Bowling Green State University-Firelands Top Questions

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.


One BG tradition is the "chuck a duck" fundraiser from the Men's Chorus. A bunch of guys in swim gear in a hot tub in late November-early December run after ducks for a dollar. That's one throw per dollar, but if you give two, you can throw it twice! Last year a guy gave $50 and the choir member had to run all the way to the football field and back! Needless to say, that's a wonderful spectator sport. Another BG tradition is the howl or, as one could call it, the "werewolf howl". If you're walking the campus at night, howl at the sky, and usually someone will howl back. It's a fun game to play while you're doing nothing else :) (It also can keep you up at night, so close your window. Just a hint.) The final tradition I know about is BG's spirit crew, or "SicSic". The official secret organization on campus. No one really knows who's behind the masks of the mysterious spirit crew, but they show up every and anywhere an event is being held on campus. When they sign up for SicSic, as legend goes, they never leave the crew, and they go to a secret location to put on the masks that very few have discovered....