Boston University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Being a large, highly ranked, research university. It has a large international student population as well as a huge study abroad program. As such a large university, people here can have experiences that are different in every way. It's pretty academically focused, and it can have a large and difficult workload if you have a tough major.


In my mind, the school is best known for excellence in education and a wide variety of resources being available to students. That is why I have made the choice to pursue my graduate degree here. I have friends in other programs, or who went here for Undergraduate degrees, and the opportunities they've been given and the excellent educations they've obtained are very impressive.


BU is know for its research.


Our strong science and engineering programs definitely pull students to Boston University. Additionally, the school of management is well recognized. Students will come to Boston University because they know that BU has good programs, but also a thriving environment- BU is known for being in a great city!


The school has a bad rep right now for some almost criminal acitivities going on by the students. But I had some of my best years at this school.




My favorite tradition is the Dog Pound for hockey and sporting events. The section is always exciting and fun to be a part of whether it is hockey, basketball, or soccer.


Boston University is best known for its academics on an international level. Going abroad, people are impressed when you tell them that you study at Boston University. Locally, BU is known for its research and committment to bettering the local community. Many students do community service or tutor high school students on the side. BU is conveniently located in the heart of Boston, minutes away from Fenway Park and, and easily accessible by the T. Students not only have the university, but the whole city as a campus.


I love our annual lobster night where every student on campus will get a lobster if they eat in our dining halls. I also love our annual Beanpot tournament. Happening at our TD Banknorth Garden (where the Bruins and Celtics play), the hockey teams form Harvard, BC, Northeastern and BU play in a tournament against one another. It's a lot of fun and the arena is packed!


I think my favorite campus traditions would be the school spirit that is shown at sporting events. I enjoy this the most because my high school was so small that the students didn't have much school spirit at all and rivalries were not really prevalent. Whereas, BU is another story where there are many rivals and the spirit is ever present.


I think my favorite campus traditions would be the school spirit that is shown at sporting events. I enjoy this the most because my high school was so small that the students didn't have much school spirit at all and rivalries were not really prevalent. Whereas, BU is another story where there are many rivals and the spirit is ever present.


My school is best known for its immense distribution of knowledge. There are various courses, and your major does not confine you to any one type of education. There are a plethora of activities and organizations to get involved in, and the wonderful experience awaiting you is entirely in your hands.


BU is best known for it's urban location and it's ice hockey!


My school is best known for the diversity of its student body. There is a very large international crowd. The school is also known as being acceptant of different sexual preferences.


BU is best known for challenging individuals to succeed in both academics and life. The classes are small for such a large university, the professors are experienced and the list of 'things to do' is endless.


Grade Deflation.


The school that i am in: the College of Fine Arts, School of Theatre.


research, hockey, size, boston, martin luther king jr.


The men's hockey team.


SMG (the school of management), having a big urban campus, and the hockey team! And being very expensive.


My school is best known for great dining halls with awesome food, diversity of the students from all over the world, its study abroad programs, and its many residence places. Also, it is convenient to the city of Boston and near several museums.


Its research, medical programs and hockey.


Our hockey team and our grade deflation that the administration refuses to acknowlage. Yes the test scores themselves are not deflated, but the exams are designed to draw lower grades from a higher quality of students. A student recieving a B- here could easily get an A at Northeastern..


The hockey team and it's location in the city of Boston.


Big university with pleanty to do.


My school is best known for our love of hockey and how well we play the game. We are also good academically.


Our school is known for our Hockey team. The Terriers are a huge part of our campus, and game days are crazy. It is also known for it's grade deflation. It's much harder to get an A at BU than at most other schools, but when you do get one it's very rewarding. Also, BU is known for its CORE curriculum. Even inn schools with a specified major you must complete certain basic and unrelated academic requirements, though they vary from school to school.




Although there are some really great teachers at BU, many faculty members are forced to teach in order to get research funding. As a result, many of them are not good teachers and do not care about their students success. The classes and campus are very large, so you do not really feel like you are going to college. In order to be happy at BU, you really have to be independent and ready to make a group of friends. You cant be shy. You also have to be willing to not see anyone you know all day.


High quality education in America's favorite college town.


They have an amazing medical school and research facilities. They also have a great art program. They have a lot of variety in what they offer and provide quality in every academic program.




It's a very diverse liberal campus just on the edge of the city.


The school was known for being a center of political activisma and protests in the 1950s and 60s, as the "Berkely of the east". It is also known because Martin Luther King Jr. attended the school. Currently, the school is known for having the acclaimed author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel as a professor.


really great professors, interesting classes, trendy / wealth students, city campus


A hugely defining characteristic of the school is its location.


Johnny discusses the traditions and chants behind the biggest rivalry at BU: The BU-BC ice hockey rivalry.


Tim discusses traditions behind the BU-BC hockey rivalry.


Dave discusses traditions behind the rivalry with BC hockey.


The dog pound at a BU hockey game chants when the opposing goalie removes his helmet.


political involvement, community service, professionalism, highly educated teachers


The hockey team and a number of its professors.


large student body, urban campus, quality acedemics


i dont know


Size and location.


My school is best known for being extremely liberal, and also the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. graduated from here, as well as the first woman to get a master's degree.


BU is a selective university that focuses on academics. There are plenty of student activites and sports at all levels, but nobody encourages you to join. You have to take initiative to get the best of this school, because its too big to be keeping track and encouraging everybody. The size does help in terms of variety of courses and things to do. Its not terribly unified in terms of student life (no football) but you can choose to involve yourself as much or as little as you want because its size provides that option.


BU's undergraduate program is notoriously scrappy for getting students jobs, especially in certain fields (media, management, medicine, performance arts). The student experience is near parity as far as hard-working/wild-partying with the Ivy Leagues across the river, which makes it sort of a bargain considering the friendly admission rates and better-than-average level of needs-based aid.


Our school is best known for it's international diversity. There are many interational students from all over the world in all of my classes and they add a lot to the culture and learning of the courses. Of course our school is also known for it's hockey program which is one of the top hockey programs in the nation.


For its ice hockey team and its diversity as well as its prestige and world accreditation.