Boston College Top Questions

What do students complain about most?


The cost of BC. It is what it is. The housing PROCESS because like most schools we use a lottery system to determine the order of preference for housing. The biggest problem with this is that every year it seems there is somewhere everyone wants to live and somewhere you don't wanna get stuck in. Freshmen year=Newton campus vs. upper campus Sophomore year=Co Ro [near upper campus] vs. lower campus [8mans] Junior year=lower campus vs. off campus [8mans] Senior year=Mods vs. the Gate vs. lower campus Finding a solid group to get all your friends in the same suite or building can be difficult, but a slight majority is successful. I personally avoid the lottery all together for opting for special interest housing, which for me is honors housing which tends to put you in almost the best building for your year. Our varsity teams not winning as much as previous years. To me, this is BS because the teams are more likely to win if people show up to the games, but because we aren't winning people decide not to show up.

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