Boston University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


If you are looking for a traditional college campus/gated community, Boston University is not for you; if you like city living, you will inevitably thrive here.


BU is huge, diverse, academics-focused, and your experience here is completely customizable!


Boston University is a great college in an urban setting that perfectly combines the opportunities of an enourmous educational institution with the atmosphere of a smaller, tight-knit community.


Boston University is challenging but this school gives you a vast amount of opportunities to succeed while still having fun because they care about their students.


Wonderful and full of enriching opportunities.


Subjects are interesting as professors put a lot of sincere effort into classes and the students are great as everyone's interested in different things; so Boston University is a great place to learn and grow academically and as a person.


This school brings out many of my mixed emotions; it gets me stressed with the workload, it makes me glad due to my amazing recreation center, is makes me feel safe becasue of the gaurds who stay out late as i walk to my car from the library, it makes me excited when i hear about interesting events going on on campus, above all, i love attending California State University Long Beach.


Boston University is a college that provides the opportunity to explore the subjects and interests of each individual student, and allows its students to grow not just as scholars, but also as people who are aware of themselves and their own developing ideas about the world around them.


My school is absolutely amazing.


This is hard question for me to answer as I am from Boston and I have seen BU long before I chose to attend at as student. I guess there would be a range of what someone would see when looking at the campus. Some may say that the campus has a feel of old and new as some buildings look archaic while others are brand new. Many people would be surprised that the campus extends over a few miles rather than the typical circular format. I would also think people would comment on the amount of places to eat and shop conveniently around campus.


The school consumes Commonwealth Ave but it is easy to pass right by it because there are so many restaurants and stores tied right in that it can seem like you are still just driving up the street. We have some older buildings that may cause you to squint at the ugliness but then there are buildings that make you say wow like our new dorm that is LEED certified (national recognized as being an approved environmentally friendly building)


We are definitely an urban campus. We span 1.5 miles down Commonwealth Ave, one of Boston's main streets. Though we don't have actual campus gates or walls, it's a very residential campus with 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our students living on campus all four years (thanks to our four-year housing guarantee). Though we have an urban campus, you can simple hop on the city train to get more green-space and suburban setting.


Boston University is a powerful institution that instills everday education into young adults allowing for a future, more productive society.


Full of bright people.


Boston University is a large urban university, where there is never a dull moment between classes, clubs, and meeting new people.


BU is a gigantic school that loves its hockey team


Boston University is a big school with a huge variety of students, academic programs, extra-curricular activities, and things to do on the weekends.


A diverse school, with a ton to offer, excellent programs and opportunities, close to all the Boston action and totally worth it!


My school is a large university with opportunites to get involved and learn provided you go looking for them.


BU is located in Boston but still retains it's college campus atmosphere. It's everything I wanted in a university.


Boston University is a large, diverse school that is divided into smaller colleges, and is almost like a bunch of smaller communities combined into one larger community.


i think BU is well rounded, diverse campus.


Boston University is big but not overwhelming; integrated into the city but still possessing a strong sense of community.


BU is a pretty busy school.


A large, lengthy expanse of beautiful brownstone buildings, the spine of which is a train connecting the campus to the bustling downtown of Boston; a community swarming with friendly, energetic students and helpful professors and staff, all pursuing their individual goals in education and recreation while still bonded together, forming lasting connections.


In the heart of DC, Georgetown University offers one of the country's most beautiful and stimulating international environments that is politically oriented, academically challenging, community-service based, and committed to personal growth, with the availability of tremendous career internships and networking, and unique research opportunities at surrounding institutions such as NIH, on-campus business employment/learning with the world's largest student-run multi-million dollar corporation, internationally famous guest lecturers, while also providing healthy, enjoyable respites at the fitness center, or through sports, the arts, national museums and monuments, or shopping with friends on the fabulous M Street.


BU is challenging but wonderful as long as you want to put in the effort to experience the city and the students living there.


As a transfar, I couldn't be happier. The communications college is really attentive and helpful in a lot of ways. They offer guidance on courses, but also about outside necessities like resumes and job placement. My teachers are really enthusiastic and engaging. I am challenged by the workload, but not overwhelmed. It has been easy to balance my studies with a nearly full-time job because of the support the school offers. I highly reccommend communications.


An urban university with tens of thousands of people attending.


BU is diverse.


BU is a large, liberal and popular university in the middle of the great city of Boston with many different kinds of people and delivers a solid education but at a very, very high cost.


My school is academically challenging, but as it is in the heart of the city, it is a wonderful and exciting place to be.


All those teen-movies you watch that show huge frat parties and crazy collegiate antics lie; college is hard--at BU, there are many events and activities that it easy to get distracted from academics--you'll learn to balance your life and live on your own as an adult.


Boston University is just plain and simply awesome.


Extremely well=-rounded.


Career focused.


BU is a large, academically focused university, but everyone finds their niche.


Boston University is a large, urban university with a diverse student population, and has numerous resources and opportunities for research.


a large, over-acheiving, sometimes lonely, academically driven, expensive university.


Big and diverse. but there is something for everone.


BU is a great experience, but if you're taking out loans you'll be paying for the experience for life.


It is a very big school that is easy to get lost in so come in with confidence and knowing yourself


Boston University is a diverse, open community in which people acquire the proper skills and resources that will enable them to reach the goals they have set for themselves.


Boston University is a great academic school with an ethnically diverse student body that creates a very well rounded college experience.


Perfect for me.


the School is large and extremely expensive, more like a business.


Boston University is a diverse, exciting, and passionate place to go to school.


My school is challenging, but the opportunity to succeed is there!




Cultured city kids who love dressing well and being involved. People who are focused on their future.