Boston College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


j-crew with a hangover, preppy rich white kids, no diversity


Let me describe some stereotypes of the BC population. The first thing is that the student body is preppy. The people are self-centered upper-middle class kids from the Northeast. BC is also a very sport centered school. Another big stereotype is that there is very little diversity.


Rich, snobby, from the Northeast, alums or legacies, more focus on partying than on academics. Positive "stereotypes" are the emphasis on service and student involvement in it, friendly and welcoming, and work-hard/play-hard.


Rich, snobby, christian, conservative


Some of the stereotypes that I heard about BC when researching the school were that the students looked like a JCrew catalogue with a hangover. Some others are that most of the girls have eating disorders, students are caucasian catholics and that the majority of the students are athletes.


Hard working


preppy, rich kids


That they are all rich, over privileged catholic school kids who claim to be progressive and active in making society and the world better, but don't actually believe in or care about the changes they are trying to make.


Very preppy students, all body concious and workout 24/7, goal oriented, highly motivated, very into volunteer work, work hard and party hard


Preppy; athletic; self-absorbed; snobish


most the guys are bros (jocks). super into sports, acting tough, hooking up with biddies, not thinking too hard, etc. most girls are prissy, materialistic, and gossipy. most people are fairly rich, catholic and white. the fashion is pure prep.


Jcrew models with a hangover, Harvard's rejects, materialistic, anorexic, perfectionists, the overachievers in highschool - the class presidents who also were tri-captains and on prom court, work hard but party even harder, white Irish Catholics


Rich, white, subrubanites, and preppy; "J Crew With a Hangover"


Preppy, dorky, Stuck-up, J. Crew catalog, eating disorders


BC students are wealthy white kids who like to drink beer.


The stereotype of B.C. is that it is a posh country club, a poorly balanced, lopsided environment, conservative, and extremely homogeneous. The stereotype of a B.C. student is that they are rich, white, preppy, immature, from New England, obsessed with sports, and extremely privileged.


preppy, cocky, jocks


that the students are all preppy and look like they came out of a J. Crew or Ralph Lauren catalog.


BC kids are supposedly rich, Irish, catholic, blond girls who care about the clothes, sport jocks, party school.


They are ugly


White. Irish Catholic. Preppy. Wealthy.


We're all comfortable upper middle class white students that pop their collars and wear designer clothes.


That BC students all dress, look, and act the same.


Upper class, white, arrogant, rich, stuck up.


That we're all rich. That everyone is an over-acheiver but still party hard. All the girls don't eat. Everyone is very preppy. A stereotype about varsity athletes is that we all have it easy and get cut breaks by professors.


The typical stereotype of a BC student is someone who is a good student but also someone who likes to have a good time. Generally people are believed to be very preppy and from a well off family. Almost everyone at BC is involved in some sort of activity, they don't just go to class and come home.


A lot of rich people, very preppy


You hear a lot about everyone being rich and in turn "snobby." Male athletes being jerks, and using their status to get girls...a lot. Kids in the School of Management get hit with not only the nerdy, book worm type; but they "think they are better than everyone else."


No good party's. Too many losers. Too many Asains. Think they are above everyone. Fan base sucks... Students are too worried about drinking. No Frat's or Sororities.


preppy, rich


Students are rich, white, entitled stereotypical New England jerks. They're all Red Sox fans that care way too much about their appearance. BC is a hard partying school.


Massholes, Popped Collars, Superficial


all rich preppy kids, great girls, ok party scene


That BC is very preppy and conservative. That all the "frat boys" and sorority girls go to BC. Everyone is really athletic and wealthy.


one major stereotype is that the majority of the student body is made up of rich white kids with too much money


Preppy, smart, athletic, well-rounded, snobby


As for stereotypes, the typical BC girl carries an overly large, overly expensive purse, spends about an hour and a half getting ready for class, and pays homage to her Uggs from October to April. Boys are either clean-cut preps or extremely fit jocks. Girls seem vapid; Boys seem like party-crazy bone heads.


that we are all rich and white. that we are snobs. that we cost too much money. that we are very, very religious. that we don't give out condoms. that the housing is terrible.


Stereotypes I've heard are that a lot of the students are rich, smart and party.


All the students are rich.


Rich, White, Conservative, Private-Educated, Catholic, snobs who do all of their shopping at J. Crew and Banana Republic.


Jcrew wearing, stuck up snobs, with popped collars of coarse.


Everyone drinks and parties hard, everyone is hooking up and not dating, everyone gets perfect grades in their classes, students are generally apathetic, everyone comes from an affluent background, everyone is constantly exercising and very healthy, and so on


BC is full of preppy, rich, white kids. The girls are trashy and act like high schoolers, the guys are "bros" and act like assholes. As for the school itself, people usually get turned off by the idea of a Jesuit university.


The most common ones are that BC students are: wealthy,intelligent,and heavy drinkers.


-come from a wealthy family -preppy -work hard, party hard -really involved with service


That everyone is white, wealthy, intelligent, drunk all the time, and religious


Everyone thinks that BC kids are just preppy JCrew models who love to drink.


At the risk of sounding pessimistic, BC is rife with tools. What precisely do I mean? The kinds of kids that pretty much had it easy their whole lives, and BC is just another step along the way. A lot of the kids are well off and it seems as if the campus is made for people with money. There is pretty obvious divide between the white students as opposed to students of color, and at times the socioeconomic divide is very evident as well. Football is huge here and so is drinking. Most of the guys are jerks and most of the girls are uppity and high maintenance. Dating is almost non-existent. The Jesuits are nice and the majority of the faculty are too. I wish they would put more emphasis on the character and personality of the students.


They are self-centered, never go out of their way to help others, remain in cliques, and fail to travel far from campus.