Boise State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The large student to teacher ratio.


The large size of the university has made parking for nontraditionl students very difficult. One can buy a general permit for almost $100 but is not guaranteed a spot. The next options increase in price by hundreds of dollars with no convenience of location. If one were to visit the administration building in hopes to pick up paperwork for mere minutes, they would more than likely need to park in the lot in front of the building where payment is necessary for admittance.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is that they are trying really hard to integrate technollogy into all of the classes, but hald the time that technollogy does not work. Students spend half of the class time waiting for the proffesors to figure out what is wrong with the technollogy, it makes for a horrible learning environment.


The most frustrating thing about Boise State is the fact that I am unable to sign up for 300 level classes without upperdivistion standing. Although I am a sophmore I would enjoy to be able to take higher level classes in order to get ahead.


The math department. Half of the teachers don't know what they are doing.


The most frustrating thing about Boise State is trying to get students invovled on campus. There are a number of opportunities on campus to get invovled with, but more often than not, the ones who take advantage of those opportunities have a natural drive to stay involved already. Usually these students were highly involved in high school or are just looking to get more out of their college experience. Students often complain about not knowing what's going on campus, but it's because they choose not to find the answers themselves.


The most frustrating thing about school would have to be not being able to do it all. As a Freshman, you have the world at your feet and want to experience everything. It is hard learning how to correctly schedule out your time, so that you leave enough time for academics, but also so that you don't stay all cooped up in your room. Being interactive with others is important, but balancing that with good academics is a real challenge.


Sometimes it feels as though the fooball team is much more important than the actual academics, which can get really frustrating. My department isn't suffering from it thank goodness. But I see students who are friends of mine having to transfer because the major they planned on going into has been cut. Also, being 9 hours away from home really frustrates me. I'm always feeling like I'm missing out on things because I did choose to be so far away.


Courses are never like the description and I have yet to have a course or professor that I truly enjoyed.


I would have to say that the most frustrating thing about Boise State University is the lack of open classes. I get bored taking only classes required for my degree choice. There is little to no options for elective classes such as art or music. The only options are 100 level classes that are all book based and involve no artistic expression. Only students majoring in art and music have access to the upper division classes.


My schools meal plans. Freshman living in the dorms so my first term I selected a meal plan with the most meals because I truly had no idea how many meals I would eat. By the end of the term I had barely used half of them. The thing of it is, these unused meals don't roll over to the next semester and we students don't get our money back. I rarely make it to the sub, but I have to have a meal plan thats costing me around $1500, because it comes with living in the dorms.


Our campus is not big enough yet to acccommodate the growing student population but the growing process has started and within a few short years, we will be able to have the buildings needed to invite more students to attend.


The most frustrating thing about school for me has been the teachers. Not every teacher you meet is going to be personable or care, but when more than half of your teachers in a semester are like this, it makes life frustrating. I really long for the time when people were more personable, and everyone cared for everyone. Now it just seems that the only person in the world that you can really rely on once in college is yourself. You must accomplish tasks for yourself, and overcome all barriers, such as teachers.,


There is not a huge greek system and it is kind of hard to meet people because a lot of students live at home,


The school seems to care more about the football team doing well than providing enough classes for its 10,000 plus students. It's very hard to find the classes needed to graduate, even when registering just one or two days after registration opens for my grade level.


The most frustrating thing about Boise State University is the size. The size can make it hard to get the classes you need. It can also be difficult to get in contact with faculty and employees to solve any problems you encounter.


I switched major so I'm back retaking classes because of time lapse wtih science courses.


Boise State is an awesome school! Students are intelligent, caring, kind and looking toward the future with great hope and determination. In our quest for excellence, the parking situation seemed to be overlooked. There aren't enough on campus parking spaces for those of us who drive. This affects our ease in getting around campus, making it more difficult to get from place to place than it should be. Since Boise State is getting increasingly popular, fixing the parking would be beneficial for everyone involved. GO BRONCOS!


It's a commuter school, so you don't really feel like you belong to anything or anyone at the school. You just go class and that's it.


Academic advising is the most frustrating aspect of Boise State. Many students, including myself, need more from the advisers in order to choose a career path. More commitment, more enthusiasm, more attention would help a lost or confused student decide. Its common for students to change his or her major multiple times (on average) but if the advisors would dedicate themselves, maybe this wouldn't be a problem. I?ve seen three BSU advisors. Maybe it?s in part of my lack of decision, but advisors don't seem to care and I feel as though I might never decide.


academic advising and trying to get into the classes that you want. There are alot of people that you are competing with.


I've been very happy with the school, but the most frustrating think about my school is when I transferred they didn't take all my credits. I had to fight for my classes and I feel like I have taken classes twice because they didn't transfer all my credits.


I think that the most frustrating thing about Boise State University is trying to navigate their system to find information. It took me a semester to figure out that I needed an advisor to counsel me with the classes required for my major in elementary education. I think every student should be required when they start college to have an advisor. This would have prevented me from making costly mistakes.


There is not enough room in classes, which makes it difficult to graduate on time.


The most frustrating thing about school is not being able to get into the classes you want, or even need. I know that people at most schools probably have a problem with this as well. It just gets frustrating when you have to take classes you do not need or you have to take night classes to make your schedule be full time. I work two jobs with a set schedule so it makes it even more difficult to sign up for classes since I have to arrange my classes around work.


Not much campus housing.


The most frustrating thing about the school is that we only have ten minutes between classes if you space them back to back.


Parking and getting from one class to the next. During the first few years I would be late for alot of classes. There is usually ten minutes between classes and some buildings are too far apart to walk in ten minutes. I now have to plan my classes carefully to be able to arrive on time. Parking permits are expensive, there are alot of options. I pay about 100 bucks a year for the general tag, it's the cheapest and I have to park so far away that I usually throw my bicycle in the back of my truck.


The most frustrating thing about school for me is trying to find a balance between school, work, friends, and family. It can be very challenging! But you'll find that those who love you will understand, and hopefully, help support you emotionally during this stressful time. Once you get into the habit of just knowing that you only have so much time for homework, you will be able to focus better and be more organized. Spending quality time on your homework really does pay off.


The most frustrating thing that I can think of, is the lack of campus events. Whether it be a dance, or even a fun get-together, this school lacks the fun and intersting activities that could usually be found on campus.


Parking is probably the most annoying aspect of school.


The most frustrating about this school is that there is not a central agenda with all the courses. Not all of the teachers us blackboard and post your progress during the semester. Which makes it very stressful for the student.


Not having enough open classes when registering.


If I had to choose the most frustrating thing, it would most definitely have to be the parking! The college I currently go to, North Idaho College (which was not an option on the drop down list), does not have enough parking lots for all of the students. In the beginning of the year, one must arrive hours early in an attempt to find a spot. I even had to drive around for a good twenty minutes once in an effort to find a spot and get to class on time.


Sometimes they mess up paperwork or stuff with the online page


I believe the most frustrating thing about Boise State University is registering for classes. I am saying this because they do not list the course with the teacher who is teaching the class. They put the teacher one week before we start classes so this can ruin the students plans becuase people do not know if they are going to get the teacher they were planing.


Diversity not accepted here most of the population is anglo and very ignorant. If you are a minority and want a well rounded education here I wouldn't come here. The students here are non-traditional and a lot of them are married with kids. I've been around a lot of people on this campus and they all think the same very close minded. Most of them come from really small racest towns or their parents came from racest small towns the students grew up in Boise but still think like their parents very close minded very white supremecy.


The thing that most frustrates me is the college is very expensive and the parking is a bit difficult at times. the college is pretty spread out and it sometimes takes you 30 minutes to get to your next class after walking all the way across campus.


I think the most frustrating thing at my school is how fast the teachers teach a subject. They only have 50 minute classes and they zoom through information faster than it is possible to comprehend, and you might as well forget about taking notes. This makes assignments take longer because you must to review what you were supposed to have learned in class. Not taking proper notes also requires more study time before an exam, which means less time to do other homework. I feel that if the teachers could slow down the students would learn and retain more information.


The program that I was in did not have a lot of class options for electives. This was kind of frustrating.


The fall season's long term is the most frustrating. Prepare yourself with stress management techniques that are healthy for you. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance if you need it, there are all kinds of programs available to help you handle the problems that arise. Don't be afraid to communicate with your fellow students and teachers. Everyone is under the same stressers and sharing caring is a great way to overcome the pressures.


Meeting the desired grade point average from your choice of university to transfer to.


I feel that sometimes the football and athletic programs get in the way of the academic portion of the school. It seems unfair that while I pay to go to school and pay for parking I can be told not to park in convienent areas because of a football game. I know that the athletic programs benefit the schools by gaining atteention and allowing for more academic possibilities and programs but it frustrating to feel that as an individual student not in athletic programs my academic progress is somehow less important.


Some of the students that i see attending school take education for grantite. Knowlede is a very special privalege and I take it seriously. I don't like seeing students showing up late, hung-over, and not turning in work. I'm there to learn and brighten my future. I'm highly motivated and bring my needed materials to class. I follow the syllubus and believe the rest of my peers should as well.


The most frustrating thing about our school is the smokers on campus. They smoke outside of buildings and it's very common to walk through somebody's huge puff of smoke on your way to class. It smells and gets stuck in your lungs and the cigarette butts are littered all over the campus.


I have a difficult time contacting my advisor, and it can be very difficult to get the classes needed for my major.


The thing that I have the hardest time with is dealing with the administration. No one seems to know what is going on and who you need to see in order to get your questions answered. I have tried many times to work with the financial aid office to find scholorships and financial aid and I have yet to recieve a valid answer from any of them. It is very frustrating.


The fact that a large number of my transfer credits will not count toward my degree.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the criteria delegated for most scholarships. For many scholarships, an applicant must be in need of the money financially, have a learning disorder, in the military, a single parent, be ethnically diverse, or a first generation student. I meet none of the above requirements, so it is difficult for me to be awarded scholarships, even though I would greatly appreciate any money granted to me (since my parents "supposedly" make too much money together, i.e. they should be able to support all four of their children attending colleges simultaneously).


The most frustrating thing about my school is when professors cannot or will not make themselves easily accessible to students. It's very discouraging when professors expect their students to achieve academic excellence when they either do not offer office hours, or do not make themselves available during their office hours.