Bowling Green State University-Firelands Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Bowling Green has fairly good-sized classes, anywhere from my smallest class of 30 to my largest class of 150. This is compared to 350-500 per class at Ohio State. All of my professors know my name, but that is because I strive to make myself known. My favorite class is Japanese, simply because i love the language. My least favorit class is compute science however, because my professor is boring. He's the one i dislike the most. But 4 out of 5 of my teachers are good professors. My professors are busy, and i don't spend any time out of class with them. The syllabi are often changed to reflect the speed of the class as well, so the first syllabus you get won"t be final. BG is changing to a new education style based on what employers want next year, so the learning will be much more job-focused.


BGSU is a huge school of education majors. We were founded as a teacher college, and we’re currently the largest teacher-producer in the state of Ohio. Some other popular majors: sports management, psychology, biology, business, and anything in the College of Arts and Sciences. The majority of BGSU students take academics seriously…but not too seriously. We know we’re coming here to get an education and prepare ourselves for the real world, but we want to have fun too. Students and professors interact a lot during class. On average, our professors are interesting people and conduct cool classes. Of course, there are some bad professors and some fantastic ones too. All our professors must have office hours each week, which means they have certain times they have to be available to help students. I feel bad for them because nobody ever goes to office hours until the week or so before exams.