Boston College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I believe the best thing at the school is the community. Even though we are all striving to be the best student in or own perticuar domain, we come together to support one another and learn from each other. To form the BC community


It has a great sense of community. You can tell that the people who work here really care about the students. And everyone here is dedicated and working for the betterment of themselves and others.


The best thing about my school is the support of the staff and the friendliness of the students. Over the summer I had the advantage of taking classes and meeting friends. The leaders where BC students going to their sophmore year of junior, some recent graduates. I felt completely welcomed and by the end of the summer I felt well prepared to take on BC without help. The staff members are always calling or emailing me to see how i'm doing or to make sure that i have everything I need. I love the support and friendliness of BC.


The professors and the people have a great attitude toward life and learning.


EVERYTHING. The dorms are nice, the food is amazing, the people are (mostly) friendly, and the academics are top tier. I think what sets BC apart as well is the spirit that the students have here. Coming from another school, it is great to be a part of a place where the people have so much pride for the college they are at.


The people. Being able to share and listen to experiences with the BC community has transformed my way to see thw world. Although BC is not as diverse as other universities, I have befriended people from all over the world. My friends from Spain, Venezuela, Kuwait, Peru, Brasil and the US have taught me how to understand people coming from different backgrounds. Furthermore, professors are very willing to talk and advice students on whatever issue arises. The non-teaching staff is also a very important resource at BC. I feel that I am sourrounded by a caring and unique community.


The best thing about Boston College is the diversity of students and extra curricular activities. Students come from all of the country and all over the world. The diversity of students gives students the opportunity to broaden their horizons. There is also such a diversity of clubs with such a great emphasis on service. One can get involved in service trips to the Appalachian region of America or international places such as Ghana, Jamaica, South Africa, Belize and the Dominican Republic.


The best thing about BC is the community. I'm not saying you will get along with everyone but people here are generally very nice and helpful. Everyone rallys behind events here completely. Everyone wears their SuperFan shirts to games and at the same time raise money and awareness for great causes like "Beat Cancer," which helps cancer research in honor of one of our football players diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. No matter what, BC students really are united as a school. Like are fight song says, "For Here All Are One."


The people are so welcoming, especially those in the culture clubs. They are there to help you and give you advice if you need any, especially the upperclassmen.


The professors are very accessible to the students.


The best thing about Boston College is definitely the overall environment. No matter what type of person you are, there is always somewhere where you will fit right in. There are so many different types of people, groups, and events all over campus that allow for students to get to know one another and feel comfortable. This school is very well rounded and provides several resources and outlets that are usable by the students.


The clinical offerings for the Nursing program.


School spirit. There is a definite sense of community at Boston College and that brings the student body and the faculty together like nothing else.


I've expanded my mind.


I enjoy the academic rigor and the sense of community at Boston College. I am proud to be a student at BC, as are most or all of my friends.


Beautiful Campus. Nice dorms. Good food (expensive). Friendly people. Intelligent professors, staff. There is a variety of clubs , groups, retreats and service projects. Good football season!


The business school, great teachers, and great job placement. A ton of companies come in to look for BC kids, and alumni are a great help.


The best thing about Boston College is that the emphasis is on a broad-based, rounded liberal arts education--not a purely career driven education.


The amazing sense of community at this school makes you really feel like you are part of something all the time. There is always something to do on campus, ranging from theater performaces to acapella groups to the various varsity sports. The people are very friendly, and the professors are very knowledgable in their respective areas. They challenge you to think above and beyond normal expectations, and to think in non-traditional ways as well, so as to expand your understanding of greater concepts.


We are very warm people in a rather cold city. Boston is harsh compared to the midwest (personality-wise), but BC is REALLY friendly. You walk around campus and people smile at you, hold doors open, chatter about their most recent service project. Service is a BIG deal here, and nearly everyone does it. Often you might know someone for years before it pops out theyve been volunteering at a shelter or prison or something since before you met them. Then there are international trips, and appalachia...basically, we are a smart campus that does good in the world.


The environment is the best at my school. It is not too big and not too small. It is just right. The location is great because it is not in the city, just a little outside of it. It started promoting environment friendly acts, which I greatly appreciate and support.


Of the three statues: Doug Flutie, St. Ignatius, and Mary, it's Doug Flutie's who gets the prize for the largest.


There's a rumor that the Million Dollar stairs are heated...


The Hovey House, which is now the Study Abroad office, is rumored to be the only haunted house on campus.


The versatility and the sudetn atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly, which I didn't expect from a school in New England!