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BGSU has opened my eyes to different ways of thinking to be able to look through different lens and perspectives. Though it was not my first choice I have come to love Bowling Green and the campus because of the close knit, small feeling big campus mentality. It offers a great greek system, which is in turn my strongest support system at the same time offering great community service events and amazing friends.


Bowling Green has a lot of school pride and has a lot of campus activites


There is always somebody willing to help you out with something.


My school is very spririted. We have two mascots named Freddie and Freida Falcon. We also have a secret organization of spirit leaders called the SIC SIC. There are two sophomores, two juniors, and two seniors that dress up in silly outfits and masks. They attend different social events and sporting event. No one knows who they are or how to become a SIC SIC. The process is so secretive that only the people who go through it know how it's done. At the end of the year, the seniors get "beheaded" and reveal themselves to the school.


Again, I believe that the education program is very unique to Bowling Green State Unversity. It is taylored and very forgiving to students. When students graduate they will be read for the future. It is also fun and rewarding to be in the field placements that give first hand experience.


I think the most unique feature about Bolwiing Green is the students. Everyone there is super nice, and from all over. Here is a school out in the middle of know where, and there are many different students. Some are from the cities, while otheres from the country. Everyone I meet at Bowling Green is happy to get to know someone new. I think that makes all the differents in a school, othere than teachers; a students needs to feel at home to do well. I can say I feel at home at my school because of the students.


The students and facutly are superbly nice.


Bowling Green, when it first opened, was a NORM school. It was a school that trained teachers. This is one of the reasons that the education program is so good. The program also gets the students out into the field within the first year of school, which is nice because it gives you a taste of working with kids and tutoring. Many other schools that I had considered didn't even offer secondary education majors let alone classes that got you out into the field within the first year.


The one thing that I find to be unique about my school is that no matter where you are or what you are doing everyone is always really helpful and nice. Everyone tries to get you involved in something and you can make friends very quickly.


Overall, I love BGSU. They have a great Political Science program, the dorms are good overall, and the classes are challenging but not ridiculous. The professors attempt to tech students concepts instead of making us memorize dates, times, and other nearly useless facts. The students fit no stereotype, our only complaint is the endless "nickel and dime-ing", and the campus traditions we have are fun to participate in. The university is really homeschooler-friendly, BG is a study hard in the week, party hard on the weekend school and we have one of the top athletics programs in the Mid-American Conference. The campus itself is small for the amount of students that attend and located in a fairly good sized town, with plenty of places to eat on and off campus. We even have a cool sports team name! (although one would think the school colors were invented three sheets to the wind, BG is the only campus you can wear hunter's orange and fit in.) Go Falcons and Roll Along!


Bowling Green State University has a great campus life. There are a lot of organizations that you can be apart of. The advisors helped me a lot with my decisions on different classes to take. Living in the dorms was the best experience, and something that I will never forget. I made friends for life by going to Bowling Green.


The activities on campus. There is more varity it seems compared to other colleges.


They highly emphasize getting involved in organizations and offer a lot of opportunities for leadership.


It is a campus based institution primarily. However, they do offer some wonderful online programs!


The town was formed around the university, so the community is all about BGSU


I liked this school above others because of that welcoming atmosphere and beautiful campus. Also, I liked the location in which it is located based on the location of my hometown. All of the people at BGSU are very nice and the teachers are really helpful.


Bowling Green State University has many social activities here, we also have a lot of inturmerals that students like to play and meet new friends. The other schools there were no sports except for baseball, volleyball, and basketball. BGSU has every varsity sport. The community is very unique about doing things there. Sharing, helping out eachother. Very respectful.


The one unique thing about the school i chose over the other schools I considered while I was a senior in high school would have to be that Bowling Green offered one of the best nursing programs in Ohio. Espeically since BGSU is connected with Toledo University, I will get the highest education/degree possible for a Registered Nurse.


This school is nationally ranked for their education and business programs.


The campus has a small school feel but there are a lot of programs and resources like a big campus school. There are lots of degrees to choose from.


Campus is very easy to navigate. It is small enough where you can easily get from class to class in about 10 minutes, but large enough where it doesn't feel crowded. There were a lot of people who attended this school from my high school but I didn't feel like I saw them everyday if I didn't want to.


The people here are down to earth, respectful, and very friendly!


Close to my hometown. Not tooooo big! More course to take for my degree. Best school closest to my hometown with the major/degree I wanted to go into.


The surroundings are quite different from other colleges.


It's just the right size and has a lots of different programs offered.


The Arts Village and other learning based communities. These learning communities make excellent interest groups in which students can come together, meet new people, and have a good time. The Arts Village is filled with students who share an interest in art. Everyone is very open, and everyone would help someone in an instant if they need it. They also run alot of programs to keep students involved.


My school is bright! When I say bright I am talking about the campus being colorful and the students being friendly. I love the people I've met and the professors I have had. The school is focused on helping you graduate on time and preparing you for the outside world.


BG has a great atmosphere with a small school feel. You feel like your fellow classmates are your friends. You know your professors care about you and your grades.


smaller classes, middle sized campus takes 15 minutes to walk from one end to the other...that is the most


Since Bowling Green State University is highly known for its outstanding accounting program, I was able to easily find an internship and job. Employers recognize that BGSU has a great program, and so were impressed when they found out, during the interview, that I attended BGSU for my undergraduate degree. BGSU also has many different types of ethnic and racial backgrounds, so it was interesting to see this diversity because I am from a small town that is made up of all white, catholic people.


Its a state university but small enough to care.


We're a completely green campus. BGSU is only one of three in my state accredited for my program.


Big University, Small Campus Feeling


its small but not to small everything is really close so you dont have to drive to far to get to anything. its not in a congested city


Very nice local residents.


The most unique aspect of Bowling Green State University is that it has one of the top SPort Management programs in the state of Ohio and the Nation. The program allows you to ue your major to branch out to many internships during your career at BGSU as well.


What makes Bowling Green unique is that it is very family-oriented. The faculty and the students here are very welcoming to new students. When you began to bond with the people here, you begin to feel like you are at home. Also, the school spirit here is crazy! We support all organizations, whether it is sports related or small organizations.


The diversity of it, and I also love that we are a Division I Football team, but not one of the huge schools. This means that students are still able to attend home games for free and it is soo much fun!


The students at BGSU are all very different, but it is not a problem that there is so much diversity. The teachers are extremely helpfull and willing to give the help, when needed.


BGSU is a middle sized university that immediately makes you feel a sense of belonging.