Boston University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Everyone and anyone, BU doesn't have one "type" for it's students. I loved it because it was so diverse, full of people from nearly every point of the world, all studying different fields from Fine Arts to Pre-Med, from Management to International Relations, from Education to Hospitality. I've met shy people, outgoing people, people from small towns, people from big cities. Just be sure to be serious about your academics and have experience in/be willing to be involved in your community, and you're all set to apply!


It depends on what kind of major they want to pursue and their work ethic. For example, if they are trying to pursue a nursing degree at CSULB, one must be entirely commited to studying. They must not be the type to go out and party on thursday, friday, or saturday nights. In general, they must be hard working, open-minded, tolarant of other ethnicities and beliefs. In addition, the people attending this school should be interested in exploring all that this school has to offer.




A person with a strong high school background should attend this school.


A person who needs variety and diversity. Gay or lesbian students are a norm at BU. A person who wants many options and loves being around educated and altenative people.


People who want to challenge themselves and can manage a good amount of work. There's a lot of reading involved, and work can be a bit tough at times. This goes especially for people interested in science and engineering majors. Classes like chemistry, bio, and physics require lots of work. If you're up for the challenge, and you think you can handle the work load, then BU might be for you.


Boston University is a school that prides itself in admitting students that havean interest in a wide variety of subjects. A BU student should be well rounded and excited about learning each day, embracing the numerous resources availiable at BU and in the city of Boston. I find that students who are willing to study and understand the wealth of knowledge in the past and apply it to the rapidly changing technology of the future, illustrate a proud BU student. Going here is more than attending class and doing homework. It is showing passion and the willingness to be different.


Someone who wants an urban environment and a challenging academic courseload. Boston University is the ideal school for people who want to be in a city but not overwhlemed by the city. In order to do well, you need to be fairly outgoing and friendly because it is easy to get lost in the crows if you dont try and distinguish yourself.


Someone who is dedicated and knows what they want from their education. BU is a school for specialists and you will leave prepared for a life in your respective field. Students should be sure of what they want to do because it costs a lot of money to be here, but if you know how to work the system, it is well worth the money. For many professions it is the best school to go to, but it takes dedication and passion. It also takes charisma, as networking is essential to any field.


You should attend BU if you really want to live in an urban environment. People who are going to take advantage of everything that Boston has to offer will really benefit from BU's location. Since BU is such a big school, you often have to figure things out on your own. There is a strong, helpful support system for undergrads, but it helps to take initiative and solve problems on your own. People who are motivated and ready to experience life in a vibrant city should attend BU!


The type of person that should attend Boston University is someone who has good time management skills and the necessary tools to attend a competitive and prestigious university. If you are able to handle independence and freedom and also manage your free time to your benefit, you will make a good impression on this school.


A student who is academically focused, curious, well-written, and open to acedemic opportunties should attend BU.


It's really good for introverts and extroverts. There are programs and activities for students of all majors, religions, races, ethnicities and personalities.


Boston University attracts many different types of people. There is no specific type of person who should attend BU.


Wealthy kids who know what they want to do with their life so that they don't waste time or ruin their GPA's on classes they won't need.


People who know what they want and are ambitious about getting it. People who don't mind a very large school that quickly turns into a very small world.


Serious and hard working students but at the same time students who enjoy having fun.


Boston offers some really great professional opportunities to Boston Universtiy students. The kind of person that should attend BU is a person who wants to gain professional experience just as much as they want a college degree. It would be a waste of time to be in Boston and not go for several internships while on campus. Students with leadership skills and confidence succeed at BU.


someone who enjoys being in the city. Very fast paced. Outgoing. Won't shy away from big crowds. Likes hockey!


Someone who is willing to get out of their comfort zone and be directly placed into the city of Boston. There is always something to do, so it takes a lot of discipline to pass up activities to get schoolwork done. Be adventorous but remember the main goal of going to such a prestigious , expensive school as BU is to get an education.


Boston University is perfect for a student seeking an independent lifestyle and an open-minded environment. Students looking for choices and options will find them at Boston University. One should be driven to succeed on his/her own. With a student body of almost 20,000 undergrads and a campus spanning two miles down the busy Commonwealth Avenue of Boston, it can be easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle. Being self-motivated is a must ; there are so many activites to choose from, and one will miss out if he/she doesnt seek them out.


Someone who is self assured and confident in who they are. Also someone who is very independent, motivated and hardworking.


Boston University is definitely a big university in the heart of the city of Boston. Although there are over 16,000 undergraduates, there are literally 3 degrees of separation on this campus. Everyone knows everyone and if you don't know someone, your best friend probably does. It is a great University to attend if you want to meet a lot of people, do a lot of hard learning, live in a great college city and be successful at it all!


those who are outgoing and often actively involved with activities should go.




People who like the city and that like history


Exemely independent, self motivated, wealthy person.


A person who is driven and socially conscious. Teachers and faculty do not baby students. People with undecided majors are okay though because advisers are very helpful and willing to answer many questions pertaining to planning out a field of study.


An independent person who values diversity and enjoys an urban life should choose to attend B.U. Boston University most fits self-motivated people.


Someone who is absolutely dedicated to art and can't see themselves doing anything else for the next four years.


BU is so diverse anyone could fit in. Although if you're use to warm weather you'll be in for a shock come January in Boston!


Someone who is looking for a city campus; someone who is willing to be self-driven, and who goes for what he or she wants.


Someone who's open-minded and doesn't mind a large campus that's integrated with the city. There's a lot of diversity at the school and in the city. If you're idea of college is green lawns/hills and tress everywhere, don't come here.


One that can make friends easily, is outgoing, and loves a big city.


Stuck-up, closed minded, liberal, unfriendly, alcoholic, lazy, immoral, unethical, don't care about learning, school, grades, the world, others, or their futures. Selfish, white, rich, jewish. Complains constantly, annoying, hates anything that is different from them. Students at this school lack any sense of culture or worldly experience. They tear down those that have different belifes, and don't respect others who differ from them. The are only in college because their rich parents are paying for them to go here. They skip classes, don't do homework, never study, and only drink, party, and sleep around.


Someone who is independent and will take initative to find opportunities that will enhance their experience. You have to be proactive in finding and pursuing experiences.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is used to a city enviroment and can cope with the constant the business of the city intergrated campus. They should also be academically driven since the school is very expensive and most of the students care very much about their grades. Other than that there is no specific type of person who wouldn't fit in at Boston University.


People who LOVE cities, love to be busy and meet TONS of people. Who wont be intimidated easily


Strong academic achievers should consider attending Boston University. An enormous number of majors are offered here and the school is large enough to provide great facilities and labs. People who enjoy a diverse student body will feel right at home here. Every race, gender and sexuality is represented here. There is an immense number of student groups to engage in, but they are by no means required in order to have a robust social life.


people who like the city


a libral hard working driven wordly individual


Extroverted, focused people should attend this school. Your experience here is based upon what you put into it. You will succeed academically if you want to. You will have fun if you want to. It's just about balancing the two.


BU is perfect for someone who really wants to be in a city, constantly meet new people, and try new things. It?s very large and very academically challenging so it?s perfect for people who want to be challenged academically and prepared for life after college while maintaining a good social life.


Someone not afraid to be on their own


Someone who doesn't mind the cold. Studious/some-what studious people. Students at BU know how to party and how to keep up with their school work at the same time. People who are not timid/too shy. People who like to meet others and share their opinions with others.


A student needs to be sure of themselves ro attend BU. Help is available but you have to be driven to survive here. If a person gets along with lots of people and is open to anything they will fit in, its not a place for those who learn better in small groups.