Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Tell us about your professors.


Overall, I like the professors here. They attempt to tech overall concepts instead of requiring you to memorize dates, people etc. Then again, I'm only a freshman, so we'll see as college goes on. My history teacher is super sweet. He understands that you reward effort, not just achievement. My Political Science professor does her best to be unbiased in class. It's really difficult to teach politics without your personal beliefs, opinions, and values affecting the content, but she does a marvelous job. My Japanese teacher is, well, Japanese. She's very punctual, extremely thorough, and crazy. Japanese is the only course I've taken that a 90+ year old woman jumps up and down while playing charades; just in order to teach us that "rain" is "ame." My General Studies Writing prof isn't too bad, I can cut him some slack since he is only teaching an intro-level English course. The only bad teacher I have had this year was my computer-science 1000 course teacher. If you want more info on professors here you can just ask current students about their experience with certain teachers and go to rating websites like to check your teacher's rating out before your first class.


Professors are very friendly here at BGSU for the most part. If you need to know more about professors before taking there class simply Google search there name. Odds are a student review has been entered online. Be careful though not all reviews are accurate. Some students who may not have studied as hard or attend classes as regularly as they should have may leave bad reviews for professors who are actually good instructors. So use discretion.