Boston University Top Questions

What are the most popular classes offered?


The most popular classes are those not at 8-11 am. Other than that there is a History of Sex class that fills up quickly. Students also love the fitness classes offered by the University for credit. You can get swimming, golf, dance, snowboarding, etc.


Certain writing classes, which are taught by topic and required by almost every program at BU, get competitive. One of the classes is based off of The Colbert Report and I know it's hard to snag a spot in.


From what I know the most popular majors at BU are psychology, international relations, and going into School of Management for some type of business. I would say that popular required classes are the languages. Most people take the language that they began taking in high school, for me that was spanish, but there is a lot of different languages offered. As a psychology major I know that a lot of the popular classes are psych of personality, social psych, drugs and behavior, and abnormal psych.

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