Boston College Top Questions

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.


So for those who don't know, Marathon Monday is the Monday of Patriot's Day when we have off from classes and the Boston Marathon occurs. The east side of main campus runs right along Commonwealth Avenue which all the runners follow right after Heartbreak Hill. Not only was it amazing to see the world class runners, but also the runners who wear funny costumes or have signs or the ones who go to Boston College [we have a marathon club that prepares year round]. EVERYONE at the college is lined up along Comm Ave and just yells screams and cheers for hours upon hours; it seriously was like a football game, just along the street. Last year, my first year, it was THE perfect day for a marathon and it was gorgeous outside, a nice way to spend a spring day in the sun. It should be emphasized that the reason at least half the student body loves Marathon Monday is because it is an extension of the weekend meaning monday is 24 hours of drinking. People actually get up early early like 6 or 7 am just to start drinking as much as possible. It's not my scene, but I do thoroughly enjoy watching drunk people do hilarious things i.e. when their running friend stops by and making him chug a beer before he keeps running or chanting "You Are Running the Boston Marathon" and "Continue to Run the Marathon" It was priceless and now look forward to it this spring!

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