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What is your overall opinion of this school?




The campus is beautiful, especially at night. Schoool pride's a big thing. It is not uncommon to see a sea of maroon and gold in lecture hall.


I love Boston College. I am on serious student loans to be able to come here and while I still get stressed out over that, I do not regret my decision. The people I have met here, the skills I have developed and the outlook on life I have discovered are priceless. There is just something different about going to a Jesuit institution. It is not the religious appeal that I am talking about - I am not religious myself - but more of a philosophy. Boston College believes in the education of the whole person and really tries to instill that belief in its students. What I think is the best quality about BC are its students. The student population cares tremendously about their grades and academic performance but will still be able to relax and have fun on the weekends. The one thing I would change about BC is its strict policy on underage drinking. There is no bar on campus and there are a lot of documentations over alcohol. They aren't very serious but that is one of the problems with BC BC is just the right size - not too small where you cant avoid seeing certain people and not too big where you always feel like a stranger.


I absolutely love Boston College. Being an Asian student, I know that there is a lot of diversity and integration issues that many minority students have to deal with. However, in my opinion, it's what you make of it. First of all, there is so much school pride here and you see it at football and hockey games or even just walking around campus. On an average day, you'd definitely see at least 4 or 5 people in your classes rocking BC apparel. I'm always proud to tell people that I go to Boston College and I think a lot people respect BC, especially around the Boston area. Now that I am a senior, I began to see the inconvenience of living kind of far away from the center of Boston. Since the T shuts down at 12:30 it is difficult to go into bars in Boston without a hefty cab fair ride back. But the beautiful campus makes up for this fact and there are also a few BC bars in Cleveland Circle that most BC students go to. One of things I love most about BC is the community and how much we care about our students development here There are so many different extracurricular activities that we can get involved in and build different communities within these activities. There is also a huge emphasis on service and giving back to the communities around us. Each year, we have more than 1000 students volunteering at different communities in Boston. The only problem on campus is the lack of racial interaction between white students and minority students. Even though there is high diversity (30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students are minority or AHANA student), the two groups do not integrate very well together.


The Boston College student population is definitely not large in comparison to many other universities in the US. That being said, there are enough students in every class to have a fair balance between friends and strangers on campus. School spirit at BC is incredible: students are sure to attend football games throughout the fall as well as support our championship winning hockey team. Even if you're not a big sports fanatic, taking time to see these great teams is an amazing experience here at BC.


BC's a great place. But like any other thing, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. Me not a fan of a lot of kids here/ their respective demeanors. BUT, there really are some fantastic teachers and opportunities. I can only speak from the departments that I've most profligated (English numero uno) from, but really just lovely and kind people all around that often more times than not, have your best interest at heart and really passionate about their subject and teaching. And their are a number of kids that I've really grown to love. And again, this school or any other will have an adjustment period - you'll eventually find the people and topics that excite you - they're at every school, just a matter of how long it takes to find them/ how comfortable you are searching them out.


Overall, I think Boston College is a great institution. Most students graduate with a top-notch education. The professors and classes are truly exceptional. I was raised Catholic, and I found the Catholic tradition of BC to be very comforting at times. However, I think the religion of the university both alienated many non-Catholic students, and created a significant amount of red tape for student activists. Boston College is an excellent size; big enough that you don't feel like you're in a fish bowl, but small enough that you feel like you're a member of a cohesive community. Also, the location is fantastic. The campus has a more suburban location, with direct access to the city via the MBTA. As a Division I school, athletics are a big part of campus life. The school goes crazy during home football games. This was generally a wonderful part of my time at Boston College, but it was also frustrating to feel as though athletics took priority over academics and the arts. Finally, like most private universities, Boston College is really expensive. I wish a Boston College education could be financially accessible to more people.


for me the size is just right, about 10000 undergrad is small enough that youll see a few familiar faces walking to classes, and its not too overwhelming but at the same time, you wont get bored of seeing the same people or bump into someone you dont want to see. BC's reputation is pretty great which may not seem like it means anything other than the "wow, you got into/go to BC? thats great!" you get from relatives, friends, but it sure means a lot to recruiters when college is over and you need a job its great to be so near to boston which is the greatest college city since there are so many colleges around, if you need to get off campus, you can go into boston, or go to another campus theres tons of school pride here which is amazing i love it!! the divison 1 sports add to this a lot, but if youre not that into sports it doesnt matter! while i love football and enjoy the football games for the game and the social aspects, most of my friends go purely for the social aspect-they dont even pay attention to the game. the school unity is great at footbal games because everyone wears onoxious gold superfan shirts and superfan sunglasses and yell, cheer, laugh, sing, dance the whole entire game its great. did i mention we stand on the bleachers every second of every game? yea its the best!! almost everyone has season tickets so if youre an incoming freshmen, buy the football tickets its so worth it and youll be left out if you dont.


My favorite thing about BC was the people. I met such a great group of interesting people during my four years. We bonded while we studied for classes and while we partied together. I came from a small high school and never felt very popular, but at BC, I really felt like I encountered different many circles of people and made tons of deep friendships along the way. I biggest pet peeve about BC was "the Plex", our student athletic complex. It is this hideous thirty year old building designed when the student body was much smaller. The place is always overcrowded and in need of repairs. It should really be torn down and rebuilt to double its size. BU's facilities always made BC students jealous.


BC is Jesuit-Catholic, and I think it's our best feature. We encourage diversity of all kinds (religious, ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, geographic, etc etc) and all students are encouraged to discuss and learn about each other's differences because that type of dialogue is what makes us more aware of the world beyond the Boston bubble. BC's location is ideal, as we have the traditional campus AND the best college city in the States right next door. There's always something to do on the weekends, the sports are incredible, the study abroad programs are AMAZING, and, most importantly, the education you'll receive here is invaluable.


The school's size is a comfortable fit; I don't think anyone would ever find it too big, but there are a couple different general "areas" of campus, so hopefully one would not find it too small. The school is located in a residential area just outside of Boston (read: half the campus is in Boston). This is nice if you don't really want to be going to school in a city but you still want it easily accessible by public transportation. Our sporting program is incredible; we won nationals in hockey last year, Tyrese Rice will hopefully lead us through March Madness this year, and our football team performed valiantly this Fall season despite only making it into the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl (what a lame name for a college bowl game). However, our student body is pretty weak when it comes to attending games, as well as cheering for our teams. At a UMass game last year I remember one entire section of our stands getting outcheered by like 4 guys from UMass. It was pathetic. Oh yeah, and we're Jesuit. For all intensive purposes, this will mean zilch to you. Just some of the professors will be Jesuits, and probably be way cooler and less bookish than most of the professors. They are interesting people to talk to, and in general their life experience will vastly outweigh the majority of... well everyone you've ever met (if you live in the U.S.) Oh yeah and we're Catholic. There are crosses in some classrooms, and there's 2, count em, 2 churches on campus. I'm agnostic and generally find religion to be well intentioned but not something I'm interested in, and I have never been bothered by the Christian presence on campus. If you're in the school of arts and sciences, you will have to take 2 religion classes, but some of the smartest minds that ever lived devoted their entire lives to studying religion and writing about it; I figure it is worth reading these authors as there is some intrinsic value in their work, even if you don't believe in God or practice religion differently.


The best thing about BC is that there's something for everyone. Whether it's getting involved in service organizations, playing some kind of sports, religious groups, or theatre, everyone can find something they enjoy. The size of the student body varies around 9,000 which I believe is the perfect size. Everywhere you go you'll see two people you know, and five you don't so parties and classes are always fun. The school is a prestigious institution without the snobbiness of knowing it. While the students pride themselves in attending here, we're not going to brag about it or rub it in your face (unless you go to Notre Dame that is). While on campus, you'll spend most of your time in one of the dining halls studying or hanging out with friends or in one of the two librarys if you're the studious type. Boston is an absolutely fabulous place to be at school, coming from Texas it's a big change but the city is a big city with a small town feel and if you're ever bored on campus (which rarely happens) there's always something to go see or do at only a T-stop away.


Bc's campus is beautiful!! It is not very high tec. And there is lots of school pride.


Football. I would'nt change anything. its location was perfect, and I felt its size was just right for me. i spent most of my time eiether in the dorms or on campus. I would not say that it was a college town, because that would mean that the town existed because of the college but it wasnt like that. BCs administration was unliked by many students for different reasons, but i find thats common on college campus. the biggest controversy at BC involved the administration and their decision to strike down a gay/lesbian/bisexual club on campus. but BC is a private, catholic institution and I understood the pressures on the administration not to allow such a group.


The school is a good size to give the feeling of a tightly knit class feeling, while still having new people to meet every day. People tell me congratulations when i say I go to BC and they typically are impressed. I spend my time at the workout complex or in the study lounge. BC's administration is interested in squeezing as much money as they can out of its students. The town is not a college town but is very nice, and the campus itself is very secluded. I can't remember the biggest recent controversy. There is a ton of school pride and people love the sports teams. Everyone wears BC clothing. BC is a very typical catholic university in my opinion, but its the only one i've ever attended so I dont have a great basis for comparison. I'll remember the comeback football wins, and the Hockey National Championship. Students ALWAYS complain about housing issues, because BC's housing placement is very unfair.


BC has a very good reputation so when some one asks "where do you go to school?" and you answer "Boston College" there is always a reaction of "oohhh!" with eye brows raised. Everyone knows the school and how good it is. The Jesuit education, if you choose to embrace it, teaches you to educate your whole person and learn about many things you would never think you would learn. The size of BC is just right because you could run into someone every day or never have to see them again if you so choose. Being outside of Boston is amazing. You don't have to deal with the craziness of Boston traffic, but your only about 20 minutes away from a great city. Some big controversies are the battle between very conservative and catholic views against the many liberal and social justice views. The gay and lesbian community has been fighting for equal rights and acceptance for a long time, and has made some strides but there are the occasional racist attacks, which put most of campus up in arms. The BC community does come together in support of each other which is a blessing. School pride is definitly present every day through the wearing of BC's maroon and gold colors, especially at sporting events.


Perfect size. Know many people when walking around campus, but meet new people up until you graduate. Social scene improves every year your there. Each year is more fun than the previous one. Academics are taken very seriously by the students. Most kids have a lot of pride in their work. This leads to a great recruiting office which provides a ton of opportunities for people after school. Sports drive a lot of the school pride. BC is unusual in that people continue to live on campus for 3 of 4 years, with most kids living off their junior year. Most frequent student complaints are about the neighborhood surrounding BC.


the best thing about bc: its got a good community vibe. though its right next to boston, which is easily accessible, most people stay on or around campus. the other best thing: the school is very involved in community service. one thing id change: the school could be a lot more environmentally friendly. Im not asking them to be obsessed about recycling or anything like that, but there is a lot of unnecessary waste. for instance, the cafeterias use big, bulky, plastic containers to transport food. why not paper boxes? WARNING: there is no art at this school. its artless. anyone interested in exploring his artistic side should go somewhere else or be prepared to do it independently. its really quite sad actually. there is a lot a lot of school pride. most people, especially the ones that buy into the mainstream 'bro' culture, love BC, especially their sports teams, which are increasingly successful.


I would describe the big picture as "students study hard, but party even harder." Students at BC are smart, case in point. Everyone worked hard in highschool, and they carried that drive into collge, otherthan the occasional athlete who slipps through the cracks. Students at BC have no problem holing themselves up in the library for five hours at a time and come finals time there isn't a seat in sight. But, once the weekend rolls around, students are just as dedicated to the party scene. Students at BC party hard and late into the night, whether they flock to the mods to celebrate a football victory and hundreds of other students or travel to some off campus house with a keg. Partying is just as important as academics at BC, and more often than not, you'll hear "I wrote this paper hungover and got an A!"


In my honest opinion, Boston College is by far the best all-around school in the country. With a little over 9,000 undergrads, it is the perfect size: not too big, and not too small. It's only a few minutes from Boston, America's college town, and Chestnut Hill is a beautiful suburb, not to mention the fact that it was recently ranked the safest town in the US. The sports are incredible; they're all division one and are competitive every year. Football is HUGE during the fall semester, and hockey is arguably the best program of its kind in the nation. Not only are all sports games fun to watch, they foster a huge sense of school pride. In short, BC has a great academic reputation, an awesome party scene, prime location, the perfect size, competitive sports, school spirit, a beautiful campus, and a bright, friendly, and good-looking student body.


The athletics at BC make the school. The school pride is overwhelming, and it makes you proud of your school. If I could change one thing I would want it to be smaller, but then again I may not have been admitted if that were the case, so I think it is just perfect.


One thing I would change about BC is that students only get three years guaranteed housing making students move off campus junior year. This is very problematic if one plans on going abroad since it is nearly impossible to find subletters and the school does little to help you (and rents in the area are very high). Furthermore, they do give fifty percent of students on-campus housng and a good deal of the students are chosen good luck if your friends get four years housing and you don't.


There is a lot of school pride. I think the size of the school is just right; it isn't too big nor is it too small. I've received many different reactions when I have told people I go to BC -- wow, that's a great school. A private school?? that's awesome. Isn't it cold? Oh, there's both Boston College and Boston University?


I spent almost all my time in the library this semester because I was taking 6 classes and my first pre-prac. Socially it was a terrible semester. I think BC is a good size, it large enough that you can avoid people you don't want to see, but small enough that you do run into friends all the time. One of the biggest complaints on campus is the food. There are only 2 main dining halls on campus, one with a very limited variety and the other has much more variety, but not enough that you wont get sick of it by the end of the semester. There are also a grab n' go or sandwich place that is really good, where they serve Starbucks, but is only open until 8.


Even though BC has 9200 undergrads, it certainly doesn't feel like that, unless you're at a football or hockey game. walking around campus you feel like you're at a much smaller college. there is so much school pride, especially in and around boston. students are not the best travelers to away games, unless it's notre dame or bowl/tournament season.


I absolutely love BC. When I tell people I go here I am proud to say it, and they tend to be impressed. Our school is large enough that you are always meeting new people, but it's set up in a way that you are in communities, so that you know people. I love the closeness to Boston but the fact that we are separated from it. I have never felt unsafe walking back to my dorm alone at night.


BC is conveniently in Boston with easy access to the city, but still is a closed campus. You get that smaller school vibe some times. There's an amazing network of alumni, and I have found that with the Acoustics. You constantly feel a sense of community, no matter what it is you choose to be involved with at this school. It's great to go to the football games and see the sea of obnoxiously yellow superfan shirts as we all blow out our voices cheering on our ACC team. Sometimes it's difficult to not be annoyed with the BC bus system, especially Newton campus buses. I think the one thing I'd change if I could would be the housing situation.


I love BC. I think the campus is beautiful, and I think the size is just right. Big enough where you are always meeting new people, but small enough where you will pass people you know while walking to class. I love the fact that there is a lot of school spirit, which definitely fosters a community feel.


Best all around school in country, with great academics as well as great sports. No other school in the country has a good football, basketball, and hockey program, and it is a fun thing to be a part of. I would definitly change the fan support (or lack there of). The city is amazing, with all of the great Boston sports.


The best thing about BC is the location, it's in the suburbs so it's beautiful and safe. But the city is only a T ride away! I think the size it perfect. Depends on the age of the person but for the most part people are impressed when I tell them that I go the BC. There is a lot of school pride.


BC is a great place to go to school. There are so many opportunities to do fun things both on campus and off campus. You not only are in the suburbs which makes you feel safe but you also are so close to the city, so you have the chance to go out and explore the things that make you feel like you fit in. There is a lot of school pride on campus at BC but unfortunately the people in the surrounding communities do not feel the same. The size of the school is great because you have the chance to meet new people everyday, but you also see a lot of familiar faces walking to and from class. The overall big picture is that there are a lot of great kids here with a great future ahead of them, and the faculty and staff are appreciate that they are working with some bright students with booming personalities.


I think that BC is the perfect balance of a lot of things. It is not too big, but definitely not too small. I can still go out at night and meet tons of new people, yet a have a large group of really good friends. Though the school is in the suburbs of Boston, access to the city is so easy that we get all of the benefits of being a city school without actually having to deal with the city daily. BC has its own campus, which is beautiful all year (though some people don't know how to appreciate the winter). There are so many things for people to get involved in, that if anyone complains about being bored it's because they clearly aren't trying to be a part of anything. Though athletics sometimes seem to be help on a higher level than academics, going to a school with a strong and enthusiastic athletic program is awesome. The school comes together and you really feel like something. I think that my favorite thing about the school is that for the most part, students know how to take their education very seriously and work hard, but they also definitely know how to kick back and have fun.


BC is an unreal place to be for the best four years of your life. There are tons of colleges, large and small, within a taxi ride away, so any time you want a different scene, you can get one. The best thing about BC is its location and the feel of a real college campus. 15 minutes from Fenway and the North End or Fanuiel Hall... yet you could think the campus was in the middle of a small town. A gorgeous campus with great architecture and layout. The worst part is probably the way housing works. Not that it's a life or death situation, but the housing lottery is a stressful time of year, and the sheer lack of space makes some living situations less enjoyable than others. I was stuck in "bad" freshmen housing, then "bad" sophomore housing, and then "bad" senior housing, but I loved every experience that came from each year. If you are good at making the best of situations, and not worrying about status or location of housing, you're going to have a great time wherever you are. The school spirit is not a real high-point of BC and its athletics. Everyone loves the college, but we travel TERRIBLY to away football games, and even have home games where the weather or too much tailgating takes away from the student section. Its sad when a big football game is on campus and there are empty seats around the stadium.


BC is a school who is so concentrated with trying to be recognized with the ivy league and prestigious schools of the country, that they are killing the student school spirit. Students are too worried about classes and work to have any free time other than to go to the plex let a lone have a job. The police on campus are terrible and break every decent party up that the school has. The bus system is pathetic and the worst is the housing situation. I understand the school want more students, but try building more dorms first instead of forcing students to live in shit hole dorms or off campus apartments. The dorms here are worse then any of the schools i've visited all over the country. Theres no parking anywhere, and if you find a spot you get towed. The athletic teams are all very good but nobody gives two shits because they are too concerned with getting their homework done on a saturday. People think they have school spirit but they dont. At a school with real spirit, professors dont even assign work because there are big games coming up. And when the football team goes to a bowl game, or the hockey team to a national championship, students actually go! The big picture is that the schoo is more concerned with itself than its students. It basically uses its students by pulling in the smartest ones out of highschool feeding them with religious experiance crap so that they can leave, make money, and then come back to BC and donate all the money. The football team funds all other athletics because they cant raise enough money on their own to self support. Yet we only sell student tickets for a couple months before the season and only to so many students because we want to save the rest of the seats for the alumni assholes who donate money and sit down the entire game. Our opposing fans section is as big as our superfan section.


BC is a cool school to go to. The school spirit here is amazing something that I had never experienced until this year, coming from a very small highschool that didn'e even have a football team. The campus is beautiful too, lots of grass, and the city is only a 20 minute t-ride away. When I have time in-between classes, I usually hang out in the rat, its almost impossible not to see someone you know there. The dorms are fairly nice, some of course, nicer than others. I got the shaft this year and got stuck over on Newton. Everyone told me that I would learn to like, like the "going home" feeling but it really just proved to be a pain in the ass, especially being on a team where practice takes 5 hours out of your day. I was never here and since in the beginning, all my friends were on the team and they all lived on main campus, I spent all my time over there. The bus pain is awful, unreliable, especially on weekends, ive waited upwards of 30 minutes for a bus which is just ridiculous. Forced triples on upper get money for being inconvenienced...hello? Newton sucks and I didn't ask for it. But I guess its the luck of the draw, some people got shafted again next year though and have to live on upper with the new freshman because of an unlucky lottery number. I think if people are going to be forced to live a 10 min bus ride away from main campus one year, they should at least be guaranteed lower the next. Sorry for ranting about the housing situation, I just really hate it and think its a shitty system.


The best thing about BC, for me, is the sports. Some of my best memories involve BC Athletics, whether its football, hockey or basketball. The size of the school is ideal, it's big, but not so big that you feel like a brick in the wall. It's big enough, however, that you never stop meeting new people. The administration is a bit strict, but it's always easy to find something going on, especially since you are so close to the city.


bc is really the perfect combination of academic difficulty and a great social scene. It's pretty well-known that bc has great academics, but a lot of internships and business companies who come here talk about the fact that although many see bc as a level below the ivy leaguers, bc grads often get jobs that the ivy's can't because of the combo of smarts and social skills where many ivy kids are just nerds. there is a lot of work on the weekdays, but bc is greatly underestimated when it comes to parties. friday and saturday are always lively, both on and off campus, and most thursdays too are bc party nights. also, on low work weeks for many students and/or big events, many students will go out over a night in the library. for example, red sox games, celtics, concerts, bc sporting events. sports are Awesome at bc, not only at the varsity level, but throughout. the club teams are all really good, and the intramurals are even really competitive. becasue bc admissions puts so much emphasis on extracurriculars, tons of the students played varsity sports in high school, so the fan base gets really into it, and also turns into a good-looking campus. i would guess about 75 percent of guys were captain of a sport in their high school, and about 40 percent of the gals. so football games are an entire day of tailgating, and all the sporting events have a great atmosphere.


BC is just the right size and has great opportunities for everything you want to do. Everyone is really involved and people are encouraged to become better people, not just good students.


Chestnut Hill is not a college town at all. Almost all students live off campus junior year, and almost all of them get in severe trouble with the police. It is impossible to have a party without the cops/off campus RA coming, this is especially true because most of them are under 21. BC wants to expand its campus, but to do so, it must have the support of the neighbors. Therefore, they want to stop all off campus partying, so that the neighbors are happy and will let BC grow. Thus the student body suffers. College students drink a lot, there's nothing that you can do about that, but BC tries to get us in unnecessary amounts of trouble. The Mods are the greatest part of BC. I live in the Mods as a senior, and I could not be happier with them. They are a small townhouse community on campus made up of 78 townhouses, with six seniors in each. They are great for throwing parties and especially great for tailgating before football games. The Mods are one of the most important part's of BC campus. Almost all seniors move back on campus senior year, and I think that is one of the things that makes BC so special. As I mentioned earlier, it is very hard to have fun living off campus because the cops break up almost every party. Thus, spending senior year on campus is great because it allows all of the seniors to enjoy their last year in college without any threats of getting in trouble with the law. It's also nice because all of your friends live relatively close to one another, making it easier to stay in touch with all of the friends you've made over the last four years. I think BC is just the right size, at about 2,000 per grade. One thing that was very difficult about my adjustment to college was living on the Newton Campus freshman year. The Newton Campus houses approximately half of the freshman class and is located a little over a mile from campus. Students must take a bus to and from campus for classes and any other events. Making the adjustment to college was very hard to begin with, but having to wake up extra earlier and wait in the freezing cold for a bus every morning, made it even more difficult. Needless to say, my attendance in class and my GPA suffered freshman year as a result. Looking back as a senior, I have a tremendous amount of "Newton Pride." However, I was not nearly as happy to be there when I was a freshman. Living so far away from the rest of BC made it very hard to have a social life (aka go to parties, make friends with upper classmen, make friends with the other half of the freshman class, etc). I joined the frisbee team my junior year, and that was probably the best decision I made in college. I became friends with a bunch of BC student's with the same fun loving sense of humor that I have. It has been a great opportunity for me to get into the best shape of my life, all the while playing a game that I absolutely love. The friends I have made from the frisbee team are some of my best friends in college and will definitely stay with me for years to come. I think it is very important for students to get involved in college in order to make friends who have similar interests. BC does not have any greek life, so it is hard for a lot of students to find a good group of friends. The frisbee team has been that group for me. Not to mention, we're absolutely nasty at frisbee and finished 18th out of 80 teams at a national tournament in Las Vegas last month.


BC is awesome in that is is right outside of the city so it still has that closed campus feel while Boston is a t-ride away. While at first the size of the school may seem overwhelming, you soon see the same people all the time and it begins to feel more personal. When not at classes most student spend time at the Plex working out, hanging out with friends, going out to eat, shopping, and of course going out on weekends. Having D1 sports is awesome because there is usually a game to look forward to and football games are a ton of fun. There is usually somewhere to go on the weekends, however it can be difficult at times to find plans. Once you get to BC, you realize that partying usually takes a backseat to studying.


The best thing about BC are the opportunities. The opportunities to be active in academics, volunteer work, social groups, or student government are endless. BC inspires its students to actualize their own goals, to explore and set goals and then use the University's resources to realize them. If I could change one thing it would be the division of the sophomore class between College Road and Lower Campus. BC's size is very accessible: large enough for diverse social and academic opportunities but small enough so that greek life and other social groups are not necessary to create a sense of community. On Campus, I spend most of my time in the dorms. Study lounges are great for class work, and the dorms are great little communities. Boston is probably the biggest college town in the country; there is no little college street, but Newton center isn't far and Downtown has about a million little nooks for exploration. School pride runs rampant. No matter where you are, there is a strong sense of unity, especially during special events and games. No line holds more true at BC than: "For here all are one."


The best thing about BC is the Choco-Tacos, though they haven't had these for the last few days, which is emotionally disturbing. I REALLY love 4Boston. This is unquestionably my favorite part of BC. The school is a decent size, but I would make tuition more affordable, or at least extend more financial aid to students. My father had to put off retirement so he could pay for this place.


The best thing about BC is the way that all of the people that go there have a kind of love of life and doing things. I haven't met anyone that sits around and does nothing for more than a few hours a day. One thing that I would change is that some people are stuck up and aren't really interested in going past their close knit group of friends. I think the size is just right because you can walk around campus and see people you know everywhere but can also meet a ton of new people everyday. People react well and are somewhat impressed if they didn't know that I was smart or they react to the beauty of the campus. I spend most of my time on campus and my time in general in Robsham Theatre Arts Center. There is a college town of sorts, the surrounding area, Newton, Newton Centre, Brighton and Cleveland Circle is home to BC students and there is a historical connection with alumni to the area. Boston in general is such a great place to be if you take advantage of it, I unfortunately am really busy all the time so I don't really have time to get to experience it the way I would like to. I like the administration, I have had no problems with it. My only complaints would be about the way they react to change in society however since it is a Jesuit Institution it must abide by the ideals supported by the Catholic Church which sometimes are in disagreement with what I personally believe in. I don't even know what the biggest recent controversy on campus was? The last one that affected me in any way was in regards to a play selection that a student group on campus didn't agree with because they found it offensive. However the whole concept of the play was discussing the idea being offensive and how its changed throughout history so it just made me annoyed because the group was creating a ton of work for someone else without having their argument staked in the truth of the situation. There is a ton of school pride the idea of the Superfan is alive and well. Home football games especially in the beginning of the year when its gorgeous out are some of the best times at school. Everyone is just excited and can't wait for the game to start. I think the most unusual thing about BC is the way that all aspects of the school come together and the type of person that is attracted to the school. The fact that it is prestigious and a really fun environment makes the students focus when they need to focus and be able to have a great time and appreciate many different aspects of life afterwards. This year I had rehearsal during a big football game and I was watching it on gamecast and reporting to the cast as anything happened. We ended up coming from behind to beat VTech in the last two minutes and we got out of rehearsal just as the game ended. The whole school flooded the Mods. Everyone was screaming and just poured out of the dorms to all be together basically, everyone was pounding our school song, they brought down instruments and it was just amazing. I'm not sure what the most frequent student complaints are, we could have a better recycling program? There isn't as much diversity on campus as there could be?


Best thing: good lookin ladiesssss. For real. School size: just right Spend most of my time on campus: in class or in the dustbowl tossing a disc College town: absolutely BC's administration: and its students for that matter, are way too P.C. and make a big controversy out of little things. Most frequent student complaints: dining services is a rip off. We also take 5 classes, a lot of schools only take 4.


Gorgeous campus. Campus is beautiful, cozy, and extremely safe. Medium-sized school, but the community makes it feel smaller. Jesuit mindset = lots of service opportunities and genuinely caring professors and students. Great school for students of any religious background (I'm Jewish.) Great sport teams (but horrible fans.) Close to Boston (and yet so far.) Enough conservatives to fuel good debates (as opposed to all liberals.) Senior-year housing is phenomenal. Strict underage drinking policies cut down on partying freshmen and sophomore year, but senior year at BC is absolutely amazing.


The best thing about BC is how Freshmen housing is set up. Whether you are on Upper or Newton, you are completely surrounded by other Freshmen, so making friends is so easy. The only thing I would change is how they do the lottery for housing as a sophmore. I think the school is just right, I always am running into my friends and other familar faces but at the same time meet someone new at least once a week. They seem pretty impressed, and usually say "you are sooo lucky". There is a huge amount of school spirit, football games are the best time, there is nothing like a sunny saturday home game where the beer is cold and BC is winning. The most unusual part about BC is that seniors live on campus. I will never forget when BC beat V-Tech in the last 2 min. of the game... The entire campus was outside celebrating all night, it wass one of the coolest expirences of my life. There really arent many complaints except if a sophmore ends up on College Road for housing.


The best thing at BC is the attention to forming students who care about social justice and will make life decisions to affect change in the world. I would change the general conservative views of the administration which stifle conversation and prevent any possibility for change especially around issues like homosexuality. Size is great. Well it is a bit different in the midwest because people know of BC, but they don't all know of its reputation so there are usually questions to figure out what it is like. I spend most of my time during the day in class, in meetings, getting lunch with friends (I am often in McElroy where I often eat lunch and where many of my activities are centered). We don't really experience the college town because we are a bit outside of BC and there is such a strong BC bubble that people do not often get outside it. I already mentioned BC's admin they are way too conservative and out of touch with the BC population (or at least not willing to be in an active conversation with the students), BC runs as a business and so the students are secondary to the money they produce and the rankings that guide the college market, this is not a melodramatic metaphor, this college is business driven. Controversy - probably the student body pres election, but in terms of a controversy that actually matters probably the hate crime incident last year that resulted in outcries by persecuted minorities on campus. Yes there is a lot of school pride, and while I have a lot of negative commentaries I have school pride, its just it is limited...


Probably one of my favorite parts about BC is the football games. Nearly everyone goes. They are always so much fun, and the Superfan section usually takes up about a third of Alumni Stadium. Everyone tailgates before the games, so you can just walk around and see a lot of your friends. Another really great thing about BC is that its campus is in the suburbs, so you have trees, quads, etc, but the Green line is right on campus so you can take the T into the city. I grew up in Massachusetts, just south of Boston, and in my opinion, it is the greatest city on earth. You can do anything. Sports games, clubs, bars, concerts, museums, dinner... the choices are endless. This year, especially, living in Boston was fantastic. Boston College Football was ranked #2 for awhile, the Red Sox won the World Series, the Patriots went 18 - 1, and the Celtics are having a great season.


BC is a great combination of both suburban and urban environments. The PULSE program is one of BC's many excellent aspects, and community service is a very common extracurricular activity.


best thing - size. i like walking around campus and seeing people i know, but also some i have yet to meet. also if you are talking to someone for awhile, you will almost always discover someone you both know. would change - housing process when i tell them i go to BC - people are impressed spend time on campus - in my room, chocolate bar college town - i love having boston so close but living in newton controversy on campus - chelsea clinton coming to speak school pride - definitely unusual - the student's DEVOTION to service trips memorable experience - going on Jamaica service trip with the Lynch school student complaints - housing lottery