Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Bowling Green State University is known for holding the practice field that the Cleveland Browns football team used from 1946 to 1951. The Browns thanked the university for letting them use the field by addopted their colors, orange and brown, from Bowling Green State University. There now stands a bell tower where the fifty yard line of the practice field use to be.


School Spirit. Top Education and Sport Management programs.


Their education program.


This isn't an official tradition at BGSU to the best of my knowledge. But if you ever find yourself walking back from class late at night you'll be sure to hear students somewhere off in the distance howling! If you return a howl they usually either cheer or howl back it can be kinda humorous.


My school is best known for its outstanding education program. Bowling Green started out as a "normal" college, otherwise known as a teacher school. Since BG has had 100 years of experience with education, the program is one of the best in the nation. Getting a degree in education at Bowling Green is like getting a law degree at Harvard. The education classes that I have taken so far are excellent, and I look forward to continuing my teacher education here at Bowling Green.


Bowling Green State University is well known for its Education department, and as that is the program that I am enrolled in, which makes me very excited to develop my teaching abilities.


If i were to say what my school were best known for it would have to be that there is not a huge amount of diversity. There needs to be more different races there.




From what I have gathered, BGSU is best known for its education program, among its other programs. From a variety of sources I've learned that BGSU is also known for its learning communities, which I can personally say provide an excelent experience for students, both in and out of the classroom. The weather is typical of Northwest Ohio and the surrounding area which can windy at times because it is surrounded by rather flat land.


My school is best known for it's learning communities. Despite the size of the school the teacher to student ration is small. The teachers are very knowledgable and open to the students allowing students to get a great learning experience. BGSU has been ranked as one of the best colleges in education. Sports also identifies BGSU due to the greatness of it's players and teams.


My school is best known for the Music Education program. The School of Music is the largest school by the number of students therein. Outside of academics, the school is best known for the cold, windy, and baron winters!


Bowling Green State University is best known for their Undergraduate Education Program.


BGSU is best known for its business college sales team that placed 5th in the nation in the National Collegiate Sales Competition, APICS team that captured 2nd place in their international case competition, Beta Alpha Psi who earned ?superior chapter? for the 35th time, a record 2nd to only one other college in the U.S., our student chapter of the American Marketing Association that placed in the Top 8% in the world, and finance students who won 6th place in the University Investment Research Challenge among North and South America teams: added together, gives us an excellent business college!


Bowling Green State University is one of the nation's first to offer a PhD program in photochemical science.


Diversity and community.


My school is best known for its academic achievements and help with those academics. Also, Bowling Green has a very highly favored Business school.


An outstanding education program


The small college town is very embracing to college students.


Our school is best known for its education program


One on one help with instructors and a possative hands on atmosphere that focuses more on career than academics.


Our school spirit and small school feel are what make BG so desireable for many students. Our school takes pride in the athletics, arts and students. Every student has good things to say about BG.


Education and music majors




It's a great academic school.


We are best known for our Educcation, and I guess we just passed our NCATE accredidation, and OSU didn't pass theirs! So, my professor told me that our diploma is worth more than theirs!!!!


School spirit and smiling faces, I have not met one person here that I do not like.


BGSTD that we were a university that reported our amount of sexually transmitted dieases.


Other than being a party school, it's well know for its education, fine arts, and business programs and sports. Student life is pretty good.- there are numerous and diverse organizations and clubs. There's also lots of programming, speakers, concerts, and success series. Thee are also several living/learning communities that get great press. There's also a number of great safe sex, rape prevention, body imagine, counseling, and health programs.


it gets really cold and snowy in the winter. its almost always windy out. there are always partys. we have a good business department


the teaching program they offer


Bowling Green State University is best known for its spirit. On any given day, half of the people you see will be wearing some item with the BG logo on it. At all of the sporting events, you can expect an incredibly large spirite section, all decked out in their orange and brown. This school takes great pride in itself.


It's best known for our artistic talent and our football team, the Falcons.


Perfect size with alot of attivities. The dorms and food are great. Many social ativity groups to join.


Bowling Green State University has a horrible reputation for reporting many cases of STD's; however, they also provide treatment for these conditions in a manner that allows students to receive treatment without letting parents know about the issues. This policy encourages students to practice safe-sex and get tested regularly for harmful illnesses. Bowling Green is known as the home of the Olympic Skater Scott Hamilton.


Our school is known a lot for our art programs and the education department. They are also known as a school that parties a lot. Our campus is known for having heavy winds, being cold and getting a lot of snow as well.