Boise State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Boise State is the people. There is a large traditional student base, but also a good amount of older students either back in school or in graduate programs. Boise State is full of opportunities to do just about anything in any field either organically or through cooperative partnerships.


Close to where I live. Pretty easy to get into.


The best aspect about my school, I think, is the friendliness of the people who attend it. Not only does everyone get along very well, but everyone is willing to make each other feel at home on campus, especially for those who are coming from ot of state. I believe that making people feel welcome should be one of the top priorities of all educational institutions, and Boise State clearly demonstrates this impoartance in their overall mission statement.


The best thing about my school is a program called student rewards that is when a student at Boise State attend games, special events, etc will get prizes, free stuff, and more by using they student reward cards.


The diversity of students is great, depending on the major your seeking BSU is a great school for all non-scientific majors.


Online classes


I think what I find best is all of the support offered to us. If you have a problem there are at least two places you can go no matter what it is. They have so many different tutoring services I'd exceed the word limit describing them all. Even if you have problems at home you can talk to peer support groups, school counselers, department therapists, and the womens center (misleadingly named as it's not just for women). I just feel that I ever have a problem I'll have all teh support i need.


the athmosephere is the biggest thing i like about boise state. everyone is helpfull no matter where you come from. the college is quiet most of the time, studying is an easy task, and their is never a shortage of things to do.


I think the best thing is the people and the atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly, and the atmosphere is very laid back. Everyone is comfortable walking around in sweats, and I personally don't feel the need to have to impress anyone. Even the teachers are overall nice and helpful.


The best thing about Boise State University is the teachers! They are always willing to help you, and they truely want you to succeed.


The best part about Boise State is that it's still growing. Boise State is located in a metropolitan area and there are plenty of things to get involved in in the community and on campus. The campus is still largely, non-traditional, but that is slowly changing and more programs are been implemented to speed this up. The Greek Life system, on campus housing, club funding and amount of clubs are steadily increasing and soon, Boise State will be an even bigger and better place to recieve a college education.


I am new to the area, however, Boise State University is really the only four year accredited program in the area. I think I am very happy that I was accepted to pre-med; Yay!


Friendy students.


The History Department is outstanding.


The best thing about Boise State is that it is right in my hometown and I still feel like I am getting the full college experience there. Also I absolutely love the professors that I have had so far.


This school has some amazing professors.


The best thing about my school is all of the academic resources that we have like the Writing Center, Career Center, College Assistance Program and many more.


It is a fun diverse campus located within the heart of the capital city with many resources for entertainment, dining, supplies, educational assistance and resources etc. There are thousands of opportunities everyday to learn, grow, and develope friendships and lifelong bonds with other students that can undoubtedly influence students and individuals of all calibers to have a fantastic time and undergo life changing experiences they will never forget.


Convenience. Boise is my hometown, and it has everything I need or want. I've lived other places. Boise isn't everything to everyone, but it has enough for me. There are other colleges and university extensions in Boise, but BSU offers the most portability of my credits and the best value for the money and time.


I personally love the size and atmosphere of Boise State. Particularly, in the music department where I am involved the most, the school of music does not feel too big, nor does it feel discrete either (in other words, Goldilocks would approve of the size). I feel like I can get the personal attention I need to succeed in my academics while recieving an education from a high profile university; more times than others, class size and personal attention can be lost in the midst of a bigger college. The size of Boise State is perfect, academically and living wise.


Boise State is a school that offers opportunities for everyone and several majors. We focus on giving undergraduates the chance to do research and hands on work. This way we are all prepared to enter graduate school or even just have a heads up on our job.


I am so proud of the Blue and Orange! We have a large community and during football season most businesses around the area are extremely slow because everybody is watching the game. Also, there is an immense variety of character on campus. On a daily basis you will pass thousands of students who range from the mellow business students to adventursome medical students to quirky art students, all with a smile. It is a great community. I have heard many out of staters say that they are impressed with the friendliness of the people and the safety of the city.


The best thing about Boise State is the location. The location of the campus, the city and the state. Idaho is a wonderfully majestic place and I make sure to live and breath the mountains and rivers as much as possible. The Fine Art program is amazing and has a great staff which bring to town many artist from around the world.


The best thing about this school is the people here. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The school sprit here is amazing. Most former students and students are proud to go or have gone to Boise State University and support the school.


The best thing about my school is the city and the community. Boise is an amazing place to grow up, live, and work. The evidence is shown in the increase of residents to Boise over the past few years. At the heart of Boise is Boise State University, a school where every student feels like family. Boise State University and Boise work together to create a great place to go to school.


Boise State is a very diverse school offering opportunities to people of varying ages, race and background. It is located in Boise, Idaho, which I believe is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


I love that Boise State has that small town feel, but with over 20,000 students you never feel like people know all of your business. And ladies; the boy selection here is definitely grade A!


It's nontraditional being 27 years old, I'm not in class with only 18 year olds feeling out of place. And being at a university, I have the more committed student and factulty to my education, verus a community college setting that classes fill up and only limited number of classes are oftered per semester.


The football is great... also, it doesn't cost that much compared to other schools... only about 5K a year


The school spirit and how clean our campus is, for bing in a big city it has a small town feeling


Although every student is in a different phase of their life, whether we are in college for the first time, or have come back thirty years later to gain more knowledge, we still stick together as one group. We are the bronco nation.


I love everything about my school. The professors and students offer a lot of support to each other. You can always find someone to bounce ideas off with and generante new ideas.


The location, it is in the center of downtown boise. The area is a beautiful part of Idaho that has much to offer for anyone.


The best thing about my school is everyone is very welcoming. You feel apart of the community right away and you can be involved in anything without being judged.


Although the professors and courses available are wonderful, the location of the university is best to me. Although I still have to commute to class and back, the drive is reasonable. The close proximity of the university to my house is also beneficial in accessing occasional activities offered on campus as well as the numerous extra-curricular events occuring in the city.


Its small town feel but big town academic environment.


The strong school spirit, and the amount of encouragement given to students from other students, professors, faculty and others around campus. It has a great atmosphere!


Openminded. Growth in students applying and attending BSU.


The best thing about my school is the professors. They are highly educated, prepared, and answer questions you have about the topic. They have helped me further my education, and interest me in topics I thought I would never be interested in such as enviromental science. The professors push me to work harder and learn more, which in the end will only better my education level and help me in the future.


The best thing about school is that no matter what degree you are striving toward, all of them require classes that you will find surprisingly interesting and fun. There were many subjects I didn't realize I enjoyed or was good at until I took them. I love beginning every semester knowing that I won't have to learn the same boring material. It makes me feel smart!


The professors are really surprisingly good, and the athletics are a lot of fun. Football is huge here, so if you like sports, Boise State is a great place to be. However, if you don't like sports, you'll probably be disappointed at the amount of emphasis that BSU places on athletics. Also, Boise is a great city.


The best thing about my school is that it's instate and less expensive because money is really tight for college students - save where you can!


Location! I love living in a little big city. It is a safe city, not too big, but big enough to offer most anything you'd want (awesome university, malls, zoos, cool downtown...) And of course the greenbelt! It is so nice to have such a long and beautiful river walk--that goes straight to campus. Shoot, you can ride your bike to campus along the greenbelt!


Boise State University has friendly, helpful, and knowledgable staff. Calling or visiting doesn't feel difficult because they are friendly and don't act as if you are stupid for the questions that you ask. So often I have called places and institutes that are unfriendly and rarely know what I am asking about or how to help me. With Boise State University, I have received answers quickly and efficeintly. Not feeling reluctant to contact BSU is extremely refreshing.


The best thing about Boise State is that it is close to everything. It's a very convenient place to go to school, and the professors really care about the students.


There are a lot of programs offered to a huge array of interests and needs


Most class sizes are small. Beautiful campus. New facilities.


Diversity. Everyone is made to feel welcome.


The athletics program on campus, including the community support for our sporting events makes me very proud to go to a school that garners such positive attention. I find that the funding and opportunities for athletes on the Boise State campus are vast in comparison to other state educational institutions.


The various programs offered. Being a new up coming great school Boise provides you with a wide variety of learning and work experiences which exposes you as an individual both academically and socially. They have great facilities and great lecturers. Classes are well built and not crowded. It is a great place to be.