future. If one is not willing to meet new people, create new and lasting friendships, and not wanting to have a great future, one should not attend Boise State University.


Someone who loves being around a lot of people.


Someone who is looking for a small school experience should consider attending another school. Other than that, I believe that everyone can find a group to hang out with here at Boise State University. W\


Closed minds will not succeed at Boise State University because we are a campus that continuously strives to be better and do so by learning and growing both as students and teachers. If you don't want to be successful or learn, don't attend Boise State University.


Honestly, I believe everyone should attend Boise State. The people here are so friendly and you feel at home in this city. The campus is not too big or small, and there are so many things to do and see. The campus is in the heart of downtown Boise, so if you love to shop then thats for you! Also, there are a lot of outdoor activities around Boise, and you can always find something exciting to do. Boise State is a great place to attend!


Someone who is close minded.


we don't have very much diversity of ethnicity so if you're uncomfortable being a small minority that wouldn't work well. Also, we're not a a well known school and our graduate program is not as great as some of the bigger schools.


That's a hard one. This campus is very open and accepting of all types of people. I would say that any one who isn't willing to do the work to pass their classes shouldn't attend, though that is the same at most colleges.


People who are oriented towards academics. People who hate cliques. People who hate sports, or the emphasis on. Diversity-minded students People who don't get caught up in "school spirit".


A person who is close minded or expecting to fly by based on charming their professors.


If you are looking for a shool just to party and hang out, you should not attent Boise State University. Sports and academics are taken very seriously and I feel BSU if for those who are fun, outgoing, and have a love for life. If you do not enjoy the four seasons or hate the snow, you should not attent BSU. We are lucky to have access to beautiful mountains and lakes, so enoyting the outdoors is a must!


I think boise State is fairly open to any type of student. But be prepared that you do need to work hard to succeed, this isn't high school!


Anyone who wants a very social school experiance. Most students live away from campus and the average student age is higher than average 4 year university.


Anyone who is going to college to party and just have fun. You have to buckle down with your work and fit in other activities after that.


The only kind of people that should not attend Boise State University are those who are not looking for a rich and fulfilling college experience. Those people who do not want to meet new and facinating people and who do not want to be inspired by all of the opportunites available to them shouldn't attend Boise State because the possibilities at this school are endless.


A person that should not attend Boise State University is someone that does not appreciate the beauty of an education. Education is what brings prosperity to a country. Education is a privilege everyone should have and experience. It is one of the many aspects that contributes to a peaceful, prosperous world. Boise State University provides an education that creates many opportunities to the human race. Someone that is not willing to take a risk in their future and make a difference in their life and lives of others is someone that should not attend Boise State University.


I wouldn't suggest out of state students attend BSU because it's almost double the price. Unless you've got a ton of scholarships or a trust fund I'd stick with an instate school.


It is much harder for nonresidents! I hate the fact that residents are charged tuition but nonresidents. Although tuition is 'masked' for residents (and non-residents) through high fees.


Mexican American women shouldn't attend this school and Mexican American women who want to meet new people besides just getting book smart. This isn't the school for you. I have finally found myself and I can honestly say bad choice. If you are anti-social and only want to get book smart than this school would be for you but don't plan on having a social life if you are a minority student especially from a Mexican American women. It's really hard to find people who are similar to you as a Mexican American woman .


You should not attend BSU unless you are prepared to put in your own effort and maintain a strong personal motivation. BSU is largely non-traditional in nature, thus if you are close-minded to input from more experienced generations, it is not the school for you.


This is a large university so there are often changes in policies and schedules that must be accomodated. With so many students attending, and with the rate of change in such a large setting, it would be best if students who desire little shifting and change in their day-to-day cirriculum to avoid attending this school.


Any person who is not ready to expand on their horizon of knowledge.


In my opinion, if you are used to high racial diversity, Boise State University might be a challenge for you since we could use much more different people, cultures, and opinions.


Boise State University has recently become a research university, which means students have to step up and commit. Prospective students were are lazy, unambitious, unresponsible, or only interested in partying should steer clear of this school.


Someone who doesn't have flexibility in their schedule. I think it would be very hard to work full-time and go to school here at night. There are much more classes available and better options to take classes during the day, which is difficult for someone attempting to work during the day and going to school at night. There are just not as many options or opportunities to someone attending at evening classes only.


A person that shouldnt attend this school would be someone that has a specific major and it is not offered here.


Anyone who is excited to learn and wants to live in a great city.


Boise State is very diverse. I do not believe that there is a certain kind of person that shouldn't attend Boise State. If you do not want to do the work than a person should reconsider if they really want to attend.


Let's say you're looking for an artistic, creative community to grow and thrive in. Well, pick another school. The community here is big on arts and crafts, and cares little for the fine arts. Of course, if you want to be apart of a secluded artistic group, this school might be right for you, but if you're looking for lots of support and attention, don't bother comming here.


People who are unwilling to make new friends and learn new things shouldn't attend BSU. They should be open to new ideas, but not be expecting a super high class education like one someone would receive at Harvard or Yale.


Anyone is accepted here.


A person who is looking for a busy bustling city atmosphere.


Someone who wants small classes and needs a lot of one on one time. Unless you are in a specific program that is number limited, the number of students in each class can be overwhelming.


someone who doesn't care about school.


I can't think of any...


If you struggle in math, Boise State will be a challange for you. The Math department is in great need of revision, but it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon. Boise State also has a poor greek life, so that may affect students' intrest in the University as well.