Boston University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How important it is to become involved in clubs/organizations. BU is a large school (30k+) with an open campus. It is easy to become isolated/forgotten in the crowd of students. Participating in interst groups is an important way to connect with others.


I wish I had known how important it is to get involved with extracurriculars and how important it is to find a balance.


I wish I had known how much walking I would be doing everyday.


I am starting in the fall, but I wish I had remembered just how much work goes into getting ready for school. All the financial details and papaer work are very important and I think a lot of students forget how much of that there ends up being. It is important to be organized and dedicated even before classes start.


Before I came to this school, I wish I had known what extra curriculars I would want to get into. Boston University is a very large school and sometimes it is easy to be interesting in everything and not have enough time to do one thing in particular. However, the diversity of extra curricular activities makes the school that much better (in my opinion).


Boston is a great place to go to school, but sometimes the transition from living at home to living with roommates can be too much. I wish I knew how to manage my time better as a freshman and that created a physical schedule to balance the time I needed to study and have fun. I also wish I formulated a spending budget at the beginning the year. If I had I probably could've avoided frivolous spending on items that I didn't need or later regretted.


I wish I had known how important it is to make friends freshman year.


More about the East Coast


I don't really know...maybe that it's not the newest and renovated school ever. And how the T is sometimes not that reliable.


How big it really is, it can be really overwhelming and lonely at times but after a while its nice not to know everyone on the street or feel obliged to talk to people all the time


I wish I had been more motivated to join clubs and activities. There are tons on campus and it is so easy to get involved.


Nothing, the universtiy was exactly what I thought it would be, great!


I wish I had known all the extracurriculars there are here at BU, because I could have decided what groups to join quicker, and I could have joined more.


I wish I had known more about campus housing, and how to organize my classes better because I found that doing a 4-4-2 system is better. The 4-4-2 system is where you take four classes each semester and then two classes during the summer to ease the workload of an engineering program.


I wish I would've known more about the large number of classes which were available to me. Initially, I had an idea of the large number there were but in actuality I underestimated the exact number which there were. Had I known this, I feel I would've academically gotten more out of my first semester as a freshman.


I wish I had known how easy it is to follow the crowd, and how important it is to be true to who I am and who I was raised to be. I wish I had been informed that there is no reason to hide your beliefs becaus of what others will think because the most important thing is that you are comfortable with who you are and what anybody else thinks shouldn't phase you.


Before coming to Boston University, I wish I had known the importance of making a conscious effort to create relationships. Yes, this seems like common sense, but BU is unique in the sense that it is sprawled out in an urban setting. Though our buildings are everywhere, sometimes it is extremely difficult to find good friends because there aren't a lot of places to gather. So, in order to find those new best friends, you have to be creative, friendly, and absolutely willing to put yourself out there.


The city of Boston is essentially the campus of Boston University, which indubitably provides an educational and multicultural playground. Although the city bustles with exciting people and activities, it can be effortless to squander money. It is unfortunate that there are few activities in Boston that do not depend upon human consumption. I wish I had known that social occupations would be so expensive and that urban life is so seductive in its means to enthrall and impoverish.


I wish I would have known how immature and inexperienced I was. I quickly found out that I knew little about the way the world worked and how I could express exactly who I am. I was prepared for college academically, but not at all socially. I went through a radical identity crisis my first year of college, which I feel I could have been more prepared for if I had not been so ignorant and sheltered in my home town. Now, I am very happy with who I am now and I definitely went to the right school.


I wish I had known how much trouble I would have making friends in such a large school.


At BU you must be prepared to work VERY hard. Professors talk very quickly, and you need effective, yet EFFICENT notes. Majority of information you need to know will come from your lecture/reading notes. It is important to review these weekly to do well on your midterm exams. It takes 16 times for you to look at something and to fully understand it. Reviewing all material weekly will help you excel during your exams. Also, take advantage of writing centers and tutors, even if you think you dont need it - they improve your grades immensely!


I wish I had known BU is a highly urban campus-there are high rise buildings, traffic and crowded sidewalks all around. However, there are also some peaceful areas, such as Boston Commons, and great seating in parks around the Charles River, which help to alleviate the stress of feeling over crwoded on Commonwealth ave.


Nothing. Yeah, it might have been nice to know that without your ID you can't get back into dorms, but then I would never have met Megan, the cute Sophomore that signed me in and explained the rules to me. And knowing the geography of Boston might have helped, but then I wouldn't have gotten lost on that run and found that awesome park along the Charles. And maybe I could have know more math, but then I wouldn't have met Nick, John, or Cait, my current roomates and best friends. I like how things turned out.


How extremely weathly most students are who attend this school.


I wish I had known that everything would be great and that this school was the best choice. It would have been nice to have been more certain, I would not have worried as much.


How professors will curve any class to a C+ reguardless of the calibur of students.


I wish i knew the strength and weakness of the urban, large university. Sometimes, it is just difficult for some people to fit in a community with so many people.


more about who to go to for help and about what


I wish I had known how difficult college courses could be. There were a few close calls my freshman year because I didn't realize that my grade would depend on only one or two tests. It's a huge adjustment from high school.


I wish I had known what the College of Communications offered. I never would have been an English Major I would have gone straight to communications to specialize in what I really want to do. I also wish I knew more about how to get internships. Northeastern has a better program for placing people into internships and giving them real life experience in career fields.


I wish someone had told me to be sure to attend all of the activities put on by the school including spring block parties and city excursions. I also wish I had been advised where the best places to meet people were and which clubs are the most fun to get involved in, such as the intramurals. Some things that I am glad I was told are to attend office hours with teachers and to get involved in student-to-student tutorials.


About the different colleges within BU


That people would be so snobby.


I wish I realized the severity of the financial burden I was placing on my family and myself by attending such an expensive school. I would recommend potential students do extensive research and soul -searching on what they look for in a college. While I love everything about my school, my financial situation remains a constant strain on my family. If you choose to attend an expensive school, make sure you choose a career that will allow you to repay your loans.


I wish i knew more about the city of Boston... It is soo beautiful


I wish I had known about the grade deflation.


That the alcohol policy is incredibly strict and the punishments are above and beyond those of any of my friends schools. It, sad but true, really hinders the social life of underage students.


I wish I had known how much more difficult and serious college coursework was, and that I had been more aware of the resources and research opportunities available at the school.


I wish I had known the value of getting involved in extracurricular activities. That is the best way to meet people, since students don't tend to socialize much in class.


I wish I had understood the importance of internships. Take advantage of the DC internship program and use the summers to do any internships possible!


I wish I had known it was better to live in the freshman dorms in order to meet more people, even if you can get in to a better dorm with upperclassmen.


I wish I had a true sense of how expensive it would be to attend a city school like Boston University. It is extremely populated with upper-middle class students and things tend to get very pricey.


I wish I had know all of the opportunities that I had of living in Boston. I had to find them all out on my own, slowly. But exploring the city has been fun!


I don't really know. There was a period of adjustment but I can't think of anything specific


I got enough information from tours that I feel that I knew everything i needed to about the school.


more information. i didnt know anything. more about financial aid


That the financial aid was so bad


Winter gets pretty bloody cold.




That there were Tutoring services and you should get a tutor for Gen. Chem.