Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


i always brag about my schools theater department and the shows that we put on. I also talk about the learning community that i have lived in and the people that i have met while attending school


The amount of help you can get, reasources, school spirit,activities,clubs/organizations.


I had a full-ride scholarship and was a part of the President's Leadership Academy!


This college creates so many new opportunities for you. Along with the great Psychology programs, there are countless clubs available to become involved in. There is always a way to stay busy at this University whether it be participating in clubs, joining a sorority or fraternity, experiencing the many facilities such as the rec center and ice arena, as well as studying towards your future degree.


I really like the open atmosphere. The students are really nice and the campus is located in town, so it's easy to get places off campus.


I feel that the professors that this school are extremely dedicated and go above and beyond when it comes to helping their students succeed!


I usually brag about how open the school is to differences involving gender, sexual orientation, and activities that are out of the norm.


The thing that I brag about most is that there is never a time where a person should not have something to do. There is somethinbg going on every night or theres always time to study.


My dorm and roomate and floor, I love my new friends. We spend a lot of time studying together. We have some of the same classes and that helps us to be on time and study together.


I really enjoy talking about the learning community in which I currently participate. It and my resident advisor have really helped me adjust to college life. I also like to talk about the residence hall in which I currently reside. The sporting events, esp. football and hockey, the ice arena, and the multitude of student organizations are a great part of BGSU. I also love the feeling of safety and security that I have when I'm on campus as well as the campus resources that I have available to me.


I tell my friends back home about my classes, friends, and extra stuff I get involved in at school. I brag if I get in a game see I walk on so I don't get what the scholarship guys get so play time is few. We talk football schedules or the practices Depending on the season we talk game stuff. See some of my friend play football for other collage so we compare things too.


The Resident Hall and the Rec Hall, There is alot of events and things to be involved in on campus.


I just love the environment of my school which is one of the reasons I love BGSU so much. I usually brag about the fact I don't have a car and yet I can get anywhere I want due to the shuttles and location of everything. I love to tell my friends I stay fit by walking to class.Alot of people walk or ride their bike to get around town and to get around BGSU's campus which saves the environment and helps me stay fit.


I tend to brag about how helpful everyone on campus is. We have a considerable amount of resources that are ours for the taking. I personally use the writing center, this enables me to get help with my writing from knowledgable graduate students and writing professors.


I brag about all the resources offered to everyone on campus. We have a writing center, math and stats center, study skills center, counseling center and also a career center. If a student has a problem with anything there is help for them.


I brag about the ROTC program and the things I get to do there. I also brag about the services and the food there. A lot of times I brag about how nice the people are on campus even when they don't know you they smile and wave and ask how you are doing.


About my co-op program in the college of technology - Visual Communication Technology.


When I decribe my schools assests, I begin by telling my friends that my school offers a lot of acacdemic help. On there are a variety of tutoring sessions, writing ceters, Si meetings, and centers that you have the chance of attending. Also, I beleive , my school is diverse in ethnic groups and accepts people with a wide range of backgrounds and personalities.Last, we are big on helping saving the environment. In every dorm, we have recycling stations for things like plastic bottles, glass, aluminum cans, etc. There are also stations in every buliding and on the grounds.


The friendliness of the people there is very pleasing. The teachers are also very engaging and interesting to talk to. I'm also very happy with the extra-curricular activities, the classes available, and the food on campus. There are many outside activities going on, as well. There's always something to do. Despite the fact that there is some drinking on campus, it's heavily discouraged by the school. It technically isn't allowed at all, to my knowledge, and most students don't need alcohol to have fun.


I'm very proud to be a part of this school because of its overwhelming since of welcome to my religious beliefs and my writing ability. There is a large Christian community on campus that sets it's foot in the door so new students can feel welcome. Likewise, the writing community helps the student writer put an image of success in their minds as they strive for publication.


The community of students on campus. I was able to go to school and immediately find a group of friends with similar ideals, goals, and desires. From what I've seen, students get matched pretty well in their first year dorms and because they start taking classes for their intended majors right away, find a group of people who are similarly interested as they are.


I'm actually in College! Thats more than most my friends back home can say. This college cares more about me and my abilities and matching me with what im interested and skilled in, and not what would be "best" for me.


Well i used to brag about our football team but, I really Can not do that anymore. I just brag about going to a well known school!


My academic advisor was an "in" for me, and was able to get me into any class that I wanted to (regardless of whether or not it was filled at the time of my scheduling).


It's comfortable and easygoing.


I tell them about the amount of experience that my professors have, also tell them about how that experience falls into my lap making a better learning experience.


We have a fencing club!


I am an art-education student, and I usually go on about all of the fascinating studio's I'm able to take. Some are better than others, but as far as my particular interests, I learn so much in my feild of artistic study and I know that I wouldn't have learned it at any other art department. The opportunities and the visiting artists they bring in are great chances to taste the art world before we enter it.


That it's a small town atmosphere and it's fun, i'm learning a lot, and i've made so many new friends


The ease of registering for classes. How conveniant everything is, campus is easily accessable.


Student academic support, friendly people


The flight school, and the flight program.


My close relationships with my faculty, the staff and my friends. We had a great time and I earned two degrees in the process.


Not much, its a good school and the technology college really has it togeather, in that students have to complete three cooperative work experiences. I'm not really a fan of the area though. A lot of students feel there's not much to do here except party. The large amount of extra curricular activities could make up for that if you want to get involved I guess.


The campus community is very open and there's a lot of activity. I especially like the student participation in sporting events.


I brag about my art and my professors. I have had a real good learning experience here, and have only had difficulty with one professor, so I feel that in all my classes I have had real good luck with that.


I tell my friends that I am glad I transferred to Bowling Green State University because the classes are much more interesting and more difficult than the classes at Capital University; I am now receiving a better education than my friends who are finishing their degrees at Capital University.