Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The lack of school spirit and excitement for BGSU sports is a downer for myself, growing up as a big college football and basaketball fan I wish i could enjoy being very competative and having a huge fan base, but BGSU does not have that.


One of the major downfalls of attending Bowling Green State University, would be the partier mantality. Often times, the dorms are filled with loud music and people yelling about which party they are attending that certain night. The dorms do have quiet hours, but they are not often enforced. The campus wide party attitude makes it difficult for students not interested in partying to find a quiet place to study, or even just relax after a long day of classes.


I think the worst thing is the wind because during the winter you feel ten time cooler than what the temperate is. But other than that it is amazing.


The worst thing about my school would be the students who take advantage of the opportunity and ruin it for others.


Honestly, the worst thing about my school is the weather. Winters are absolutely brutal and we have a lot of tornado warnings.


i would have to say the worst thing about my school would have to be the amount of work that they offer on the campus itself. it would make it easier for me personally if i didnt have to go off campus to find a job to support my education.


BGSU has been facing severe budget cuts from the state and has tightened many expenses. The worst of these has been firing more than 100 faculty, resulting in larger class sizes and lack of class availability so that some students are unable to take required courses and graduate in a timely manner - some have to stay an extra semester or two. Likewise, the diversity of electives being offered is diminishing.

Laura Kristin

The worst thing about Bowling Green is that there is too much focus on parties and too much underage drinking. Another possible downside to Bowling Green is that there are so many more females than males.


The worse thing about my school is how much it is. I am going into a career that cost a lot of money and every little penny meens the difference to me. Even all the homework, essays and final exams do not stress me as much as the money part. I always worry if I can afford the next semester. My grades are always the best, and I always try my best, but a student can only have so many jobs to pay off school. This is the worst part of Bowling Green, really stresses me out.


The thing I consider to be the worst about my school is the weather. It is so flat in Bowling Green so it is always windy no matter what. The wind cuts through you and it is so cold in the winters.


I would consider the worst thing about my school to be the location. It really had nothing to do with academics in any way but the wind in Bowling Green is dreadful. Not only is it terrible on a sunny day but especially when it's snowing and the wind creates huge drifts. The wind makes the winter in Ohio even more harsh if that even seems possible.


The worst thing about Bowling Green State University is the wind.


What I consider to be the worst thing about my school is maybe where it is located. There are not a lot of things to do besides campus activities. You need a car if you would like to go to farther places because they do not offer public transportation like in Chicago or New York.


The worst thing about school is the cost. Honestly, they tag on extra expenses like 5 cents for every print or $200 on architecture supplies. and you dont realize the cost of everything until you get there. Then, you become panicked and pray o dear God how am I going to pay for this.


I really cannot judge it as I attended classes online. I went for graduation and it seems like a nice school.


The worst thing about the school I attend is that it is in a small town and there are not many off campus activities that an individual may want to go to.


The worst thing about the school to me is it is a very windy campus, so during the winter it gets extremely cold. I personally do not like the cold even though I have always lived in Ohio.


The thing I would consider the worst at Bowling Green State University would have to be the increasing tuition every semester. We were told that tuition would not go up for the year, but it ended increasing 3.5% the second semester I was there. It has been a challenge to find any type of nursing scholarship. Although there are a lot of scholarships out there (as they tell you) it's hard to find one that I qualify for.


Well, for me personally I think the worst thing is that it's Nursing program is combined with another school. So, all of my classes are at the other school and it just causes confusion and unnessecary stress for me as student and other collegues that I know.


The worst thing about my school is the terrible wind. No matter which way you walk, it's blowing right at you.


I would consider the location of buildings on campus the worse thing. There isn't really any pattern or unity to the buildings. Some dorms are right there near your classes while other dorms require a bit of a walk to get to classes. Currently we also have a lot of construction of new buildings that should be completed by Fall 2011.


I would like staff to response to phone calls & e-mails. I would like to see more communication outside the classroom. For exampl,e I recently decided to pursue a Master's Degree. I wanted to sit down with someone to dicuss my options. I only got the run around, and miss-informantion. This cause me to attend a different University.


For me, I have to pay a ridiculous amount of out-of-state tuition (nearly $4000 per semester). My hometown is only 50 miles away. I live close than many of the students who are from this state. BGSU should have some sort of out-of-state tuition waiver or reduction for students from Michigan, since it is so close to the state line.


The worst thing about my school is the weather. Although campus isn't too big, walking outside, especially in the winter, can be uncomfortable. It is very windy because of the flat lands and it is cold. There is a decent amount of precipitation, so snow and ice can provide hazardous walking experiences if precautions are not taken.


The on-campus housing and the weather.


The wind is constant, and the dorms on campus need renovated badly.


Reading assignments.


To be honest, the worst thing about BGSU was the quality of the dorms I've lived in while I was here. It was like the old joke about the roach motel: Roaches everywhere, etc, I can't remember the way the joke went. But you get the idea. Anyway, BGSU was pretty okay.


The worst thing about this school is th weather. It gets very cold in the winter and very windy because it is close to the great lakes. Other than that, the school is great.


The parking situation here at BGSU is very frustrating and inconvinent. We have to park very far away from our dorms and it is not safe to walk alone at night. Also, the computer labs in the dorms are not well kept. The printers rarley work and this is very frustrating and is hard to complete work. The hours of the dining halls is also inconvinent.


The worst thing about my school is that it's in a small town so whenever we want to do something other than party, like shop we have to go to the closest big city.


I feel I could have accomplished most of what I have done in the past 4 years on my own (in terms of what I have done for my intended career). Professors and administration was, for the most part, not fun or open minded either. Also, a social life cannot exist without alcohol.


The double standards. Whether it's concerning the difference between the non-athletes and the athletes, the males and the females, the faculty and the students, there is always a double standard, which gives rise to sexism, classism and racism.


Remote, there is nothing around here for miles. i am forced to stay grounded in the rural area, as im a filmmaker and need a city.


Although they are adequate, some of the facilities dorm rooms and classrooms could be updated.


many of the off campus activities usually include alcohol and its somewhat harder to find sober activities to do on the weekends


Many students are heavy partiers and not focused on schoolwork.


Winter is longer than any other season in this area.




I sometimes think the worse thing about this school would be that it is just too cold in the winter. There are no hills and a nice flat campus that does not block the wind. The winter months are very chilly and cold.


The worst thing about my schoole is that it isn't very pretty.




The administration - they are more concerned with profits margins and expenses than promoting quality education. They are not interested in responding to students' needs/interests nor do they make any meaningful attempts at asking for student input. They do not adequately fund academics as compared to sports. The library here is not very useful at all. Most advisors are a waste of space. Dining services offers low quality food at inflated prices with limited options in terms of diet (fat, protein, carbs, meat vs. vegetarian) and hours/location (most hold inconvenient hours).


Just the weather, mainly the wind and how the meal plan is not going to roll over anymore between years


The worthless programs like BGX


sometimes hard to make friends in some of the dorms the way they are setup.


I would say the surrounding area. I am from a suburb of Cleveland and am not used to the farm land. I like living next to a big city.


The worst thing about the school is by far the parking. When I lived on campus, this wasn't a problem at all. But the two years off-campus were a nightmere. The comuter lots were ALWAYS full unless you get there thrity minutes before class started.


One thing that I have had plenty of problems with the school is that their advisors and instructors don't do what they seem to be hired to do, to help students get through school with what they want to do. They are very reluctant to make exceptions to meet a students' needs and I have had to rely on myself to advise myself and some of my friends. There are also clashes between schools in the university which cause students to not be able to be satisfied with their education.