Boston College Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Generally speaking they are taught by a professor who knows what they are talking about. It should be noted the only role teaching assistants have is leading discussion groups, usually optional and are only in addition to the lecture if any at all. The professors are really passionate about what they teach [at least half of the ones I have had clearly either wrote our textbook or had career experience in the subject matter] and the majority actually care about helping you if you reach out to them [something people told me would not happen in college]. Since there are a lot of courses required by the core, a lot of times it matters more who your professor is rather than what title is given to the class. Sure the grading and reading amount is much harder than high school but it didn't take too long to transition into the workload.


Mindy, a Junior in the Carroll School of Management at BC, discusses what kind of courses and professors she has as an Accounting major and Chinese minor.


Bryan, a junior at Boston College in the Lynch School of Education talks about what life is like as a student taking classes both in CSOM and Lynch and makes recommendations for future students.

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