Bossier Parish Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Focus on the basics now. Keep your General Education units a priority so you stick to the timeline. Two years is nothing in the long term. I know electives sound funner but following the General Education path will provide longer term success. Make the time to study. Throw the TV away. This all pays off in the long run. You want to be able to have that degree at a young age so you can build your career and savings. College is a required "next step" in the future, so take advantage of it now. Buckle down. Get help to face your educational demons so you can be successful. Stay in school because if you leave it without a degree you will hurt. I got distracted by electives and by money. My distractions caused me to lose out on opportunities I didn't see then. Now I hurt every day paying for the choices I made. Don't be me. Be you - a successful upwards-rising young man.


It's not hard like people say it is.


I would tell myself to chill out and that I don't have to do everything at once. I can take my time and do well. I need to follow my own path and do what's best for me


If I were to go back in time, I would tell myself to enjoy life. I would also tell myself to study hard and to never give up. College is much different from high school, and you have to learn to balance business and pleasure. If you go to a party and you drink, do not drive. Make friends, and get involved in campus activities. Be safe, keep up your G.P.A., stay focused and have fun.


I would be more committed to studying and making sure that I make good grades in my classes. I would not put off today for tomorrow. I would make sure that I have the books that I need to do my homework and I would never miss a day from class. Trying to get a college education at age 50 didn?t not come easy, I had to get back in the swing of surrounding my study around my work hours. Getting your education at a younger age is very important because you will still have the knowledge of what you have learnt in high school. Taking math classes did not come easy for me because things have change over the pass thirty years. Instead of going out partying or sitting in the lobby playing cards, I would be more into my books making sure I am prepared for the test that I might have the following day. When I look back over my college transcript, I am very embarrassed to see some of the bad grades that are on my transcript. I had no idea that my pass would be my future, that why I am working hard now.


Dear Trevon there will be many things that you should learn about yourslef. other than let other people do things for you, when you graduate you may have do something on your own. such as keep asking finacial aid about your money you may need to call ever other week to let them know you waiting. when you graduate in go off to college you should use the libary more often, because some teacher will have you in there for hours looking up research pappers. In some thing you may need to get your hands on is a school planner, because it really keep up with your school work in events that is comming up for the week. so if there was some thing i could tell myself as a senior in high school. stay on top of every thing, use the libarary more often and find yourself a planner to keep up with your day.