Bowling Green State University-Firelands Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular groups on Bowling Green State's campus are...fraternities/sororities. Quite a few students, especially freshmen, join in the fall "rush" to join the Greek life. The second would be sports, and I know several guys that play an NCAA or an intramural sport. It depends on which dorm you live in whether you leave your door open or not. Most of the non air-conditioned freshman dorms have at least someone in every wing that constantly keeps their door open. The dating scene is awesome for girls, but especially for guys. Girls outnumber guys 3 to 1 on campus, and you can always find a date on the weekends at one of the clubs or bars downtown.If I'm personally awake at 3am, I am working on homework, or wasting time on StumbleUpon. An annual BG Tradition is the rivalry with the University of Toledo at homecoming. We run the football along the highway that separates the two schools to each stadium in the annual "ball run" before the homecoming game. We also hold falcon fest, an annual festival in September each year that showcases the various organizations on campus and serves as a sort of hiring fair as well. There are several games on Saturday night to keep you occupied, and the biggest party night here is actually Thursday night.


5 things you’ll most likely find a BGSU student doing during the week or on the weekend: 1) going to a home sporting event 2) partying/going to the bars downtown 3) participating in some sort of event for a student organization (like Dance Marathon) 4) going to Toledo 5) going to “the small” 1) Varsity sports on campus are fun to go to. If you’re a student at BGSU, you can swipe your ID and get into any home sporting event for free. That includes everything, even football, basketball, and hockey!!! Our best teams: football, women’s basketball, and women’s tennis. We play in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) with schools like OU, Miami of Ohio, Kent State, Akron U, Toledo (our rival), Northern Illinois, and so on. One problem is that students tend to lack a lot of school spirit. Most of our students cheer for Ohio State and wear OSU clothes. The University is trying to change that, which I hope works. 2) Sometimes there just isn’t anything to do in BG. Partying is a big option. As a student, you know that drinking is going on. If you want to party, you can definitely get your fill. Lots of fraternities have parties but unless you're in the fraternity or a girl, you probably aren't welcome. Aside from that, there are tons of non-Greek parties. It's REALLY dumb to party on campus because it's so easy to get caught. Most students just go to houses and apartments off campus. At the same time, if you don’t want to party, it’s cool and no one will care too much. 3) There are a bunch of student organizations. We have a cool event called Campus Fest during the second week of school. During that, all of our 325+ student orgs set up a booth around the Student Union. You walk around, grab free stuff, and sign up for things you want to participate in. That’s how you find out about basically everything. Intramural and club sports are pretty big here. We have typical intramurals but we also have some unique ones like cornhole and water polo. We have a lot of club sports too, so if you want to be more competitive and travel some, try out for that. Our students are really into Dance Marathon. It take almost the entire academic year to plan. It takes place during the spring semester and is a 32-hour event that raises money for Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo. Other popular student organizations relate to Greek life. About 13% of our students are Greek. If you’re Greek, that’s cool and you’ll meet a lot of people. If you’re not Greek, you’re not going to feel left out and you’ll still meet a lot of people. 4) Toledo is only about 20 minutes away, so it’s quick to travel there. They have a huge mall, places to eat, and just a lot more than BG because Toledo is a lot bigger. 5) “The Small” is actually called Woodland Mall, and it’s located in BG. While there’s just about nothing in the mall, there is a movie theater that only charges $4.25 (even for brand new movies) and $2.25 for matinees. Anywhere else would be 10 bucks easy. That’s a fantastic deal.