Boston University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Boston University is a very good, tough school. It is very hard to get into and challenges you constantly. Boston is a great city to live in,


BU is in one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the country. Right next to Fenway Park and with the train (affectionately known as the T) traveling right through the center of campus, there is always something to do, things to see and people to meet.


I LOVE to brag to all of my friends about how much there is to do in Boston. Boston is on the smaller side as far as cities go, but it offers so much to do! I love being able to take the T or even walk to the Prudential Center (the Pru)! Marathon Monday is SO much fun, too! The whole city comes out to watch and support the runners, and you get the day off of school! Boston Commons is a great place to hang out and have a picnic too! Boston just has so much to offer!


I brag about the location and the urban feel of the campus. Boston University is in the heart of Boston and there is so much to do, see, and explore in the city. Boston and BU have so much history and there's always chances to learn something outside the classroom.


The thing I brag most about when telling my friends about my school is the study abroad opportunities Boston University has to offer. BU has over 35 destinations with not only study abroad opportunities, but also internships as well. Students can apply for either semester (fall or spring), can go abroad more than once or even for a full year. There are opportunities for the Pre-med students as well as the Engineering and Science majors, that aren't as common! More so, most people go abroad at least once during their undergraduate years in BU.


BU is the most diverse community I've ever been a part of, and I never expected to learn so much just by meeting so many different kinds of people. Also, since there are so many people, there's a club/organization for everyone, AND the food is pretty awesome-fresh, healthy, many vegetarian/vegan options. But the best part is probably just the city itself. BU is basically a microcosm of Boston--a beautiful, historical city that's clean, hip, progressive, diverse, cultured, fast-paced, spirited, and fun. And both have great sports.


I most definetly brag about the size of my campus the most. Coming from a small town from Wisconsin I was surprised that even over a couple mile stretch of campus I would bump into people I knew. Being in Boston I've learned that our world is as small as we make it and by continuing to make relationships we ourselves continue to grow. Boston University campus has opened my eyes to a new understanding of the phrase, "size doesn't matter."


Generally, when I brag about BU I talk about the great number of classes and majors which are available as well as the large number of resources. I also make it a note to mention the amazing number of student groups and activities that are available to participate in and the above par dining experience in the dining halls.


I brag about how amazing it is to live in the city of Boston. The experience of living in this city with my best friends is absolutely unreal. There is always somewhere new to go, something new to do. With all the different interests my friends have I always have options of new and exciting opportunities. I love that I am exposed to so much and am learning to be independent and a free-thinker.


When I tell my friends about Boston University, I definitely brag most about the amazing location. Sitting right on Commonwealth Avenue next to the Charles River, who wouldn't?! Not to mention the fantastic academic curriculum taught by outstanding professors. It really is an amazing place to study at.


There are so many things to do on and off campus, but mostly off-campus. Living in a college town like Boston is great because we can find fun stuff all over the city to do and there are always people our age there.


The thing I brag most about to my friends is the amazing experiences I am able to have by living in such a historically rich city. The sights I get to see are unbelievable and teach me so much about my surroundings. I also brag about the people I meet. They are so diverse and engaging, it helps me to learn from them as well as the city I live in. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such intelligent people whom i learn from every day.


The main thing I brag about most when I tell my friends about my school is how many opportunities Boston University can offer. Not only is it located in the middle of a big city with so many options for fun and work experience, but the school itself has something for everybody. There are over five hundred student clubs and organizations, ranging from club hockey, various dance teams, and even a "people watching club." Boston University has a place for everyone, no matter what interests them, and can definitely introduce you to new things.


I love the diversity present at Boston University. For example, the floor I live on in my dorm houses two girls from Canada, a boy from Morocco, and a boy from the Bahamas, as well as students from various regions within the United States. Each brings a different background, set of past experiences, and outlook to the table and opens my eyes to the world.


Boston University is an awesome place with tons of opportunities to excell in different aspects of life. Academically, socially, and athletically, this school offers it all in an urban, but not overwhelming, environment. I would recommend BU to almost anyone.


I brag most about the cost. Its not just important that I go to school; its important that I can afford it. At Boston University's Metropolitan College you can obtain a fulltime status and continue to pay a discounted rate.


Size, amount of girls, lab facilities, quality of education, opportunities in school and out of school, boston, fun, hockey


There are so many opportunities provided by being located in the city


Boston is a wonderful and beautiful city to go to school in. The classes aren't too difficult and are often interesting. The span of the seasons is spectacular here, and I've made some great friends here too. My dorm room is always cozy and warm and there are a million different places with great views to study on campus. My dorm is also a couple of minutes from downtown Boston which is always gorgeous and fun. Plus, the journalism program is one of the top in the country, which is why I decided to attend.


Martin Luther King, Jr. is an alumnus.


I brat most about the city of Boston, the alumni of BU, the liberal ideals and strong networks.


I brag about how good of a school it is both academically and athletically. I feel accomplished for having been accepted into such a great school and love telling people where I attend college when asked. My classes are challenging and I have a tough work load so doing well is all the more rewarding. I love bragging to my friends, especially those from Northeastern, that BU are the hockey east champions. Other bragging rights include having a brand new gym with numerous facilities available to students, such as racket ball courts, rock climbing wall, and even a lazy river!


the academics and the hockey team


I brag about how welcoming and fun it is. You easily find friends here and activities to do on campus. There may not always be social events like parties every weekend, but you can be guaranteed that you will find something fun to do. BU is also in the heart of Boston, and it's right by almost everything you could possibly need.


Boston is a great city to live in.


I brag most about my amazing professors, and the city of Boston itself. It is such a hub of cultural events, sports games, and history; I feel like I barely scratched the surface during my first year. It is an amazing place to go to school!


I always enjoy braging to my friends about the scholarly appeal of my school. I feel a great amount of pride when telling people the name of the school that i attend because it has a very good reputation of excellence. Also the fact that there is a large diversity at the school makes the ability to make friends eaisier.


the indepence i feel when i attend the school, on location right outside the city, accessibility to the city and other large cities on the east sea board.


It's in Boston with convenient access to other areas of the city and nearby attractions.


I don't brag about my school.


Top Notch programs, great city envirment, tons of fun.


the very strong science and liberal art program. Boston University has stronger academic program than Boston College.


The location -- Boston is a great town to study in because there are cultural and business opportunities not available in small, college-only towns.


When I speak to my friends about the Boston University, I brag about the big campus, and how accessisble it is to go to CVS, the banks, food places, Kinko and etc..... It's so easy to find my way around compared to many schools where I often get lost. In addition, the library have all the sourceful information to get my research papers done. It's important to me because I want to do well in school. I don't lack anything there, I feel blesssed and secured for God to have chosen me to go to Boston University!


The location is amazing for a city person; being immersed in a city keeps life interesting. We also have an amazing Orientation program.


The immense number of extra-curricular activities available to students.


BU has a great rep, great professors, and is a very difficult school. Most people get great jobs upon graduating.


BU was fantastic because it was so big there were always lots of choices. There were never problems getting into the classes you needed, and no wierd restrictions/prerequistites on half the classes. There were some huge lecture, but most classes were small and contained lots of discussions. Plus, being right in the middle of Boston is great; there was always something to do - a museum to go to, a show, shopping, etc.


You have to have better grades to get in, supposedly.


That it is far from home. It's large and makes it easy to get lost.


i dont know


Our "FitRec" is huge, almost brand new, and state of the art. It's great. Agganis Arena (hockey, concerts, etc.) is also amazing. Being right near the center of Boston is something to take advantage of as well, with easy ways of getting everywhere (methods of transportation). Most of my professors wrote the books we use in class, which is nice because it let's us as students know they are advanced in their respective fields.


The amazing food on campus, how awesome it is to live in the city and always have something to do but sitll not feel overwhelmed by its size like in New York, how much there is going on especially with my sorority, and the people.


I mostly brag about our alumni, and some of the famous professors we have on campus. BU can be an amazing place, but it is also easy to take for granted. Now I mostly talk about the resources that are at your fingertips when you attend a large school like BU. The study abroad program was definitely my favorite part of attending BU.


How amazing our College of Communications is. The film program. Our incredible study abroad programs (especially the internship programs with satellite campuses).


The friends I've made


I brag about the being in the School of Management because it is an excellent school. I also brag about the location and the resources we can take advantage of by being so close to the city. If all else fails, I can brag about living across the street from Fenway Park.


Excellent teachers, great environment in Boston, excellent facilities, awesome hockey team


The level of education that I hope to get from this school, and how it will hopefully help me in life later


Our College of Communications is one of the best in the nation. Martin Luther King Jr. went here. We have a new gym/fitrec. We are in the city, near a river, near Fenway park. There is a lot of colleges/young people around Boston.