Bowdoin College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Bowdoin has a great evironment. Students are competative with themselves but are more than willing to help others. The community is tight-knit and friendly.


The guys. All of the guys are really down to earth good people and fun to hang out with. The facilities are also beautiful and well maintained. The location is wonderful, it is clean and beautiful.


The relationships between students, staff, and professors is incredible. All are engaged with with each other. Students are routinely invited to professor's homes for meals, assist them in research, art installations, or attend conferences together. Informal conversations and meetings are opportunities for bonding and learning. Even paper workshops or or individual exam reviews take place over coffee or dinner.


Quality of life--the food is amazing, the housing is pretty great, the support systems are impressive.


The people. From the minute you get here everyone is very helpful and nice. The weekends are also great, although they can get somewhat repetitive. I have definitely made my best friends here. The reputation of the school is up there too.


Best week of the year!


Lobsters are synonymous with Maine.

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