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Bowling Green State University-Main Campus

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What's the Greek scene like?

BGSU has a huge Greek community. There are over 40 fraternities/sororities, with all but one on-campus. These fraternities and sororities have membership from almost 10% of the population here. It is a very vibrant part of the university, and nationally run through the Inter-Fraternity Council and Pan-Hellenic council.. Most of the fraternities are really big into philanthropy, and host several charitable events. The fees vary, ranging from around $700 a year to around $5,000 a year, usually including a meal plan. As for fun, there is always a party at one of the houses on the weekend. If you are a woman as well, the parties are generally free at all the fraternities. The sororities/fraternities also hold many events together, so the dating scene on-campus is probably best within the Greek community.

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