Bowdoin College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Bowodoin is a place for students who are going to work hard. Some people say the hardest part about Bowdoin is getting in, but I don't agree. Once you're there the course load is really tough. It should be! We're paying a lot to be there so we should be pushed to our limits. Bowdoin is not a college for someone who wants to party all the time.


Someone who wants to have access to professors and be surrounded by a diverse student population. There is an equal amount of academic rigor as well as social requirements that you need to weigh. Bowdoin is very strong academically and will be a great place to pursue any study, but you have to be motivated to do your best and doors will open for you.


Someone that is openminded and flexible will deal well with the unique mix of socioeconomic and ethnic cultures as well as the environment of small town Maine.


Someone who is very academically inclined and wants a close-knit college community without the distraction of a campus in the city.


someone who likes small classes where there is a lot of discussions and attention on you and constant contact and access with professors. Students should like a very academic environment and small close knit communities. you'll be in a pretty isolated surburb with enough to do, but will lack access to the big city, so if that is not something you're used to, be prepared for a new experience.


Someone who likes nature, the cold, hard academic work, a lack of fraternities and sororities, and small classes.


High-Betas and Low-Alphas open to the experience of college as a developmental exercise on top of an intense learning experience, and who are willing to engage both the faculty and their peers intellectually, socially, and emotionally.


someone who enjoys outdoor activities, challenging academics, and is not reliant on a city lifestyle


An academically driven individual who is goal oriented and has high career goals.

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