Bowdoin College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Bowdoin College is known for its food.


My school is probably best known for its superb academics. The professorts there demand hard work and intense thinking from their students, but they are also always happy to help a student out when he or she is having trouble with a concept. Bowdoin is also almost equally well known for its excellent dining services. We ranked #1 in the country by the Princeton Review for best cafeteria food last year, and we ranked #6 overall in liberal arts schools. You could say that I am pretty much completely in love with my school.


It's academic intensity and atheleticism.


Being a smalll, liberal arts school in Maine. Albeit a rigorous, expensive one, but a great school nonetheless.


Weather. Academics. Sports.


Amazing food, great teachers and small teacher/student ratio. Great sports teams (except for football). Classes are very hands-on focused. Financial aid was good. Strong students who also know how to have fun.


Some famous alums (Hawthorne, Longfellow). Also amazing food (either #1 or #2 rated). Very generous with financial aid for those who qualify.


Providing great opportunities and small class sizes.


Bowdoin is known for the strength of its academics and the quality of its alumni. Its acceptance rate is one of the lowest in the country and it is generally presumed that a Bowdoin graduate will be successful after a grueling four years here. Especially in the past few years Bowdoin has been praised for its work in improving campus sustainability as well.


Apparently my school is known for being small, cold, and good because Joshua Chamberlain went there.


strong academics, friendly students, encouraging professors, and active lifestyle

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