Boise State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


FIND ALL THE SCHOLARSHIPS YOU CAN. Being a white male makes it very difficult to get scholarships if not super talented at something. Also, you hate chemistry so forget the idea of pursuing material science and pursue computer science instead.


Always remember that you are a student and you are there to learn, so dont be intimated by a class. You wont go into college knowing everything you need to learn so be open to learning and never feel like your not smart or good enough to do something in college.


There are so many instances in life where you wish you could get a "do-over," here is the advice I would give to my high school self if I was given the opportunity. You have done everything you can academically to get yourself where you need to be. Keep your focus on your studies, it will get easier, it will be worth it! But, my main adivce would be to not let your future depend on any body else besides you and your needs. There are so many possibilities in life, and I hope that you don't regret any decisions because you chose to settle on a college that wasn't right for you. Not all of the hard work and credits will transfer to a different college. Don't question your career goals, radiology is what you're meant to do, no matter what kind of advancement in a temporary field you may possess. It is better to finish and put in the work now than to get married and start a family while deciding that it is a good time to progress then. Stick to your goals, you already know what you need to do.


Retake the SAT's take the ACT and definetly take any COMPASS test that you can to be able to go above the classes you believe that you can pass. Be ready to spend way to much on books. Be ready for very expensive food and be ready to have to meet knew people because your friends in high school are moving out of state and though they will keep in contact they will not be there. Do not be pushed into doing something you think you want to do. Do what you want to do. IYou wil definetly be fine and everything will turn out ok so stop stressing. Just breath. The last thing, if you want to make it, work harder!


Going back to senior year I would not change many things, as a lot of who I am today is a direct result of who I was back then, who I would eventually become. There is one thing however that I would change, if I could go back to senior year I woud consciously remember not to care what other people thought. As most kids did during the awkward stage of high school, I worried about what poeple were thinking of me. It's a nasty habit that since leaving high shcool I have filtered out. Trying to think about what someone else is thinking about you? That sounds like a recipe for disaster. It usually is too, nothing good comes with trying to think your way into someone else's mind, only negative things can come out. For that exact reason, if I could go back to senior year I would tell myself just that, its useless and gets your nowhere but upset.


Don’t give up. Life happens on uncertain terms, you must learn how to see the light in any situation. You will pull people out of the depths of sorrow and watch them transform. People will be cruel because they know despair. Show them hope. Find your stride. The turtle won the race, and life really does work with consistency. The better you are at sticking to something the easier you will accomplish goals. Success isn’t about just raw talent, but about how you apply it. It is not weakness to accept help, it is the only way you will become strong. You must identify equity in what you are, both good and bad and make efforts to improve. Try things that seem to be uncomfortable, you never know what you can do until you try. There are voices in this world that are content with living in the status quo, you never will be content there. Above all, take care of yourself first and you will be able to be the person you need to be. That doesn’t make you selfish, but encourages you to be the best you can be.


Get shower sandals


If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself to take a serious look at my values and begin working toward the life I want to live and the contribution I want to make. I'd advise my younger self to value more of my old friendships, appreciate the opportunity to travel when it presents itself, and study harder than I did in high school. I'd tell myself to stop being timid about math and science because I will eventually come to love those subjects more than anything else. Lastly, I'd tell myself to spend as much time with family as is possible. They won't be there forever, but while they are, they're some of the best parts of life.


My advice to the high school students are to listen and complete everything your teacher gives to you. College life is no where near compared to high school. You are responsible for all of your actions. If you were like me in high school, you'll do just fine. That is, if you were always late to class, skipped and showed bad conduct, then college won't be so nice for you. You are dealing with a world of adults and it's time to step into the real world. You should always use your time wisely. Study when you can because it's going to pay off in the long run. The information your high school teachers give you isn't for them, it's for you. Stay focused and always be on task because one slip-up can change your life forever. However, college isn't just about being serious all the time, adults can have fun too. There's group activities, clubs and many organzations that you can join. It is good to participate in some of those things in high school too because it looks really good on your resume. Good luck in life!


I would tell myself to enjoy the little moments like playing high school sports. Football and rugby were huge at my school and its crazy how you can go from playing sports for 10 years to not playing anymore once you get to college. Also to focus more in school, especially in a class like econ that relates alot to the modern world. Thats one class i wish i knew more about. I would tell myself to not take my parents for granted and enjoy every home cook meal while it still lasted.


Don't be afraid to set goals. You can change your mind. Get through school and explore everything that interests you.


I would tell myself that it's okay not to know exactly what you want to do when you grow up. Wait to go to college until after you mature a bit and explored your career options a little more carefully, because decisions made under pressure are rarely the most sound. When starting college, take as many core classes as possible that sound interesting. It's easy to quickly find out if a subject is not your favorite when you have to study it in depth. On the other hand, it's suprising to see which subjects are suddenly intriguing when you find out a little more. Finally, I would tell myself to jump at any opportunity for any internship which might provide valuable skills to bulk out a resumé. You never know what you'll end up doing in life, or what you'll find that you like, and there is no better time to explore than when you're in college. You're not a failure if you take a little more than four years to find what you enjoy.


I would tell myself to keep my head toward the degree I already knew I wanted, Electrical Engineering, and to take an extra class that coming fall while I was at it. Could have saved a lot more money for school if I hadn't taken that summer class in 2013.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would tell her that nothing is permanent. Leaving home and leaving your parents and starting new is not permanent. It might feel like it when you first make the huge step to move to college, but you'll adjust. You just have to believe in yourself and believe that you're there for a reason. Know that people will always love you no matter what, and always do what makes YOU happy. That's the most important thing. Don't do anything that you don't want to do, and don't worry if you're standing alone. Standing up for yourself is one of the hardest things to do, but the only way to stay true to yourself is to do what you believe in your heart to be right. That will be the only thing that will truly make you happy.


Dozier is well worth it. Teachers keep telling you how hard college is going to be, but it is not what they all say. It will not be a smoothe ride your first semester, but you will meet amazing people and have great success in your first semester. And it doesn't involve soccer or sports you think you know how to play. Don't give up on your studies now, and just push through to the end. Also, prepare for some really cold weather. Winter can be pretty bad in Idaho.


I think the best thing I could have done as far as personal development goes, which I did, was to go into college mostly blind of expectations and lacking in advice. While I got sick and forgot to eat fruit for a long few months, both problems of which could have been avoided had I simply thought about being more careful or had I listened to advice to avoid them, I have developed immesurably since coming to college simply because I am not being too careful. If I had to give my high school self any advice, I would simply say "make sure you always have enough money to get a cab home."


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would tell myself that it will be a really hard several years in college. That I will make many accomplishments, and I will fail at a few things along the way. I would tell myself that it will be hard to get i nto the dental hygiene program at TMCC but that you will get choosen as one of the 12 students they take a year. I would let myself know that the teachers will be really hard on you and that the classes will challenge you, but that you can make it through and you will be a really good hygienist some day. You will make a difference in many peoples lives and be really happy with what you are doing as a career. I would make sure that I never strayed and that I kept up with my dreams and fulfilled them, because being a dental hygienist has always been my dream and my passion and I would not want myself to give up along the way before I was able to accomplish my goals.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice that I would give myself would be to apply to as many scholarships as possible and starting the application early. The reason I would advice this to myself is because I didn't apply to scholarships until March of my senior year. If I would have applied early, I could have raised my possibilities of winning scholarships. Also, since high school is different than college, and considering that in high school, we actually have more time to apply for scholarships, it would be easier while in high school than in college because in college we are focused in our classes. Also there are many scholarships for high school seniors.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advice myself to get involved in as many opportunities as possible, because there is so much more to college than getting good grades. College is the easiest time to explore many different activities, from sports to volunteering, arts and activism. It's the best opportunity to get to know yourself better by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and realizing your true potential. It's not only a fantastic way to develop interests and skills that you never knew you had; it's also the easiest way to meet new people; something that will be much more difficult once you graduate and you don't have a built-in social system. Becoming involved in the campus community will make you feel more socially competent, thus raising your self-esteem and thus improving every aspect of your life. You will be able to carry the skills and interests you develop during college with you for the rest of your life. Trust me, it's much more difficult to become involved and to build new relationships from scratch outside of college life.


Wow, I really wish I had the opportunity to go back and talk to my younger self! I would tell myself to go to college right after I got out of high school instead of waiting 10 years to go to college. I would also tell myself that I need to be more flexible because in life there are many, many obstacles and it is important to be flexible to get through them. Of course I would warn myself about certain individuals that I now know were not good for me, but mostly I would want to tell myself that everything is going to be okay. Even when it seems like there is no hope, a little time passes and things have a way of working out.


Dear Cara, Wow, you are in for a treat! College is amazing and you will make a lot of new friends. You will be presented with lots choices which will not only test your character, but will also have the power to make your life easier or harder. Which path you choose? Well, thats up to you! I went to the liberty of making you a checklist of how to survive college to help you in the journey! 1: Dont underestimate how small the dorms really are. We are not in your own room anymore! Utilize the space you have to accompany everything you NEED. Everything else? Donate to charity! 2: Get to know your roomates. Its always a little nerve racking meeting new people. College isnt' just school work, but a social expierence as well. 3: With a great college comes great responsibility! To drink, or not to drink, that is the question. Dont give in to peer pressure. Stand up for yourself! You know what good decisions are. 4: Above all else, enjoy your time there. Surround yourself with people who will live in your heart forever. Like some say, this is the greatest time of your life.


Hello high school self- You have a lot to think about and college is the last thing on your mind. I know high school wasn’t the best as well as dealing with family struggles with not knowing if you might have a place to live in a few months but you’ll just have to get through all this because the is a light at the end of the tunnel. You and your family will be doing great and for two years now you will have been working on your degree. It was along road but collage will open your eyes to a new world and you’ll be able to balance full time work to support your parents and attend college. You will have learned that dedication and hard work pays off. You’ll figure out what your strengths and opportunities are and how to leverage and challenge yourself with that knowledge. During this time you will discover you, the person you are proud to be.


I would apply myself better and save more money so I wouldn't have to worry so much about it.


Knowing what I know now from my recent college experiences, the first thing that I would tell my high school senior self is to be excited for what is coming around the corner. College is a very different experience than high school. For one, you have more freedom to do the things that you really want to do and you have more opportunities to show off your knowledge and in the groove of becoming an adult. Second, college is not something you can just jump through. It is your responsibility to gain the knowledge of your desired degree and field of work, so do whatever it takes to make the best of your education. Finally, it is important that you get out and join as many clubs as you can. The more you do this, the more involved you will be in the student community and the more impact you will have on society as a whole. In doing so, you will become an important figure in the community as well as a role model for other students to look up to. In other words, do whatever it takes to be at the top of the world!


The advice that I would give myself would have been to actually start having a job early, spent more time trying to jumpstart myself into college, and really centered myself into what I would have been more interested in doing. I have changed majors a few times due to indecision and if I had spent more time trying to brainstorm what I am really good at and what I love doing, that it would have helped made my transition through college easier.


Psst... John.... I know you are incredibly apathetic about this whole High School/College thing, but seriously man, life gets really awesome after High School. You're going to go through some pretty rough times, but just know you'll make it through. Keep applyling yourself 100% even when it melts your brain, and maybe, just maybe, play fewer videogames. Oh and I nearly forgot, play your birth date on the April 2010 State Lottery.


Dear Dunja, while you have been working hard to maintain your grades to make you the perfect college applicant, there are a few things you need to be aware of. First of all, as much as you have been volunteering, you need to find an extra curricular activity that will provide you with more leadership opportunities. You've been doing great but there will be a lot of questions regarding your leadership experience. Second of all, and most importantly, START RESEARCHING SCHOOLS EARLY. You don't want to be doing a last minute scramble, it will put a lot of pressure into your decision. Third of all, save every penny you can. As smart as you are, scholarships will never call it all. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and take some time to appreciate the importance of fun. You're working too hard, and you're starting to lose the best parts of yourself. It's okay to take a day off, just breathe.


If I could travel back in time to give my high school aged self some advice I would urge myself to come out of my shell; I had anxiety issues in high school and I was extremlly shy and self-consious. I would tell myself that no one was analyzing my every step and no one was laughing at my every word. The next piece of advice I would offer myself would be to work hard. Although college seems far off, I would say, the time to leave will come faster than you think. I would tell myself to do all that was asked of me and then some in order to grow as a person and benefit my future.


The first thing I would tell my senior self is to prioritize. Break through the "accepted" laziness of being a senior and look at the long term, and what you want. Time management is absolutely not going to get easier in college, so slacking off the year you think about such big changes is not ideal. Procrastination is not a joke. It's an evil tactic and surefire way to get yourself behind. Skipping classes to get your assignments done is not going to work in the long haul either. I wish that I could appear to my high school self, in the most non-threatening way possible, and tell myself to put myself first. No one else in this world will want what you want for yourself more, you are your own best advocate.


If I could give my senior self advice, it would be to not be afraid. I was definitely in a shell when I first came to college and was scared to break out of it and stayed in my comfort zone which I feel limited me in several ways, socially and academically. Now that I'm a bit older (and hopefully wiser) I would tell myself that it's okay to be afraid but to try to step out of my comfort zone. Everyone feels the same way and you just have to take chances and they will payoff in the end. Don't let fear hold you back from fulfilling your potential!


If I was able to go back in time and give my high school self advice, I would probably say “take it slow, get your feet under you before you get to confident, and do it only for your self, not for any one else”. I don’t think it took me that long to figure these things out for myself, but I do think I would have been better off if I had told my self these things from the beginning. I think out of the things I would say, the most important would be only do this for yourself, if you take classes or pursue a degree that you are only pursuing because some one else wants you to you will have a hard time achieving that degree and loving it. I know it works but it is so important to be happy with what you are going to do with the rest of your life, never let yourself do it for the money, the most important thing in life is to be happy. Now that I am thinking about it, I truly wish I could go back and tell my high school self these things.


College is more than just an education. Yes, education is the sole purpose, the most important purpose, but it isn’t the only factor you should consider. You first have to think about who you are as a high school senior, what you enjoy to do and who you plan to be. I know that may be a lot to think about at such a rushed time in your life, but do not make this decision for your friends or family, do it for yourself. You will be here for four plus years, changing and evolving as an individual. Spend time considering what you like to do. If you mainly want to focus on getting your degree and moving forward, then choose a college that focuses solely academics and academic programs. If your goal is to live the ‘college life’ be in a dorm, study abroad, join a sorority; then look more into colleges that offer that lifestyle. The most important idea to keep in mind is this is a decision, your decsicion that will impact the rest of your life, do your research and don’t rush it. This is going to be the best time of your life!


If I could go back the main thing I would say is AP testing!! I took a good amount of AP classes in highschool and received 15 credits! In highschool I didnt realize how important this was, I can only imagine if I took it more seriously and worked hard to get even more AP credits, I could be done with my Sophomore year already! The next thing I would tell myself is study for the SAT and ACT. I received a good schore and said good enough in highschool, if I could go back I would study harder and aim high, because just SAT/ACT credit alone I could have tested out of my English and Math classes. Lastly I would remind myself that scholarships really are worth it. Im so happy that I got the scholarships I have and if I would have worked a bit harder it would have been even better.


I would tell my self to get into gear and get better grades, also take as many college class as possible (it is much cheaper). I would also say apply for more scholarships and study harder for the acts. I would explain to myself how important it is to save my money so that when moving away there is less stress on yourself and everyone else including my parents. I would tell me to focus on finding the perfect college for me and not just settle for less, don't rush into choosing a college because you think it is right put a lot of thought into it. Whatever you put your mind to you can do!


I would tell my rather naive self to work as hard as possible to save money for college. I would tell myself to apply for scholarships in every spare moment I had. Studying for the ACT and SAT would also be a huge priority! It is very important for getting through the first year of college. Not only studying for these tests but for every test. Everything learned in high school will help with the first year of college. My biggest piece of advise would be to take EVERYTHING very seriously!


The advice i would give myself if i want back to when I was a senior in high school is that the high school lifestyle is very different than college lifestyle because is very difficult than high school, which mean that I need to study twice hard in order to keep up my grades and keep a excellent GPA. Also a great advice I would told myself if i went back to my high school senior year is that to fill out scholarship because I know that there is a millions of scholarship out there that I can have a great chance for using them for my college tuition if I stay focus and filling there out. The next thing i will tell myself if I was talking to myself in my high school senior years is that to plan my college class so I do not be on a waiting list and never get in the required class that I need to be in for my major. The last thing that i would tell myself in my high school senior years is that to take care of my financial to pay my college and get kick out of there.


Do not take time off, college is challening enough without the added presures of having a family. Go in with an open mind and do what you love. Study hard and keep positive. Talk with people who go to the school you are interested in and see what they think about campus life and the staff. Find scholarships to help pay for expences.


If I were allowed to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell my self to go out and have fun while I still can. When I look back at my senior year I spent most of my time studying and sitting home with my parents on the weekends. College life is a lot harder than senior year because the classes are harder, you have to take care of yourself without help from your parents, you have to worry about money, and study a lot harder. Senior year was the last year of my life I had a chance to be a kid and not worry about anything but I didn't take that opprotunity because I wanted to grow up too fast. So, past self go out and enjoy life, fall in love, hang out with friends, get your heart broken but, be sure to pass your classes to graduate.


Assuming I could go back in time and tell myself what to expect, I would say many things, the first of which would be that, the transition is a piece of cake, it is the rest you have to worry about. What I mean by this is that adapting to life on campus is fairly simple to become accustomed to. Having tests at unique times and schedules that are unsystematic is not the simplest thing to adjust to. An extension of this thought that is difficult to adjust to is the homework. The majority of the homework is on the internet and all of the assignments have bizarre due dates. That thought helps me arrive at the second thing I would say; start recording everything in a planner. If I never recorded anything I would never remember to complete my assignments. To accessorize that argument I would also say not to procrastinate. Procrastination is brutal in college, if I procrastinate then a different subject suffers because of it. And the final thing I would say would be remember to have fun. Life is short and you are at a new place, enjoy it.


Work hard in highschool and apply for multiple opportunitites at various colleges. Review the professors in the field that intrests you the most so that there will be common ground. Be sure to understand student loans and the difference between government and private loans, examine all of you financial opportunities, apply for many scholarships.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice as a high school senior, it would be that the last year does matter and I should really focus on my english grade. I would also tell myself to really think about applying for scholarships and more than just two schools.


"College may seem like an easy transition at first but MARK MY WORDS, it will get more difficult. As well as more expensive. Get a job ASAP and apply for every scholarship you can in your free time. Stop sitting around and playing video games all the time and spend more time studying and sleeping. Just keep the recreation to a minimum. Try to eat more healthy and low-cost foods."


I would tell myself that although people say college really is a lot different, it really is! I will have to work so much harder, there really is homework almost every night, and as students we actually need to understand what is being discussed and things need to be taken very seriously.


Save money and learn to drive sooner and get a dependable car. Apply to more scholarships.


I would tell myself to stay positive and not feel intimidated and to know that by enrolling in school that it will allow be to pursue my dreams and goals.


Take a few courses in summer school. Don't work too much and always retake classes if the first attempt was less than what you thought was good. Don't be too overly confident in your grades because there is always someone with better grades than you. College is expensive and competitive so don't waste time with meaningless committments.


Work those extra hours at the mine! I promise the extra money will be very needed by the second semester because finding a job in Boise is much harder than you think. Dont push yourself too hard this summer, you'll get too sick and miss out on a ton of work because you don't just go to the doctor sooner. Really study and try to remember those vocabulary words in English, Mrs. James taught you how to boost your Readability level for a reason, it helps your college papers sound much better. Oh yeah and definitely take Spanish two! You'll dread taking it in college but of course it's required and that little refresher will be very helpful when taking the college class that is mostly taught in Spanish. Living on campus is good, but be ready for a totally different experience, loud people 24/7, annoying roommates, and a very messy room all the time. Talk to the cheer coach more, make sure she knows you and show off what you can do at tryouts don't be shy! Get involved right away, greek life and the rec will be your new best friends.


I would tell myself to get with it. I was a lazy high schooler. I didn't have very good studying habits. I never needed them my grades were fantastic anyways. I would procrastinate also. In high school it's not that big of a deal, but when your in college it's an entirely different thing. You don't catch up if you fall behind and I was made very aware of this before I even went to my classes. I would tell myself to start learning to use all the resources that were being thrown at me. I tended to take things for granted and it meant i had a late start in getting used to it all. I never went to tutoring so it was a totally new and uncomfortable experience. My main message would be to stop slacking off and start learning to think critically.


I would say that dont listen to people who gives you advice that doesnt help you or will affect you along the way as you go, only listen to your heart and to your parents because they are they most valuble people in life and they make the "right" choices in life, it might be little tough but you will have happiness at the end. you will be happy with the decisions made by your parents. always believe and be confident in yourself and your parents. never give up.....


I would tell myself to do a little soul searching the summer before going to college for the first year, because knowing, or having a pretty good idea what you want to do and where you want to be in life after college graduation is very important. College is a huge investment into your future, and any investment worth taking, is unfortunately expensive, you don't want to waste your time, or money and you want to get the absolute most out of the experience. To be a good college student you have to find a finite balance between having fun and studying, and you will need to do alot of studying as College is nothing like High School. Learn from your mistakes, have fun, and be committed to making the absolute best future for yourself and whoever else you bring with you in your journey. If you find after highschool graduation that you are not ready, trust yourself and either take a semester off, or take a few exploratory classes at a community college, but take it from me don't wait too long to go back because the longer you wait the harder things get.