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Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


Albertson's Library


There are quite a few places on campus that are great for studying. I usually go to the library. There are 4 or 5 floors, each equipped with lots of tables, study nooks, and private study rooms. This makes it really easy to find a quiet place to study. My next favorite place is the Interactive Learning Center. The bottom level consists of a convenience store, Einstein Bagel Bros, and the technology assistance center. The upper levels consist of classrooms and lots of couches, chairs and tables to study at. The layout is completely open, so it is very nice. I also like studying in the upstairs of the Student Union. It is really quiet and there are a lot of couches to choose from :)


The best place to get work done is always the library. There are four floors, the top two are for quiet study, and there are so many private cubicles and study rooms for individuals or study groups. Also you can check out laptops and iPads, or use the regular desktops offered there. Starbucks is locates right inside the building and stays open pretty late for anyone who needs a caffeine fix or a snack during homework time. During deadweek and finals week the library stays open either until 2am or 24hours as soon as finals week starts.


I have found that the best places to get work done are the lounges on the second floor of the Student Union Building. It's quiet, the couches are comfy, and there is food downstairs if you work up an appetite while studying.