Bowdoin College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


someone who does not like attention on them during classes, who want s to have large classes and wants to be in a big city. Someone who does not like being in cold temperatures.


Bitter, almost-Ivies with chips on their shoulders and the perception that "compromise" is a four-letter word. Anybody too intensely devoted to a particular aspect of an education- be it intellectual, social, or emotional, and is therefore stilted by their own resistence to the enviroment.


You shouldn't attend Bowdoin if you are looking for a metropolitian party school, or if you don't take your academics seriously. While Bowdoin is a liberal arts school it had core requirements from a broad range of subjects, so don't go to this school if you want to focus only on your major. If you like warm places, don't go here. However, if you enjoy the outdoors and see the cold weather as an opportunity to ski, skate, and make snowpeople, Bowdoin a good place for that.


Someone who is not willing to fully devote themselves to both academics, and extracurricular activities. This place is a waste of your time, and a HUGE amount of money if you don't apply yourself.

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