Boston College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I am completely in love with my school, its proffessors, the campus buildings, and the people who attend. It's really difficult to find something wrong with my school, but if I had to decide it would be the variety of food choices available. BC definetly has the best college food, but the price for food is absolutely ridiculous! I can't invite a friend from another college without them asking me how I survive witht the food prices. I still indulge in the food because its delicious, but the price I pay for a small salad is horrifying.


The cliques.


The worst thing about my school is the feeling of being alone in a huge school


Boston College has few weaknesses, although students often pick apart minor issues. The availability of parking is poor, but then again, the train to Boston runs through campus and where else do we need to go? Losers in the housing lottery are just as likely to lose again next year. It gets uncomfortably warm in the gym, but who goes there without anticipating breaking a sweat? And of course, tuition is insanely high. The school is not perfect, but what is? Some students get too caught up in these minor details and forget how fortunate they are to attend BC.


The lack of serious dialogue and acceptance regarding race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.


I love BC and there is not much I would change about it. However, there is one area that I feel needs to be addressed. There is a considerable amount of binge drinking that occurs on this campus, as with most college campuses. There should be more done to inform students about the negative consequences of binge drinking and more alternative weekend activities for those who choose not to drink.


The dining halls are very expensive and though the food is better quality than most dining halls, it isn't as good as the prices they charge (slightly more than you'd pay in a typical restaurant).


The Housing Lottery.


hard to make friends once everyone has their group of friends, cliques. i feel like for how much tuition i pay, i deserve way more than i am getting. the quality of the professors is much lower than i had hoped for.


Most people are very wealthy.


I would say the off campus housing situation. Although personally I have guaranteed four years of housing, about half of the student body does not. Most students live off campus their junior year . Based on friends' experiences, finding a place off campus can be difficult and sometimes neighborhood relations are not optimal. But almost all of the students return to campus their senior year and it is incredible - no one wants to leave. As far as on campus housing goes though - its great and the 10 year plan includes providing 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} guaranteed on campus housing.


The emphasis on alcohol


size of classes and hard graders


A lack of school spirit from alumnis at sporting events, people often say our home basketball games seem like away games. This is because the system in place for getting tickets strictly limits the amount of tickets available to students, and the alums dont show up to all the games consistently. Even when they do, their lack of enthusiasm separates BC from every other ACC school as being too passive w. regards to athletics.


On the whole, Boston College is a first rate institution of higher learning. Comparing my own experience with that of my high school friends, I can say that I am lucky to feel like every professor I had was fully devoted to teaching. However, if there was anything that really grinded my gears, it was the preferential treatment to the star athletes. I understand BC football and basketball is where the money is at, but cultivating this environment in college only extends to the pro's, and, well--I think we've all seen what pro athletes are capable of.


The worst thing about my school is that most rich students act in a proud way that makes non-wealthy students feel uncomfortable.


The worst thing about BC is it's lack of arts. They try to inspire more participation with the arts fest, but so far it hasn't had too much of an effect. Students are more focused on getting a practical career in front of them; most art majors are also majors in something else that is more practical.


While you can find students that are different, most are almost exactly the same behaviorally. It would also be great if the students had some interesting quirks that they could bring to the table besides money.