Boston College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Boston College is best known for its football program and it's managment/business school. While the latter is quite adept at getting people employed, many of the other schools at Boston College have excellent facilities as well, especially the biology and physics departments.


Doug Flutie's Hail Mary pass


Boston College is best known for going hard at everything we do, whether it's studying, researching, partying, or playing. Boston College students know the correct time to do everything and you see that as the academic year progresses. "Work hard, party hard" is the adopted motto among students as it should be. There's no better feeling that giving yourself a pat on the back after conquering your difficult history core midterm or being awarded an Advanced Study Grant. Boston College has taught its students how to prepare for the real world--relaxing included.


Boston College is a highly selective university, and is one of the several Jesuit schools across the nation. It is a Catholic school, but note that your educational experience will in no way be hindered by your religious affiliation, or lack thereof - anyone is welcome . In terms of academia, Boston College is especially known for its reputable law program, which has its main base on BC's Newton Campus. BC is also well known for being a tight-knit community, and a great deal of school pride can be found within the student body. BC's key sport is football.


My school is best known for its outstanding education and professors. It is a liberal arts college with separate schools for your major. The professors are outstanding. They seem to have an expertise and plenty of experience in their field of study. Our school is also know for their effective financial advisors. Students are comfortable going to their advisors on a regular basis to talk about academic and career goals. My school is also a Jesuit education, so it is known for the importance of community service and individual spirituality. My school is also known and popular within family legacy.


Boston College is best known for the Carroll School of Management (the business school) but all of its schools are highly respected and well accredited. Students at BC are also noted to be very happy both socially and academically. Boston College has a large sports community as well. The facilities are in excellent and modern conditions and the faculty is remarkable.




We are best known for our Football team and for being highly rated as one of the best colleges in the U.S.


community/social service and sports


Being a very good school. I would say BC football is pretty popular too.


Sports and academics.


Great academics, especially the business school, with premier sports. D-1 A everything.


Football. Very Expensive. Beautiful campus.




Football and academics


The school is probably best known for Doug Flutie, but in the acedemic realm, I would say that it is most well known for its English and Philosophy departments.


Trying to be all things to all people - unsuccessfully


BC is best known for their D1 athletic teams (football, basketball, and hockey). They are also well known as a great academic school, especially in my field (education)


Sarah, a Junior at BC, talks about some of her favorite memories while at Boston College surrounding collegiate rivalries and the traditions surrounding them on campus.


Katie, a Junior at Boston College discusses her favorite rivalries and the traditions surrounding those games.


Mariel, a Junior at BC talks about her favorite rivalry moments, and some of the traditions surrounding those games


Dropkick Murphy's, Shipping off to Boston is always a favorite at football games!


BC's fight song, "For Boston" is always sung at football games when touchdowns are scored. Here's a clip of it!