Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyoen can attent to Bowling Green State University. This school is for anyone for likes the school that does not have hills, but it is windy during the winter. The school is bright and friendly environment.


Any kind of person can attend this school. It is so rich in social diversity that it is impossible to classify certain kinds.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be use to a rural environment. They also have to have the want to get involoved on campus and becomme apart of something. That is the best ay to avoid boredom and meet new friends. You need to have a lo of Falco.n pride, BGSu prides itself on sports.


Someone who wants to pursue education, loves a small campus/town and school spirit.


If you are a diverse person, BGSU is great for you. It's diverse in so many ways. Even if you aren't diverse and you want to step out your comfort zone, it's great for you. I've met so many great people at BGSU and each year there are more and more cool and eclectic students.


Anyone that is content with small town life would be happy at Bowling Green State University. People planning to attend BGSU should also appreciate the environment. The school is very green and does everything it can to promote recycling to keep the earth healthy.


Students who are serious about their education should come to this campus. We have a great science program and one of the best education programs in the state. A person who is interested in science or wants to become a teacher should attend this school as it would provide what the student needs to be well prepared for the future.


All kind of people attend Bowling Green.


Bowling Green is for everyone. There are so many different people that attend the university you will be able to make friends easily. A person that is looking to get a great education, and experience new things. They have international programs, so you are able to meet people from other parts of the world.


I feel that a person who is dedicated to doing a good job and wants to be challenged should come to this school. If a person wants to be prepared to find a good job and excel at it then this is the school for them.


Bowling Green is a school that supports diversity. This is a University that a person from any background could enjoy!


As a nontraditional student, I'm not sure that I can answer that question.


I have a list of words that describe the person that should attend this school. They are: kind, driven, creative, intelligent, professional, fun, family-oriented, hard working, motivated, happy, inspiring, and one containing a good moral compass.


Anybody can attend this school. It has programs for all types of people. I have met all types of people on this campus.


Anyone can attend this school. Bowling Green is very open to every kind of person, and are very welcoming to everyone.


Any kind of person should attend this school. If you're looking for that small, country, home feeling, BGSU is where to be. College is what you make of it. With hard work and passion for your major anyone can make it at this school.


A person who wants a campus big enough to provide variety but small enough to feel significant should attend BGSU. It is a welcoming community that accepts differences and encourages self-expression. Anyone who wants to be more than a number should consider this university. Class sizes are small and faculty are all very helpful. Money isn't needed for recreational time and there are fun events and groups to participate in!


A white person


A person who likes a school that has the opportunities of a large school, but the environement of a small school


Any kind of person should attend this school, particularly those with an open mind and who want to participate in their major and in extracurriculars on campus. People who want to meet as many people as possible and be an asset to the University.


A responisble person that doesnt drink.


Someone who loves to have fun and wants a lot of activity choices, but also wants to receive a strong education


a person that is open to meeting new people and can be away fromt he city


Your average student. While some are overachievers, it doesn't seem like you're particularly rewarded for doing so.


someone looking for a small town campus with a big university feel.


A person who doesn't want to attend a high quality graduate school.


Somone who is looking to learn but have a good time. You have to go out of the way sometimes to find something to do, but if you can find it, its there. A person looking to go to BGSU needs to be self motivated, in their studies and social life.


Liberal, likes to party


someone who wants to join a sorority


It depends. This school is a very art oriented school, but it doesn't mean that it's not good for people that are looking to go into a technology field. BGSU has a nice selection of courses that might not be the best in the nation but are far from being inadequate. For the most part though, if you're interested in art this is a very good school to attend.


The kind of person that should attend BGSU, is one that is motivated to work hard, willing to take risks and have fun. You have to be motivated to do the work that is expected of you and recognize that if you need some help, don't be afraid to ask for it. College is about having fun also. Don't be afraid to join clubs, sports teams or whatever it is. Be willing to expand your horizons and don't be so narrow minded.


People who do not want a large school. This school is small enough that you make plenty of friends, but also large enough that it is very diverse.


Actually any type of person could find happiness here. We seem to be very diverse, ethnically and socially.


A person who wants to get involved, who doesn't want to get lost in the throngs of a big university but still wants the experience of a larger university.