Boston University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is that professors are not as available as I would have liked them to be.


Not sure... maybe the fact that it IS big sometimes is frustrating in that errors can often be made in the records/accounts departments, but just a quick call usually clears things up easily. But it's not frustrating in a way that makes you feel like you're lost as a number in the crowd. Because you tend to see the same people all the time in class and in social groups, it doesn't actually feel big at all!


The level of grade deflation.


I would say the most frustrating thing about my school is that it does not give out enough financial aid to those who need it. Although I was given financial aid, unfortunately some of my good friends and colleagues are forced to take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans that they will have to pay back for years after they graduate.


The dumb freshman biddies. Please do not be one. Dont where a short skirt in 20 degree weather. Don't comple a million walk of shames your first year. Stay classy.


I wish that the school was less expensive, but there is a lot of financial aid available.


I'd have to say the most frustrating thing is the guest policy. The guest policy is very strict and thoroughly enforced. I think it's kind of a rough especially with Boston being a collge town.


The guy to girl ratio is very upsetting. There is a ridiculous number of girls and not that many guys. Also, it would be nice if people were willing to keep making friends even if they are already in an established friend group. Also, we don't really have a campus so a sense of community is lost.




The most frustrating thing about being at BU is that it seems very impersonal at times. BU is a big school of about 16,000 students so making new friends after the first semester can be hard. I encourage everyone to join a club or organization or get an on-campus job so that you can continue to meet new students instead of getting stuck into the same routine with the same people. It's important to have a good base of friendships, but don't forget to branch out and make new friends!


Chemistry 101/102 is ridiculously hard, and basically all of your time is put into it. Also you'll see people who aren't science majors always leaving to go have fun and party, when you can't.


Although I loved going to a big school, Boston University has a lot of students; some people you will only meet once, then never see them again and some classes are a bit large.


The most frustrating thing about Boston University is the cost of fees and tuition. The university is absolutely amazing and offers so much to foster networking and growth academically, professionally, and socially. After my first year there I understood why the university expenses are high: its awesome!! Everything about the campus is cared for and looked after. The little details are made to stand out. However the cost of tuition and fees makes it difficult and frustrating for me to attend.


The school operates as more of a business than a school, help for students in situations that do not allow them to make a profit is scarce.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how big it is. Going to college in an urban city means that you dont have the advantage of having the college grouped together. The length of Boston University's campus is several miles long, so sometimes it makes certain buildings more diffcult to access depending on where you are


The most frustrating thing is having a professor who does not care. It makes their class unbearable to sit through because if they don't care about the students or what they are teaching, then why should I?


The most frusturating the about BU is its size. While there are many benefits to attending a large university, one problem is that it is easy to get lost amongst the crowd. You are in charge of your own experience at BU, and you have the option to make the most of it or not. Nobody is going to tell you to do anything, so you need to decdide what you want and be proactive about achieving it.


Due to the long, skinny "campus" that's cut in half by a highway, and the surrounding city, there barely a student presence on campus. Unless a class is really tightly knit and small (which is rare) it's difficult to meet people, when half the school is only on campus for class anyway, and 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of social activity happens elsewhere in the city. You would think that this age of living on the internet would make it easier to be connected, but really, I just want some face time!


It is humungous


that the RAs are very strict with drinking in the dorms and they love to call cops/ hospital at first sign of anything so need to chill out and realise that people (who are underage) will drink at college (and get very drunk) and jsut let it be when no one is being hurt. As they usually catch them when they are returning from a night out and all they want to do is go to bed, not have a big deal with the system of BU


Boston University is a very big school. It can sometimes be difficult to find your place as one student. Luckily there are tons of students groups on campus. There are sports, arts, major-related groups, and many more. I am a member of Stage Troupe, an undergraduate theatre group for non-majors. It has been in existance for over 60 years. I have met some of my best friends through Stage Troupe and I have had the opportunity to work on incredible shows. I would highly recommend joining a group to become more involved at Boston University.


The most frustrating thing about BU is the cost of tuition and the cost of living in Boston. A degree at BU is one of the most expensive degrees in the world. If you don?t have financial aid, and I don?t, BU is a hard place to be.


It is easy to get tangled up in all the red tape at BU. No one looks out for you like you do, especially in such a large school. If you want to get something done (a major change, declaration of a minor, get into a class, etc...) get ready to push your way through a bunch of academic departments. It takes a lot of phone calls and office visits to make things happen.


The length of the campus.


Boston University has one of the highest tuition rates of schools in the nation, yet still overcharges students in living fees, overpays its higher administration, and fails to help them in dealing with the high cost of living in an urban environment.


There is not a career center set up to help students that are graduating without a specific point of study such as engineering or business.


Boston University costs way too much and doesn't offer quite enough financial aid.


financial aid and paperwork when it comes to something out of the ordinary


I often wondered who had written my peers' entrance essays or whether the Admissions Office had bothered to read them. I wish I had studied in a place where students were excited to be there; the place felt like a degree factory sometimes, with minimal consequences for intellectually lazy people (I felt myself slipping into laziness while there, too).


The most frustrating thing about BU is that some science or computer labs will have old and outdated equipment, while some others in the business or engineering schools will have state-of-the-art technology.


i live off campus in an apartment with my friends and commuting to class is very frustrating because the transportation system in boston is kind of badly run. also - grade deflation - sometimes no matter how hard you work you cannot do well in a class here.


The expensive cost to attend school and poor quality of housing.


The administration is no help, and really doesn't care about student concerns. For example, there was an out break of bed bugs in my dorm and administration failed to notify the whole building. Instead, I learned from the school paper. This, in Massachusetts, is a violation of the health code, and yet the school blew me off when I complained. And they can get away with it too. They are more concerned with image than the students.


Besides hockey sports are not a big deal. It would be great to go to a huge tailgate for a football game. Or have a basketball team in the NCAA tournament.


Not a lot of racial diversity. Also the advisors aren 't as supportive in some cases.


There is a lot of paperwork and red tape just because it is a larger school. It isn't so bad once you learn the system, but it can be annoying.


Too big, not enough structure. Too big- not enough individual attention.


The housing selection process, but it will probably get better as a new dorm is opening next year.


I am enrolled in a popular major and a lot of my classes are very large. I wish that I had closer relationships with my teachers and that more of my classes were discussion based.


Many wealthy students, which I am not.




There is not too much of a campus atmosphere, because it's so big.


Not very social.


Since it is a city school and a big campus, I found public transportation very frustrating.


The school does not offer much financial aid and they have continuously raised the price since I have been attending. While their work study program does offer a chance to make some extra money, my workload is so heavy that my free time to work is very small.


BU is so huge, you will rarely find flexibility/accomodation on their part.


Also one of the things I love most... there is little actual campus and common place for all students to congrugate.