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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


In retrospect, much of the difficulties in which I face now as a rising sophmore in college are not results of a lack of advisory, but a lack of self examination. Advice comes easy; one can find an overwelmingly large amount of college "tips" on the internet, but the challenge exists within ourselves. I was often told by my teachers to manage my time better, to seek out help from college guidance counselors, and to establish meaningful relationships both in the classroom and out. But what good are such advice if I am unwilling to even admit to my own failures and seek out the roots of my convictions? What good is knowing, if one is without the motivation and passion to utilize such knowledge? Therefore, the most vital first step for any graduating senior is not to simply compile a list of top ten ways to ace college, but to engage in a process of self reflection and questioning to better understand themselves so they can seize the abundance of advice available to them with purpose.


Going from high school to college was a completely new experience that I was not completely ready for. When I was a senior in high school, everyone told me about time management skills and the increase in workload. I was prepared for all the academic work, but now, going into my second semester as a freshman at Boston College, I wish that someone had told me about choosing my friends at college. When I went to college, nobody knew who I was, where I was from, or actually anything about me for that matter. I could have completely reinvented myself and nobody would have known the difference, but I just acted like the real me, and it was the best thing I could have done. Most of the people starting at college have already matured. Friends for life can be formed, since everyone already has a sense of who they want to be and whom they want to associate with. So when starting out a college, be sure to have a sense of who you want to be and who you want others to see you as, so you can make friends with someone that you are completely comfortable with.

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